What is Deriv?

Since its launch in 1996, Deriv has consistently been working from a global perspective.

As a result of accurately capturing this strong tailwind wave in the midst of the global boom in foreign exchange and CFD trading, Deriv succeeded in building a vast network and was widely accepted by people of various cultures and languages.

This “Deriv circle” is gradually expanding, not only to European countries such as Switzerland and France, but also to the United States, Asia, Oceania, Africa, and the Middle East.

It is still growing today and is exploring new markets and regions.

Deriv has built and operated a trading site from an early stage, but today the number of accounts opened by customers is increasing rapidly.

Therefore, Deriv has enriched its talented staff and created a new website that is easy to understand and use.

This website offers cutting-edge trading tools, user-friendly trading screens and information resources.

Deriv will continue to improve Deriv’s tools and functions, always putting the improvement of customer convenience as Deriv’s top priority.

The “Deriv circle” is still large and has the potential to spread in various ways.

If the services Deriv provides help reduce the “distance” of people around the world, there is no more joy.

Deriv looks forward to your continued patronage of Deriv.

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Why you should choose Deriv?

Many traders around the world choose to trade with Deriv and enjoy Deriv’s experience, trust and special offers.

In addition to its reputation as a market leader in the financial services industry, trading with Deriv has many benefits.

1. 3% interest on your effective holdings

With your first deposit of over $ 1000, you can start receiving interest on 3% of your active holdings.

This interest will be credited to your account on a monthly basis.

That is, your money makes money while you are trading.

Please note: This special promotion is for new customers only.

Start Receiving Interest from Deriv

2. Legally binding non-margin guarantee

Deriv has taken many steps to protect your safety and privacy.

All customers receive a legally binding, non-margin guarantee, which guarantees that your account will not be negative.

This policy is very important and it protects Deriv’s customers from extreme volatility and enables better risk management.

Find out more about Margin Rules

3. Leverage trade up to 400 times

With up to 400x leverage, you can maximize your investment potential.

Leverage allows customers to significantly increase their trading power and make large transactions with relatively small investments.

Equity CFDs offer up to 20x leverage compared to about 3x local brokers.

For all the stocks and leverage Deriv offers, please visit Deriv’s Terms and Conditions page.

New customers will also enjoy the amazing promotion of up to 800x leverage with trading tickets.

Trade with Deriv’s High Leverage

4. Narrow spread

By using very narrow spreads under Deriv’s excellent trading conditions, you can maximize your investment potential.

Spreads correspond to a minimum commission of 0.008% per transaction.

Equity CFDs represent a minimum commission of 0.0078% per transaction.

New traders can enjoy a very narrow super spread promotion.

If the spread is narrow, you can spend more money on the transaction and you will have more opportunities to use the market.

Check out Deriv’s Narrow Spread

5. No fees

With Deriv, you do not have to pay any fees to order and settle transactions, including stock CFDs.

Customers do not have to pay various service fees and can make the best use of their investment funds to trade.

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6. Withdrawal is fast and easy

Withdrawals from Deriv are fast, easy and safe.

You can withdraw money at any time you like.

All withdrawal requests will be instructed by the payment processor within 3 business days after being processed in-house.

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7. Weekly cashback

Deriv offers up to 100% cashback, paid directly to your account each week.

Cashback will be made according to the customer’s transaction volume.

Cashback will be credited to your valid holdings in cash, not as a trading ticket.

Get Deriv’s Cashback every week

8. All transactions in one account

Deriv wants to make your transaction easier.

With Deriv trading, you can trade a wide variety of brands from one account with the same user ID and password.

There is no need to manage multiple accounts or use multiple accounts for each brand.

Currencies, stocks, commodities, indices and ETFs can all be traded on one trading screen and the same margin can be used for all trading.

Trade Online with Deriv

9. Market updates and analysis

Information is one of the most important tools for online traders.

Deriv offers access to a wealth of free sources to help you make better-informed decisions.

The tools include:

  • Daily analysis in multilanguage. Provides insight into the world market.
  • News articles. Deriv brings you the latest market trends and economic events.
  • Real-time warning email. Deriv will help you understand the current events.
  • Market warning to mobile. Deriv will inform you of market trends directly to mobile devices.
  • Twitter warning. Deriv will automatically inform you of major economic events in the future.
  • Facebook news and analysis. It will be uploaded daily in multilanguage to the Deriv Facebook page.
  • Economic calendar. Deriv will update major economic events and announcements from time to time.
  • Market signal. It is a signal sent by an external organization about abundant tradeable stocks.

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10. Teaching materials

If you are looking to expand your knowledge and improve your trading skills, Deriv’s wealth of teaching materials will help.

Various PDF guides are available, including explanations of the basics of trading, information on Deriv’s trading screens and services, and explanations of points where traders are prone to failure.

Deriv also offers one-on-one training by trading coaches.

In the training, Deriv will introduce you to Deriv’s trading screens, services and trading tools.

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11. Over 800 tradable stocks

Deriv offers more than 600 different CFDs and is constantly adding new ones.

Customers can trade stocks like Google and Apple, commodities such as crude oil and gold, currency pairs such as Eurodollar and Dollar Yen, and indices such as US 39803 and Germany 39803 all in CFD format.

With a choice of products from different industries in different regions, it is ideal for diversifying risk due to diversifying investment portfolios.

Invest in over 800 markets

Invest in various Financial Markets with Deriv

Deriv offers a variety of CFDs in different markets.

Customers can diversify their investment portfolio and diversify their risk by trading stocks, commodities, currency pairs and indices in CFD format.

You can also trade by taking advantage of Deriv’s excellent trading conditions.

Trade over 600 CFDs in a huge market

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1. Forex Currency Pairs CFDs

The Forex market is the largest financial market in the world and is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Deriv allows you to invest in a wide variety of currency pairs with very narrow spreads and up to 400x leverage.

Deriv offers a wide variety of currency pairs around the world to help you diversify your portfolio.

Deriv also provides trading tools that allow you to manage transactions anytime, anywhere.

Customers also have access to sources that make it easy to get updates on key market events.

Invest in Forex with Deriv

2. Commodity CFDs

Want to invest in gold or oil? You no longer have to actually buy and store the item.

By trading products in CFD format, you can take advantage of price fluctuations of a wide range of products and manage multiple transactions anytime, anywhere via mobile or PC.

Deriv offers a wide range of products including precious metals, energy and agricultural products, and can be traded using state-of-the-art trading tools.

Don’t forget to check the latest market trends with Deriv’s daily news and analysis.

Invest in Commodities with Deriv

3. Stock Index CFDs

The index is a unique and popular stock that allows traders around the world to invest in baskets of multiple stocks essentially at once.

Deriv offers the opportunity to invest in well-known indices in CFD format, for example, you can trade US 39803 based on the performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average Futures Index.

Deriv also offers a number of other stocks, including the US 500 (based on the performance of the S & P 500 Futures Index) and the German 39803 (based on the performance of the DAX Futures Index).

Invest in Stock Index with Deriv

4. Stock CFDs

Deriv offers a number of CFDs for world-leading brands in multiple regions.

With 40x leverage on US and European equities, you can increase your trading potential far beyond local brokers.

Equity CFDs are a great way to diversify your portfolio and expand into different markets.

Deriv currently offers equity CFDs for many industries including technology, banking, aviation, food and beverage, automotive, energy and clothing, and is regularly adding new stocks.

Invest in Stocks with Deriv


Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) allow traders to invest in multiple stocks at once.

In essence, ETFs are tradeable stocks that track a basket of indices, commodities, bonds and other assets.

By trading ETFs, investors are also hedging trades within a single stock.

ETFs are gaining popularity with traders around the world.

At Deriv, you have the opportunity to trade a variety of ETFs in CFD format, leveraging innovative trading tools and great trading terms.

Invest in ETFs with Deriv

6. Cryptocurrency CFDs

There is little doubt that cryptocurrencies are a revolutionary financial product.

This can change the way people treat money and can affect the banking industry, the financial world and the global economy.

At Deriv, you have the opportunity to take part in this fresh and exciting market and leverage your leverage to invest in cryptocurrencies CFDs.

Deriv offers a variety of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (US $ / Euro), Litecoin (US $ / Euro) and Ripple (US $ / Euro), and access these rates, charts and daily market information.

Invest in Crypto with Deriv

Deriv’s up to 1:400 High Leverage

Deriv allows you to trade using leverage.

Leverage is a powerful tool, but you need to understand its nature correctly before using it.

Let’s start with the basic concept of what this means.

Leveraged trading allows you to pursue large trading power with a relatively small investment, which increases risk at the same time.

If you use high leverage, the results will be amplified whether the transaction is successful or not.

Example: Suppose you invest $ 100 in the popular currency pair Euro / US $.

With a maximum leverage of 400x, you can trade 400x the value of your initial investment, or $ 40,000.

Now let’s look at the other side of the equation.

Margin is the funds you need in your account to make a particular transaction.

Margin allows you to make big deals with small investments and also acts as collateral to cover potential losses.

In the previous example, it can also be rephrased as: “To open a $ 40,000 position, you need a margin of 0.25% or $ 100.”

Margin requirements vary by broker and, due to volatility and other factors, also by trading stock.

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Guarantee without margin

Many traders are worried about losing more than they have deposited.

This is a matter of course, but with Deriv’s legally protected unsubstantiated guarantee, your account will not go negative.

In order to prevent negative balances, Deriv constantly monitors the account status with advanced technology and an automatic alert system.

Many brokers require traders to keep extra funds in their accounts to cover open positions or “potential losses”.

If your open position devalues ​​and reaches a certain point, many brokers will make a “margin call” to close all open positions, even if there are funds left in your account.

There are no margin calls in Deriv.

This means you can use your money more effectively and maximize your investment potential.



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