how-to-get-paxforex-100%-deposit-bonus-promotion-mt4 how-to-get-paxforex-100%-deposit-bonus-promotion-mt4

How to receive PaxForex 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus

PaxForex’s Deposit Bonus is available for all traders of the broker, and it is the most popular promotion among others offered by PaxForex.

There is no cost or extra commission charged to receive the bonus.

PaxForex 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus will increase the available margin in your account, thus allows you to trade with higher account balance.

Follow the simple 5 steps below to receive PaxForex 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus today.

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For the list of all fund deposit and withdrawal methods of PaxForex, visit the page here.
1. Open an account with PaxForex

Do you already have an account with PaxForex?

If you don’t go to the account opening page of PaxForex to open your account for free.

The account opening procedure will only take a few minutes to complete.

PaxForex 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus is available for all account types of PaxForex including Cent, Mini, Standard and VIP.

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2. Login to PaxForex’s Client Area

After opening your account, login to your “Client Area” from PaxForex Official Website.

You can access to the “Client Area” of PaxForex from the menu bar as shown below.

paxforex how to make a deposit

PaxForex’s “Client Area” is the place where you can manage your accounts, funds and personal information securely.

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3. Deposit more than $1200

The required minimum deposit amount to get PaxForex 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus is 1200 USD.

In the “Client Area” of PaxForex, go to “Deposit Funds” section and proceed to make a deposit.

There is a number of deposit methods available for PaxForex MT4.

For the list and details of fund deposit methods for PaxForex MT4, please visit the page here.

Signup for PaxForex

4. Contact PaxForex support team

After completing the deposit and before making any trades, you must contact PaxForex’s support team to claim the bonus.

If you want to find out more about the promotion before participating, find the updated terms and conditions in PaxForex Official Website.

Note that by requesting for the bonus, you are agreeing that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of the promotion.

Read the full rules of the promotion “PaxForex 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus” here.

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5. Start trading

Once your deposit is confirmed by PaxForex, the applicable bonus will be credited in your account.

Now you can start trading Forex and CFDs with the extra margin (bonus) in your account.

Note that the bonus cannot be withdrawn or transferred to other accounts, but can only be used for trading purpose.

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The Bonus is divided by 12 and credited monthly

PaxForex 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus will not be credited at once in your account, but will be credited monthly after divided by 12.

The promotion is run to achieve long-term success.

By participating in PaxForex 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus promotion, you will receive monthly bonus for the next 12 months.

Utilize high leverage of 1:500 on PaxForex and the bonus to maximize the profitable opportunities today.

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Use PaxForex MT4 (MetaTrader4) platform

PaxForex MetaTrader4 is world renowned for its user-friendly interface and highly customisable features, allowing traders to execute their trading strategies with ease.

PaxForex offers you trading in foreign exchange (Forex), gold/silver and commodities through the world class PaxForex MetaTrader4 incorporating 100% straight through processing featuring NO dealing desk execution to enable you fast, automated trading.

Trade margin products FX crosses (including spot gold and silver), major future indices as well as commodity CFDs.

Supported OS of PaxForex are Windows 98, 98SE, 2000, XP, Windows Vista(x86/x64) and Windows 7(x86/x64).

Open PaxForex MT4 Account

Mobile Trading for your Android device

The PaxForex MT4 Android Trader, trading platform for all Android devices allows traders with the official mobile trading App built by MetaQuotes.

The application is loaded with all trading controls a trader needs and can be operated on any phone or tablet that uses the Android operating software.

Available in 10 languages, the PaxForex MT4 Android Trader Android platform is flexible for all users.

Delivering analysis on the markets, The App uses real-time interactive charts and the most popular trading indictors directly to the device at anytime.

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PaxForex MT4 Android Platform facilities include:
  • Manages and monitors open positions, exposure and equity
  • Safe and secure trading
  • Freedom to trade on the move anywhere in the world
  • Open and close orders instantly
  • Real-time price streaming
  • Generates activity reports
  • Sends internal mail alerts of any changes
  • Enables chart creation and technical analysis

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Mobile Trading for your iPhone

The PaxForex iPhone Trader is a suitable application that allows clients instant access to the markets instantly and from any location.

The software provided by MetaQuotes is the most reputable and stable mobile trading software with many features that are crucial in controlling any trading activity.

The Mobile MetaTrader4 App of PaxForex is designed to operate on all Apple products and software releases.

Each Apple device will deliver a high level of trading controls, charting facilities and indicators.

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PaxForex MT4 iPhone Platform facilities include:
  • Manages and monitors open positions, exposure and equity
  • Flexibility to trade on-the-move
  • All Apple models – whether iPhone iPod Touch or iPad
  • Places/removes working orders (buy/stop, buy/limit, sell/limit, stop/loss, take profit)
  • Generates activity reports
  • Sends internal mail alerts of any changes
  • Chart creation and technical analysis
  • Secure trading over secure connections to trading servers


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