How-to-open-Pacific-Union-MT4-and-MT5-trading-account How-to-open-Pacific-Union-MT4-and-MT5-trading-account

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How to open Pacific Union’s account?

  1. Go to Pacific Union’s Official Website;
  2. Click on “Live Account” button at the top right corner;
  3. Fill in the form and click on “Open a Live Account” button;
  4. Receive registration emails from Pacific Union;
  5. Log in to Pacific Union’s client portal and get started.

The registration with Pacific Union may only take a few minutes to complete and it is free.

Go to the account opening page of Pacific Union directly and start your registration today.

Open Pacific Union’s Account

Pacific Union’s Regulation and License

In order to ensure that Pacific Union’s customers can conduct transactions with complete confidence and transparency, Pacific Union insists on operating under several of the world’s most prestigious regulatory agencies.

To ensure compliance with the investor protection mechanisms established by regulatory agencies, Pacific Union has an independent compliance and customer service team. Working with a compliant broker like Pacific Union is the best way to avoid potential fraud.

Global regulation
Under the supervision of multiple regulatory agencies, Pacific Union strictly abides by the capital supervision regulations, adopt sound internal procedures for risk management, and have complete financial reports and independent external audit plans.
Segregated funds
The client’s funds are always kept separately from the company’s capital and are subject to priority protection by the bank. Under no circumstances will client funds be used for company operations, thus ensuring the safety of investors’ funds.
Top liquidity provider
Pacific Union has established partnerships with top financial institutions such as HSBC, UBS, JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs. Pacific Union’s excellent partners can ensure that Pacific Union provide customers with the highest quality inter-bank liquidity.
Independent audit
Pacific Union provides customers with regular transaction statements. Pacific Union’s financial accounts are independently audited by an external audit company to ensure compliance with laws and regulations throughout Pacific Union’s operations.

Find out more about Pacific Union’s license

Pacific Union achieves the Minimum Slippage

Pacific Union in Numbers slippage

Slippage refers to the difference between the execution price and the requested price of your order. This is due to insufficient liquidity at the price level at which you placed the order, and slippage may be beneficial to you or not: Stop loss slippage is not good for you, because the price is poor at the time of execution, and limit slippage is for you Favorable because the price is better when executed. In a sense, slippage is a verification of the real trading environment, that is, traders are truly trading in the market environment, rather than a false trading environment manipulated by brokers. Slippage may not be completely avoided, but it can be reduced. Pacific Union cooperates with many leading liquidity providers to minimize the probability of slippage.

Trade with the minimum slippage

Minimum Re-quotes on Pacific Union MT4 and MT5

Pacific Union in Numbers erquotes

Repeat quotation refers to the repeated request of the broker to confirm the execution of the order at the new price. The most common situation is that a trader opens a position at a specified price, but the market fluctuates and the price changes rapidly. Due to delays in order processing or sharp price fluctuations, the broker cannot open/close a transaction at the current order price, so it sends a quotation request with the new price to the trader for confirmation. If the trader is not satisfied with the new price, he can choose to cancel the transaction. Requotes are part of the foreign exchange trading experience, so you may encounter this occasionally. Pacific Union works with the most advanced technology and liquidity providers to make transactions reach the server faster, thereby greatly reducing the probability of requotes.

Trade with the minimum re-quotes

Pacific Union prioritize Fund Safety

Pacific Union uses a variety of methods to ensure the safety and security of retail customers’ funds and maintain the stability of the industry.

Pacific Union escorts the safety of your funds.

  1. Client funds are stored separately in a regulated segregated account.
  2. Customer funds are completely separated from Pacific Union’s self-operated funds
  3. Even if Pacific Union is liquidated, client funds can still be segregated without recourse by Pacific Union creditors.
  4. Pacific Union will never use customer funds for operational activities, such as hedging transactions with other counterparties.

Find out more about Fund Protection

How does Pacific Union handle customer funds?

Unlike ordinary banks, brokers like Pacific Union must isolate client funds and assets from their own funds. This means that Pacific Union must not use client funds in Pacific Union’s operations. Even if Pacific Union is liquidated, client funds can be completely separated and protected from recourse by Pacific Union creditors.

Pacific Union is regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority. There are strict regulatory requirements that specify what Pacific Union can do and what Pacific Union should do.

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What you can invest on Pacific Unions?

1. Foreign exchange

Pacific Union provides more than 30 currency pairs and can provide competitive spreads and excellent execution speed.

The currency market is the world’s largest trading market, and it has become a leader among various financial instruments with unparalleled daily trading volume and liquidity. High liquidity and margin trading have increased the popularity of the currency market. Currency trading is open 24 hours a day, five days a week, and it is one of the fastest-paced and most profitable markets.

Diverse product categories
Pacific Union customers can choose to trade more than 30 mainstream currency pairs.
Ultra-low spread price
Pacific Union’s competitive foreign exchange trading price (spread as low as 0.0) allows you to get more arbitrage space.
Leverage up to 1:500
Using leverage trading means that you don’t need to invest the same amount of money to trade. This gives foreign exchange traders the opportunity to increase the size of their positions and expand potential gains.
Leading trading environment
No matter where you are, you can use Pacific Union’s professional online trading platform to trade foreign exchange and other popular.

Trade Forex with Pacific Union

2. Stock Index CFDs

Pacific Union provides index products from the global mainstream, including the U.S. Index, Panic Index, S&P and Hang Seng Index.

The index synthesizes the price fluctuations of multiple companies’ stocks. An index is generally composed of stocks listed on the same exchange. Indexes are often mentioned in the news media to measure the quotations of a particular market or exchange. Index trading has increased the diversity of investment portfolios for investors. Investors can diversify their trading strategies among unrelated trading tools, hedge the risks of existing stock markets, and seize the different opportunities offered by global stock markets.

Buy stocks of global giants in a comprehensive way
Trading indices means that you can simultaneously invest in a large number of well-known companies’ stocks, without having to evaluate individual stocks in turn.
Ultra-low spread price
Pacific Union’s competitive index trading price (USDX spread as low as 3.0) allows you to get more arbitrage space.
Leverage up to 1:333
Using leverage trading means that you don’t need to invest the same amount of money to trade. This gives index traders the opportunity to increase the size of their positions and expand potential gains.
Leading trading environment
No matter where you are, you can use Pacific Union’s professional online trading platform to trade indices and other popular investment products at any time through a variety of devices.

Trade Stock Indices with Pacific Union

3. Precious Metals

The spread of gold and silver products offered by the Pacific Union is as low as 0.8.

The natural properties of precious metals endow them with high intrinsic value and make them one of the earliest forms of currency. Due to high liquidity, the trading of precious metals such as gold and silver attracts active traders. Like the currency market, political and economic events can significantly affect the price of the aforementioned metals and cause their value to fluctuate. When the market is uncertain, people usually turn to precious metals for hedging, and gold is considered an excellent inflation hedge.

Trading rolling contract
For rolling contracts, there is no limit on the holding period.
Ultra-low spread price
Pacific Union’s competitive price (gold spreads as low as 0.8) allows you to take advantage of more spot metal market opportunities for arbitrage.
Leverage up to 1:500
Using leverage trading means that you don’t need to invest the same amount of money to trade. This gives precious metals traders the opportunity to increase the size of their positions and expand potential gains.
Leading trading environment
No matter where you are, you can use Pacific Union’s professional online trading platform to trade precious metals and other popular investment products at any time through a variety of devices.

Trade Precious Metals with Pacific Union

4. Commodities

Pacific Union provides commodities leverage as high as 1:200 and provides very competitive spreads, crude oil spreads as low as 1.7.

Commodities are the lifeblood of the global economy. Commodity trading is one of the oldest forms of trading in the world. It existed before the advent of currencies, bonds and stocks. Bulk commodities include three categories: energy commodities, basic raw materials and bulk agricultural products. Commodity trading is ideal for traders who are willing to analyze supply and demand, economic and political events around the world, and how these factors affect commodity prices.

Trade multiple commodities with a single account
Only one account is required to trade a variety of commodities, including metals, energy and agricultural products.
Arbitrage among the most volatile commodity markets
The commodity market is one of the most volatile trading markets for traders to arbitrage. Especially the agricultural product market is very active.
Leverage up to 1:200
Using leverage trading means that you don’t need to invest the same amount of money to trade. This gives commodity traders the opportunity to increase the size of their positions and expand potential gains.
Leading trading environment
No matter where you are, you can use Pacific Union’s professional online trading platform to trade commodities and other popular investment products at any time through a variety of devices.

Trade Commodities with Pacific Union

5. Stocks

Pacific Union provides CFDs on more than 100 stocks and enjoys very competitive prices and excellent order execution.

The stock prices of major global companies usually receive extensive attention from the news media 24 hours a day. Moreover, the inclusion of stock investment items in modern pension plans has also increased the public’s attention to stocks. Invest in some of the most important and influential companies in the world, including Apple, Alibaba, Amazon, Baidu and Google, and receive corresponding dividends.

Trade global stocks
Trade all well-known companies on the global stock market with one account, including Apple, Alibaba, Amazon, Baidu and Google.
Ultra-low spread quotation
Pacific Union’s competitive prices and low spreads allow you to take advantage of more stock trading opportunities.
Use leverage to trade
Leveraged trading means that you don’t need too much capital to trade. This gives stock traders the opportunity to increase the size of their positions and expand potential gains.
Leading trading environment
Using Pacific Union’s professional online trading platform, no matter where you are, you can trade stocks on any device.

Trade Stocks with Pacific Union

6. Cryptocurrency

Pacific Union provides currently popular cryptocurrency CFD products, including a series of unique cryptocurrency products such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

Unlike other asset classes, the cryptocurrency market is dominated by retail speculators. With the help of Pacific Union cryptocurrency, you will be able to trade in a market where there is no central bank intervention, no interbank dealers to control the flow of orders, or large pension fund floating prices. The price movements of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum are mainly driven by news and general investor sentiment. These sometimes huge changes can lead to large fluctuations in intraday prices, making cryptocurrencies a preferred investment product for radical and experienced day traders.

No need for an electronic wallet
Arbitrage through the advantages of the high volatility of cryptocurrency without the need for electronic wallets, no need to purchase physical objects, and no risk of cryptocurrency theft.
Ultra-low spread quotation
Pacific Union’s competitive prices and low spreads allow you to take advantage of more cryptocurrency trading opportunities.
Use leverage to trade
Leveraged trading means that you don’t need too much capital to trade. This gives cryptocurrency traders the opportunity to increase the size of their positions and expand potential gains.
Leading trading environment
Using Pacific Union’s professional online trading platform, you can trade cryptocurrency on any device no matter where you are.

Trade Cryptocurrencies with Pacific Union

Account Types of Pacific Union

Whether you are a novice investor, an experienced celebrity, or a professional financial person, you can find the right type of account at Pacific Union.

All Pacific Union’s account types provide competitive spreads in the industry, expert market analysis and free trading tutorials. You can trade with Pacific Union in more than 200 financial markets. Conditions such as spreads and fees will vary according to your account.

1. Standard account

It is a good choice for foreign exchange beginners and investors who are used to test new trading strategies.

  • Instant access to the world’s top markets;
  • Spreads as low as 1.3;
  • The minimum deposit is $50;
  • No handling fees and other additional fees.

Open Pacific Union’s Standard Account

2. Prime account

The best choice for experienced traders who want to get the most from the foreign exchange market.

  • Spread as low as 0.0;
  • Handling fee per lot is only $7;
  • The minimum deposit is $1000;
  • Free trading tools and trading signals.

Open Pacific Union’s Prime Account

Comparison of Pacific Union’s Account Types

Account Type Standard Account Prime Account
Minimum Deposit 50 currency units 1000 currency units (HKD&JPY: equivalent to 1000USD)
Available Market Forex, Indices, Metals, Commodities, Shares, Cryptocurrencies Forex, Indices, Metals, Commodities, Shares, Cryptocurrencies
Maximum Leverage Up to 500:1 Up to 500:1
Spread From 1.3 From 0.0
Trading Commission $0 $3.5 per side
Tick Size 0.00001 0.00001
Dealing Mode No Dealing Desk No Dealing Desk
Minimum Trading Volume 0.01 lots 0.01 lots
Maximum Trading Volume 100 lots 100 lots
Margin Call Level 120% 120%
Stop Out Level 50% 50%
NBP (Negative Balance Protection) Supported Supported
Hedging Allowed Allowed
Islamic Swap-Free Account Available Available
Trading Platforms MT4 and MT5 MT4 and MT5
Expert Advisers Allowed Allowed
One-Click Trading Available Available
Autochartist Available Available
Trading Signals Available Available
Daily Market News Available Available
Economic Calendar Available Available

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Which Pacific Union’s account is the best?

Choosing the best trading account for you depends on several factors. The first thing to determine is whether a foreign exchange or CFDs are suitable for you. As a regulated broker, Pacific Union needs to assess your suitability to understand your trading experience and your knowledge of the foreign exchange or CFDs. In addition, your risk tolerance and how much you want to invest are also critical. Are you more willing to make a small investment with standard spreads? Or do you want to trade a larger number of contracts with a lower spread?

The second is time management. Do you have enough time to trade every day? Do you have time to check your positions and observe the market regularly? If not, you should consider paying the renewal fee. Are you willing to use “EA” to automatically execute transactions? If you want, in this case, you may need a VPS service.

In addition, you should consider your relative strengths and skills as a trader. Do you have sufficient knowledge and experience in foreign exchange trading and global news? Or do you prefer to trade the stocks of top companies in the form of CFDs? Are you sensitive to metal or energy prices (such as oil and gas)?

Open Pacific Union’s Account for free

1. Pacific Union’s Standard Account

A standard account provides you with the best trading conditions and excellent order execution while allowing you to use different trading strategies.

Pacific Union’s Standard account provides you with unparalleled transaction execution speed and the most competitive spreads in the market. Pacific Union’s average EUR/USD spread is 1.3 points.

  • Unparalleled liquidity
  • Up to 200+ trading products
  • Full custody guarantees the safety of funds
  • The deposit threshold is as low as $100
  • The safe and transparent trading environment
  • Multilingual client support
  • Very competitive price
  • Spreads as low as 1.3 and no handling fees

Open Pacific Union’s Standard Account

2. Pacific Union’s Prime Account

The Prime account provided by Pacific Union provides ultra-fast transaction execution speed and the lowest available spreads.

Pacific Union’s Prime account provides you with unparalleled transaction execution speed and the most competitive spreads in the market. Pacific Union’s average EUR/USD spread is 0.0 pips.

  • Top market depth
  • Quantitative trading environment
  • Fast order execution
  • 200+ trading market
  • Professional customer service
  • Fast and flexible deposits and withdrawals
  • Low handling fee from 0 pips
  • Minimum deposit $ 1000

Open Pacific Union’s Prime Account

3. Pacific Union’s Islamic Swap-Free Account

Pacific Union is committed to providing customers with the best trading environment. Pacific Union’s Islamic account provides the most advanced trading equipment and execution speed, giving Pacific Union’s traders a competitive advantage.

Pacific Union provides Muslim traders with Islamic accounts, also known as interest-free accounts, which do not charge the interest for overnight holdings but instead charge customers a fixed amount of overnight holding fees. This type of account is specifically designed for Muslim customers because according to Islamic law, the people are not allowed to collect or pay interest.

  • Top market liquidity
  • More than 200 products traded
  • No interest on overnight positions
  • Applicable to Standard or Prime accounts
  • Fast and flexible deposits and withdrawals
  • There are no restrictions on Expert Advisors
  • Up to 1:500 leverage
  • Spreads as low as 0 points

Open Pacific Union’s Islamic Swap-Free Account

Who can use Pacific Union Islamic accounts?

Pacific Union Islamic accounts are designed for traders who cannot accept or pay swap fees due to their religious beliefs. Pacific Union provides accounts that are fully compliant with Shariah law, allowing traders of the Muslim faith to enter the global market fairly and transparently.

Muslim customers must register a real account on the official website and provide the required identification documents. After passing the background review, they can upgrade to an Islamic account.

There are no swaps or overnight interest fees. Pacific Union uses management fees for management-related fees to manage your account.

Contact Pacific Union Support Team

How are funds segregated and specially arranged?

Pacific Union has an independent and secure segregated account, which is never mixed with the company’s operating funds. All client funds are deposited in the AA-level segregated account of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia CBA.

You can request to withdraw your funds at any time through the account management center. Pacific Union usually processes withdrawal requests within 24 hours on business days.

All Muslim customers who use Islamic accounts will be charged spreads or commissions and management fees.

Go to Pacific Union’s Official Website

How to withdraw funds from Islamic accounts?

In order to enter the global market fairly and transparently, Pacific Union must pass on the costs associated with maintaining its open positions. All of Pacific Union’s liquidity providers charge a fee to keep open positions, and this fee is passed on to customers through management fees.

Pacific Union calculates all management fees for all open positions on all Islamic accounts at 0:00 platform time. The management fee will be collected at 1 AM on the platform.

Log in to Pacific Union Client Portal

4. Pacific Union’s Cent account

It is your ideal choice for beginners to trade and test EA.

Cent account allows you to understand customer transaction psychology with minimal risk: your transaction is based on a real account, but the currency unit is cents.

  • Flexible leverage up to 1:500
  • The trading threshold is as low as 20 USD
  • Deposit limit up to 1000 USD
  • Spreads as low as 1.3
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Test trading strategies with lower risk
  • A wide variety of trading products
  • Prepare for future large transactions

Open Pacific Union’s Cent Account

5. Pacific Union’s Demo Account

Are you interested in the trading of foreign exchange, indices, precious metals, commodities, stocks and cryptocurrencies, but are not ready to trade with actual funds? Pacific Union provides you with a simulated account that operates the same as a real account and provides you with virtual funds to practice trading.

Why try a demo account?

Experience real market conditions
Practice real-time trading, test tools and strategies, and improve your trading skills in a completely risk-free environment.
200+ markets, 6 major asset classes
Enter into many markets including foreign exchange, indices, precious metals, commodities, stocks and cryptocurrencies, and discover the lowest spreads in the market.
Full-featured trading platform
Explore the full set of customized tools and functions provided by the MT4 platform to improve your trading level.

Open Pacific Union’s Demo Account

Pacific Union’s Trading Platforms

Use Pacific Union’s innovative trading application to cross the global market and ensure that your transactions are unimpeded.

Pacific Union’s advanced MetaTrader trading tools can provide you with real-time trading alerts. All alerts are included in the MT4 and MT5 add-ons to help you improve your trading experience when trading in the global market. In addition, Autochartist can save you time in analyzing the market by scanning all the foreign exchange and CFDs that you are interested in.

Pacific Union MT4 (MetaTrader4)
MT4 has become the most well-known and most widely used trading platform in the online trading field. Pacific Union also provides MT4 mobile, PC and web trading ports, so that investors can manage trading accounts anytime, anywhere, and control investment opportunities at all times.
Pacific Union MT5 (MetaTrader5)
As an upgraded version of the MT4 platform, MT5 not only adds many popular trading varieties, but also unlocks more powerful trading functions. MT5 provided by Pacific Union can provide a fast, reliable trading experience and world-class charting software package.

Why choose Pacific Union’s trading app?

  • Simple and powerful trading tool;
  • Ultra-fast pricing execution speed;
  • Quickly access more than 200 trading products;
  • Multiple deposit channels;
  • Visual analysis of transaction reports;
  • Multi-account management portal;
  • Follow up global market news anytime, anywhere;
  • 24/5 professional customer support.

Find out more about Trading Platforms

Pacific Union MT5 (MetaTrader5)

pacific union Download MT5 for all device versions

Successful trading in the financial market begins with the use of a comfortable and versatile trading platform. MetaTrader 5 is the best choice for contemporary traders.

  1. Efficient transaction analysis tool
    • The most comprehensive analysis tool, including more than 38 technical indicators and 44 analysis objects.
    • Up to 100 currency and stock quote charts can be displayed at a time.
    • For investors pursuing extreme trading, there are many other indicators available on the MQL5 code base.
  2. Use custom trading robots to trade around the clock
    • Advanced automatic trading function, which can continuously monitor and update charts, price quotes and trading strategies.
    • Participate in effective financial transactions 24 hours a day.
    • Find hundreds of precise foreign exchange trading signals on MQL5 “Showcase” to provide more ideas for your trading decisions.
    • The MQL5 programming language allows you to create custom trading robots and indicators according to your own trading style. There are now more than 2500 ready-made algorithm applications on the market to choose from.
  3. Real-time market news and analysis
    • Pacific Union has the most cutting-edge market insights, macroeconomic news and detailed fundamental analysis.
    • At the same time, the built-in economic calendar can also provide traders with timely financial news and market analysis. In response to the trading needs of the majority of traders, MetaTrader 5 continues to improve the powerful.

1. Personal computer

MetaTrader 5 is a multi-functional trading platform that can provide you with all the functions you need to trade in the global financial market. Pacific Union’s MT5 platform is easy to use and can be fully customized according to your trading style.

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux

2. Smartphones and tablets

MT5 mobile devices present new order types and detailed market depth information on your mobile device, allowing you to participate in transactions anytime, anywhere. Suitable for iOS, Android and Huawei.

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Huawei

Get Access to Pacific Union MT5

Why you should choose MetaTrader 5 (MT5)?

The MT5 platform is one of the most advanced trading platforms in contemporary technology. Pacific Union’s MT5 Windows client is dedicated to providing traders with an excellent trading experience in foreign exchange, indices, stock CFDs and commodities.

The platform provides powerful technical analysis tools and excellent charting functions. It also supports foreign exchange trading signals, automated trading systems (EA) and copy trading functions. It provides traders with broad trading opportunities in the financial market. In addition to the Windows trading terminal of MT5, Pacific Union also provides operating systems (including Webtrader, iOS and Android) that can be easily traded from different devices to make your transactions more convenient.

  • Market depth display & professional technical analysis;
  • 6 types of pending orders, including buy stop loss limit price and sell stop loss limit price;
  • Leading automated trading system strategy;
  • Built-in trading application;
  • Multi-channel transaction alert settings;
  • Allow institutional transactions;
  • Forex Signals & Copy Trading;
  • 21-period interactive charts and 8 order types.

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Pacific Union MT4 (MetaTrader4)

pacific union Download MT4 for all device versions

With safety, stability, strong operability, and complete functions, MT4 has become the most well-known and most widely used trading platform in the online trading field.

  1. One-click transaction
    • One-click trading directly on the chart.
    • Simple execution of transactions, setting of limit orders and stop-loss orders.
    • Easily set and modify take profit and stop loss.
    • Customize multiple transaction reminders
  2. Fully customizable chart
    • 3 chart types, 9 periodic timetables and 31 analysis targets.
    • Freely modify, add and customize chart layouts and indicators.
    • Customize trading signals to suit your trading system.
    • Add your own personalized chart indicators to Pacific Union’s MT4 platform.
  3. Free profile and chart templates
    • The system saves the parameters of the defined chart and indicator settings.
    • Start trading instantly as the market changes.
    • Switch between different configuration files at will.
    • Different strategies can be used in different financial markets
  4. 50+ comes with indicators
    • More than 50 classic indicators from MetaTrader 4 chart providers are pre-installed.
    • Free access to Metaquotes MQL5 community.
    • Thousands of custom indicators can be accessed from the download folder.
    • Leading market analysis and statistics.
  5. EA automated trading
    • Obtain tight original spreads for automated trading.
    • You can use MQL4 programming to create and edit Expert Advisors.
    • Support the use of the built-in strategy tester on your MT4 terminal to backtest the EA.
    • Thousands of EAs can be downloaded and accessed.

1. Personal computer

Download MetaTrader 4, the world’s most popular trading platform, through Pacific Union. With an unlimited number of charts, 9-period interactive charts and more than 50 analysis tools, as well as a fully personalized operation interface, MetaTrader 4 enables you to accurately analyze and control the market.

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux

2. Smartphones and tablets

With the MT4 mobile client provided by Pacific Union, you can manage your trading account anytime, anywhere. Available for iOS, Android and Huawei.

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Huawei

Get Access to Pacific Union MT4

Why you should choose MetaTrader 4 (MT4)?

Join hands with Pacific Union to win together on one of the most powerful trading platforms. As part of Pacific Union’s commitment to a seamless trading experience, Pacific Union provides advanced charting tools, numerous technical indicators, real-time price charts, instant market news and insights, and a full set of automated trading options.

Traders using EA can easily take advantage of Pacific Union’s fast execution speed to arbitrage. Pacific Union cooperates with top foreign exchange liquidity providers to provide leading liquidity and the fastest real-time quotes for various tradable instruments. You can download the MT4 software for Windows for free, and experience trading with extremely low spreads and transparent handling fees.

  • More than 50 technical indicators are pre-installed.
  • 24 kinds of analysis chart tools.
  • 3 chart types and 9 periodic timetables.
  • Instant access and execution.
  • One-click transaction.
  • Real-time trading variety quotation, with 128-bit encryption, to ensure safe trading.
  • MQL4 trading strategy language.
  • Support iOS, Android and MAC devices.

Go to Pacific Union’s Official Website

Comparison of MT4 and MT5 platforms

Pacific Union helps you to compare and discover all the new features of MetaTrader5 and the main differences with MetaTrader4.

View the comparison table to compare all features and conditions.

Trading Platforms MetaTrader5 MetaTrader4
Partial Order Filling Policies Available Unavailable
Order Fill Policy Fill or Kill, Immediate or Cancel, Return Fill or Kill
Pending Order Types 6 4
Depth of Market Available Unavailable
Exchange Data Available Unavailable
Technical Indicators 38 30
Graphical Objects 44 31
Timeframes 21 9
Economic Calendar Available Unavailable
Email System Available with attachments Available with no attachments
Transfer Funds Between Accounts Available Unavailable
Embedded chat Available Unavailable
Strategy Tester Multi-threaded, Multi-currency, Real ticks Single thread
Multilingual Unicode Supported Unsupported
Netting Account Available Unavailable
Hedging Account Available Available
Number of Symbols Unlimited Up to 1024
Supported Markets Forex, Futures, Options, Stocks, Bonds Only Forex
Exchange Trading Available Unavailable

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Pacific Union MT4 and MT5 Web Trader

Using Pacific Union’s Web Trader, you can access your MT4 or MT5 trading account from any web browser.

With the help of Pacific Union’s Web Trader, trading becomes highly flexible. You only need to trade from the browser of your choice on your preferred device without downloading other software.

  • The operation of the web platform does not require any additional software support.
  • Reliable data protection.
  • Unilateral position and hedging position account system.
  • All types of trading operations
  • Advanced market depth and one-click trading.
  • 3 chart types and 9 time periods.
  • 30 indicators and 24 graphical objects for technical analysis.
  • Get market quotes in real-time.
  • 24/5 online support.

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Pacific Union MAM and PAMM

Pacific Union’s multi-account management system provides traders and wealth managers with the precise control they need to maximize returns.

Pacific Union’s MAM/PAMM is the first choice of thousands of professional fund managers.

Change parameters immediately.
Real-time monitoring of assets and profit and loss.
Easily calculate management fees.
Allow Expert Advisors to run.

Find out more about MAM and PAMM

What is MAM?

how Pacific union's mam program work

MAM, a multi-account management system, is a trading system tailored for professional financial managers. Multiple sub-accounts can be managed through the master account.

MAM usually supports the following 6 trading allocation methods: lot allocation, percentage allocation, balance allocation, account equity allocation, account equity percentage allocation and equal risk allocation.

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What is PAMM?

how does pacific union's pamm work

PAMM is a percentage distribution management model that allows clients to designate professional traders and fund managers for management.

With the PAMM solution, professional traders and fund managers can manage multiple accounts through one trading platform, and distribute their trading results proportionally in the escrow account according to the amount of funds received from each account.

Signup for Pacific Union PAMM

Why choose Pacific Union’s MAM / PAMM?

1. Transparent fee and commission calculation

Pacific Union tracks the foreign exchange market in real-time so that you can quickly obtain the qualifications for commissions in the real trading account; withdraw funds at any time;

All Pacific Union MAM managers can quickly calculate the performance fees of all their customers as needed.

2. Customizable trading conditions

Financial managers can obtain the flexibility of a full-service solution;

Choose your trading conditions, including commission, spread markup, account currency, execution fee and margin/call options;

Pacific Union’s low commission structure coupled with tight spreads can bring greater benefits to traders.

3. Fast deposit and withdrawal, seamless support for continuous trading actions

Pacific Union can help fund managers calculate profit and loss targets according to the account based on public trading conditions;

Easily deposit and withdraw funds in your MAM/PAMM account without interfering with your normal trading activities.

4. Cooperate with MAM/PAMM foreign exchange brokers and act as a trusted market leader

From numerous products to a series of solutions with automatic calculations and customizable trading conditions, Pacific Union Financial Manager Plan is the first choice of thousands of professional fund managers.

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Spread and Fees of Pacific Union MT4 ane MT5

The spreads on the MT4 platform are variable, and the quotations are from major international financial institutions. During periods of volatility, Pacific Union’s industry-leading spreads can be as low as 0.0 points.

When you start trading, you will notice that you have received the “ask price” (or “sell at market price”) and “ask price” (or “buy at market price”) prices. The “ask price” is the price at which you sell the base currency, and the “ask price” is the price at which you buy the base currency. The difference between these two prices is what we call the spread.

When starting a transaction, there will always be a third party (such as a bank or liquidity provider) that will provide a quote for opening and closing positions. These third parties must ensure that the order is in order, which means they must find a buyer for each seller and vice versa.

The third-party bears the risk of loss while facilitating the transaction. This is also the reason why the third party retains a part of each transaction-the retained part is called the spread.

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How do you calculate the spread?

How do you calculate the spread

The spread itself is measured in “points”, which is the smallest unit of currency pair price changes.

For example, if the EUR/USD buy/sell exchange rate is 1.12521 / 1.12522. Here, EUR is the base currency and USD is the quote currency. This means that you can buy euros at a higher asking price of 1.12522 and sell lower euros at a buying price of 1.12521.

The difference between the buying price and the selling price is the foreign exchange spread. In the above example, the spread is (1.12522-1.12521) = 0.00001. The pip value of a currency pair based on USD is identified on the 4th digit after the decimal point. This means that the final foreign exchange spread is 0.1 pips.

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How do you calculate transaction costs?

To calculate transaction costs (excluding warehouse interest, handling fees, etc.), simply multiply the spread and pip value by the number of lots you want to trade:

Transaction cost = spread * transaction size * pip value

For example, the spread of the transaction you opened is 1.3 pips.

In this example, you trade in standard lots of 100,000 basic units.
The point value is $10, so the transaction cost is $13.

How to check the bid/ask price?

How to check the bid and ask prices on mt4 and mt5

  1. Click “View” and select “Market Quotes”;
  2. To view the spread of a specific trading product, please right-click anywhere in the “Market Quote” window and select “Spread”;
  3. Now you can see an additional column showing the spread of each currency pair, commodity or index;
*Please note that the spread of MT4 quotes is the value of MetaTrader 4. To calculate the spread, you need to divide the number by 10.

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How to check the real-time spread of MT4?

How to check the real-time spread of MT4 and mt5

  1. Right-click anywhere on the chart and select “Properties”;
  2. Click the “Common” tab, and then select “Show Bid Line”;
  3. Click “OK”

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Pacific Union’s Leverage and Margin

One of the main attractive factors of foreign exchange trading is the use of leverage and margin. It allows you to use a small amount of capital to open and maintain larger positions.

Leverage enables traders to control market positions that are much larger than their initial investment. In fact, leverage is the form of loans that traders obtain from brokers to help them invest in the financial market without having to invest large amounts of their own funds.

Leveraged trading is an important part of the trading of derivatives such as foreign exchange and CFDs because it allows investors to enter the market with a relatively small initial capital. Using leverage, usually only $1,000 can be used to make a transaction worth $100,000. This allows prospective investors who could not meet the investment threshold to enter the market before can easily start investment transactions.

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What are Leverage and Margin?

Leverage is expressed in ratios, such as 1:1, 1:10, and 1:100. The amount of leverage used and the initial investment of traders determine the scale of transactions they will be able to control. Taking an initial investment of US$1,000 as an example, different levels of leverage will have the following effects on the trading scale available to investors.

As can be seen from the table below, the higher the leverage used, the larger the transaction scale that investors can control. Although the use of leverage may be beneficial to traders, it also involves risks.

Margin is basically the margin required to use leverage. Essentially, this will be the amount that investors must keep in their account when trading with leverage. The amount of margin required depends on the size of the transaction and the leverage used. Using the transaction size of 1 standard lot (100,000 USD), the required margin will vary according to the leverage used.

As can be seen from the table below, the higher the leverage ratio used, the lower the margin required to open a position in the market. Therefore, if investors want to use 1:50 leverage to establish a market position of 1 standard lot ($100,000), they will need to have $2,000 in their account as a margin.

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Fund Deposit and Withdrawal Methods for Pacific Union

Pacific Union provides customers with a variety of flexible deposit and withdrawal methods and multi-currency options.

List of deposit methods for Pacific Union

Deposit Methods Account Currencies Maximum Amount Processing Time
Bank Wire Transfer All Unlimited 2 – 5 working days
Mastercard All 5,000 USD Instant
VISA All 5,000 USD Instant
Neteller All Unlimited Instant
Skrill All Unlimited Instant
BTC and USDT BTC and USDT Unlimited Instant
UnionPay CNY 50,000 CNY Within 30 minutes
AliPay CNY 20,000 CNY Within 30 minutes
Fasapay USD and IND 25,000 USD Instant

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List of withdrawal methods for Pacific Union

Deposit Methods Account Currencies Minimum Amount Processing Time
Bank Wire Transfer All 100 USD 2 – 5 working days
Mastercard All 100 USD Within 24 hours
VISA All 100 USD Within 24 hours
Neteller All 100 USD Within 24 hours
Skrill All 100 USD Within 24 hours
BTC and USDT 100 USD Unlimited Within 24 hours
UnionPay CNY 100 USD 1 – 2 working days
AliPay CNY 100 USD Within 24 hours
Fasapay USD and IND 100 USD Instant

The minimum withdrawal amount is US$40. For withdrawals less than US$100, the bank will charge a handling fee of 20 units of account base currency.

Neteller’s withdrawal limit is 10,000 USD per transaction, and a 2% handling fee is charged (the upper limit is 30 USD).

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Pacific Union’s Swap Points (Interest Rate)

Pacific Union offers competitive swap rates in the industry. This means that when you hold a position overnight, you don’t need to worry about overnight/overnight interest that will affect your earnings too much.

The swap fee in foreign exchange or rollover rate is the net interest income accumulated by the currency position held by the trader overnight. This fee will be incurred when a trader borrows one currency to buy another currency as part of a foreign exchange transaction.

For example, if you want to buy EUR/USD, you can borrow U.S. dollars to buy the corresponding amount of Euros. To do this, you will need to pay interest on the borrowed U.S. dollars and earn interest from the purchased euros.

Net interest expense is calculated based on the difference in interest rates between the two trading currencies. If the foreign exchange swap rate is calculated as positive, the trader gains, and if it is negative, it is a cost to the trader.

Generally, deposits and loans in the same currency have different interest rates. The loan interest rate is usually higher than the deposit interest rate. This is why the foreign exchange swap rates for long and short positions on the same currency pair are different.

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How does foreign exchange swap work?

When traders make a transaction to buy and sell currencies, they promise to make the final payment on the “value date”. The settlement will be made within two working days after the spot market transaction. When the position remains open and goes to the next day, it means that the value date will be moved to the previous day.

The corresponding amount of currency in the transaction is borrowed and lent from the interbank market at the current loan interest rate and deposit interest rate. Therefore, the borrowing income and borrowing costs are transferred from the broker to the trader. The position can be automatically reopened on the new value date and adjusted according to the swap exchange rate and the new price, or the swap can be credited to or deducted from the trader’s account while retaining the previous price of the position.

Swap rates you should know

  • The swap rate starts at 00:00 platform time;
  • Swaps are only applicable to open positions at night;
  • The swap rate is calculated in points, and MT4 will automatically convert these points into your account currency;
  • Some foreign exchange pairs may have negative swap rates on both long and short positions;
  • Due to the need to accrue weekend costs, the fee on Wednesday night is usually three times the normal other working days;
  • Each foreign exchange currency pair has its own rollover fee, which is measured by the standard size of one lot or 100,000 contract units.

What factors affect the swap rate?

  • The current interest rate difference between the two currencies;
  • Currency pair price fluctuations;
  • Futures market behavior;
  • Swap point of counterparty;
  • The position of the liquidity provider in the market hierarchy;
  • The difference between long and short foreign exchange swaps.

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How to find the swap rate of Pacific Union in MT4?

How to find the swap rate of Pacific Union in MT4

  1. Check MT4/5 “Market Quotes”;
  2. Right-click to select a trading symbol;
  3. Click the “Specifications” option.

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Trading Hours on Pacific Union MT4 and MT5

Pacific Union provides a 24/5 trading market. Pacific Union provides you with exclusive customer support 24 hours a day, five days a week.

Please refer to the table below to check the opening and closing time of the product. You can also right-click and select “Specifications” in “Market Quotes” in MT4/5 to view the specific transaction time on the platform. Please note that Pacific Union’s server time and chart are GMT + 2 or GMT + 3 (daylight saving time).

The foreign exchange market transaction time refers to the timetable during which participants in the foreign exchange market can buy, sell, exchange and forecast global currency transactions. The foreign exchange market is open 24 hours a day on weekdays and closed on weekends. However, as time zones change, weekends can become very crowded. The foreign exchange market opens every Monday at 8 am local time in Sydney and closes at 5 pm local time in New York. During these periods, despite changes in trading conditions, traders in the foreign exchange market can still execute transactions.

  • Except for weekends, the foreign exchange market is open 24 hours a day.
  • The foreign exchange market is a global segment and is affected by the local market, especially the four main trading markets: Sydney, Tokyo, London, and New York.
  • Affected by the opening hours of different markets, the trading volume varies in different time periods.
  • When the open trading hours of London and New York overlap, the trading volume reaches its peak.
  • The spot price of the day was set during the overlap period of development in the London/New York market.


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