How-to-open-FXTM-MT5-Forex-trading-account How-to-open-FXTM-MT5-Forex-trading-account

How to open FXTM MT5 account?

  1. Go to FXTM’s account opening page;
  2. Choose “MT5” and fill in the form;
  3. Receive login credentials from FXTM;
  4. Log in to your account and deposit your investment fund;
  5. Start trading on FXTM MT5.

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Best Trading Platform MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

FXTM offers versatile software with the latest technology. Following the great success of MT4, developer MetaQuotes designed MetaTrader 5 as its successor. Anyone who wants to succeed in trading, including those new to trading and those with experience, needs this MetaTrader platform.

The overall trading experience has been improved with a smart interface and several impressive features have been added. It can be downloaded and accessed from your PC, Mac, mobile or tablet , so you can trade from anywhere in the world.

With support for over 30 languages ​​and suitable for live and demo accounts, MT5 is the leading platform for future trading.

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What is MetaTrader 5?

MetaTrader 5, or MT5, is the most advanced online online trading platform developed by MetaQuotes Software. Trading on MT5 with FXTM gives you access to a broader range of markets including Forex, Commodities, CFDs, Indices, Stocks, Futures and more.

It provides various functions, essential chart analysis, copy trading, and automatic trading functions, and is equipped with the best auxiliary indicators and tools. Besides, MetaTrader 5 is free to download.

It offers more deposit and withdrawal transaction methods compared to MT4, 44 graphic objects, an integrated economic calendar and email system.

Other benefits of MT5 include a multi-threaded strategy tester, money transfers between accounts, and a notification system that keeps you informed of all the latest market events. Traders can also communicate via the MQL5 community chat built into the platform, giving them a sense of autonomy and comfort.

Download MetaTrader 5 now and experience FXTM’s excellent products and services with the best trading.

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What is MQL5?

MetaQuotes Language 5, or MQL5, is a highly intuitive programming language used to develop trading bots and strategies, as well as features such as indicators, scripts, and function libraries.

These trading bots can perform both market analysis and automated trading, saving valuable time. In addition to being more efficient and easier to use than the previous version (MQL4), traders can also write and change scripts with MQL5, implement a position system compatible with multiple markets, and participate in community chat forums.

Transactions are made by sending a transaction request through just one function. It also informs you when to enter or close a position and when market volatility is expected to increase, helping you stay one step ahead of others.

In MT5, you can choose from a total of 21 chart cycles, more than twice as many as MT4.

Need to analyze the market from multiple angles? With a wide selection of minute charts, the MT5 is the ideal solution for day traders.

Are you a swing trader? This up-to-date platform offers several time charts suitable for swing traders.

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MetaTrader 5 app for mobile trading

An innovative trading experience through the mobile app, meaning more flexibility and greater choice when trading. The app allows you to react to market movements in seconds via Android or iPhone.

This limitless accessibility allows you to trade any time of the day, Monday through Friday, making it ideal for modern people with limited time.

Ready to trade on MT5? Download the MetaTrader 5 app on your mobile device now.

Download FXTM’s MT5 Mobile App

MetaTrader 5 for Android

Download MT5 on your Android device and access the market without limits, anytime, anywhere, and whatever you do. MT5 for Android, available in mobile and tablet versions, makes trading easier.

Some features are:

  • Powerful trading system including market depth
  • Unlimited number of charts and 21 chart cycles
  • Built-in chart analysis tool
  • Chat with registered members of
  • Economic News, Notifications and Push Notifications
  • Extended version for tablets

Download FXTM MT5 Android App

MetaTrader 5 for iOS

Are you comfortable trading on your iPhone or iPad? Download MT5 for iOS right from the Apple App Store and start trading! You can check financial market conditions and manage your trades simply at any time and place you want.

Key Features of MT5:

  • 20+ chart cycles
  • 38 indicators and 44 analysis objects
  • Netting and Hedging Position Accounting System
  • Various trading orders including 6 waiting orders
  • Built-in chat, economic news, notifications and push notifications
  • Extended version for iPad

Download FXTM MT5 iOS

MetaTrader 5 WebTrader

FXTM made it easier to trade on the MT5 web platform without the need to download any software. This intuitive web-based trading solution only requires an internet connection. Just log in to your FXTM account, select your preferred browser and start trading.

Launch the MT5 web platform today. Main Features:

  • 21 chart cycles, compared to 9 on MT4
  • 6 kinds of waiting orders
  • Customizable interface
  • Unlimited number of charts
  • Global Economic News
  • CFDs, stocks and futures trading available

Of course, you will also have access to all the tools and benefits offered by FXTM’s other trading solutions.

Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge 12, Mozilla Firefox 34, Google Chrome 43, Safari 8, Opera 32 or later.

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MetaTrader 5 for PC

By downloading MetaTrader 5 for PC, you get a set of expert chart analysis tools including MQL5, over 80 indicators and tools, and opening up to 100 charts. No matter what market you trade in, the MT5 trading platform provides a smarter and more flexible trading system with support for multiple currencies and multiple languages.

Other advantages:

  • Add waiting order type
  • Trading tab for one-click trading
  • Highlight entry/exit points
  • Fundamental analysis
  • MQL5

Open FXTM MT5 Account

MetaTrader 5 for Mac

Are you using a Mac? Download the MT5 platform directly to your laptop or PC and start trading. With advanced features and various chart analysis tools, MT5 is the best trading platform for professional traders.

Main Features:

  • Various transaction orders such as stand-by and stop-limit orders
  • Built-in chat, economic news, notifications and push notifications
  • Global currency and stock trading
  • 30 indicators and 24 analysis objects
  • Netting and Hedging Position Accounting System
  • MQL5

Already using MetaTrader 5 from another broker? No problem. Switching to FXTM is easy, so register now to better trade on the global award-winning FXTM.

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Advantages of Trading on FXTM

  • Accounts tailored to different types of traders;
  • Low transaction costs and ultra-fast trade execution – see FXTM’s Fulfillment Scorecard;
  • World’s most popular trading platform – Choice of MT4 or MT5 supported on mobile, desktop and web;
  • Free educational materials and guides to help you get started or improve your trading skills;
  • Innovative copy trading program FXTM Invest enables trading with over 5,000 traders.

FXTM’s global management team has extensive experience in the online trading industry and is committed to providing services and technologies that help FXTM’s clients succeed in the financial markets.

Founded in 2011, FXTM has grown rapidly thanks to a corporate culture that values ​​innovation and global collaboration.

FXTM currently employ over 800 people in FXTM’s 10 overseas offices.

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