paxforex-fx-mt4-account-type-comparison paxforex-fx-mt4-account-type-comparison

Comparison of PaxForex MT4 Account Types

Account Types Cent Mini Standard VIP
Required Minimum Deposit $10 $100 $2,000 $10,000
Account Base Currencies USD USD, EUR, GBP USD, EUR, GBP USD, EUR, GBP
Minimum Forex Spread 2.4 pips 1.4 pips 0.4 pips 0.4 pips
Trading Commission None None None None
Forex Leverage 1:1 – 1:500 1:1 – 1:500 1:1 – 1:500 1:1 – 1:500
Available Low Volume 0.0001 (1 lot = 1,000) 0.01 (1 lot = 100,000) 0.1 (1 lot = 100,000) 0.01 (1 lot = 100,000)
Forex Trading Available Available Available Available
Gold and Silver Trading Available Available Available Available
Shares (Stock) Trading Not Available Not Available Available Available
Stop Out % 20% 5% 5% 5%
VPS Service $25 per month $25 per month $25 per month Free
Islamic Swap Free Account Not Available Available Available Available
*The applicable maximum leverage is different depending on the financial instrument you trade. For more information, visit the page here.

PaxForex offers 4 different account types which are Cent, Mini, Standard and VIP account.

All of the account types uses MT4 (MetaTrader4) trading platform which is compatible with many popular devices including Windows PC, MAC PC, Android phone, iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).

To open an account with PaxForex, go to the account opening page PaxForex.

The account opening is free and may only take a few minutes to complete.

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1. PaxForex Mini FX account

PaxForex’s Mini account type is suited for trading who want to start small, and also traders who are new to Forex market.

PaxForex’s Mini account allows you to start trading Forex from 100 USD of minimum deposit amount. (or equivalent amount in EUR and GBP)

The recommended deposit amount is 500 USD to avoid the risk of stop loss, considering the size of standard lot.

By investing with the small deposit, you can minimize the risk exposure on PaxForex’s Mini account while benefiting from tight Forex spread as low as 1.4 pips

Muslim traders can also request for Islamic swap-free account of PaxForex’s Mini account.

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2. PaxForex Cent FX account

PaxForex’s Cent account is suited for novice traders who are beginning the Forex trading for the first time.

PaxForex’s Cent account allows you to start trading Forex, Metals and Cryptocurrency pairs from 10 USD of minimum deposit amount.

On PaxForex’s Cent account, you can invest with the lowest risks.

With PaxForex, the maximum loss is always limited to the total deposit amount with NBP (Negative Balance Protection).

On PaxForex’s Cent account, you can invest from 0.0001 lots which is worth 0.1 dollars as the lot size is 1,000 units.

PaxForex’s Cent account can be the perfect account type to tryout new strategies and EAs (Expert Advisers) in the real market conditions.

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3. PaxForex Standard FX account

PaxForex’s Standard account is the most popular account type among others.

PaxForex’s Standard account offers you with the best possible market conditions.

PaxForex’s Standard account has the lowest Forex spread from 0.4 pips with no extra commissions.

Along with the superior trading conditions, by holding PaxForex’s Standard account, you will have personal account manager and education.

You can also invest in more than dozens of Stocks (Shares) on PaxForex’s Standard account.

PaxForex’s Standard account is suited for traders with a distinctive knowledge of the Forex.

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4. PaxForex VIP FX account

You can get access to PaxForex’s VIP account by making a deposit of more than $10,000.

PaxForex’s VIP account is designed for professional Forex investors who trade large volume in the market.

PaxForex’s VIP account doesn’t just provide you with the lowest Forex spread available on PaxForex MT4, but orders are executed with priority.

Holder of PaxForex’s VIP account will also have personal Account Manager for any helps.

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5. PaxForex Islamic Swap Free account

Are you a trader with Muslim faith and cannot pay or earn any interest due to Sharia law?

Don’t worry. PaxForex has prepared an Islamic swap free account.

PaxForex’s Islamic swap free account is available for Mini, Standard and VIP account types.

To open one, open an account with PaxForex then contact support team to request for the Islamic swap free status.

Rather than swap, a settled financing charge (commission) is applicable on the account.

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Download PaxForex MT4 (MetaTrader4) trading platforms

For all account types of PaxForex, you can use MT4 (MetaTrader4) trading platform and mobile apps.

PaxForex’s MT4 trading platform is the most popular trading platform in the world.

PaxForex MT4 provides you with many custom indicators and tools for free, and has all popular order types and chart patterns.

By referring to MQL4 community, you can also earn almost unlimited number of EAs (Expert Advisers) and Scripts as MT4 is well known and used by millions of online investors.

To start trading Forex with PaxForex, you must download MT4 (MetaTrader4) trading platforms and login with your account.

You can download PaxForex MT4 from PaxForex Official Website.

PaxForex MT4 is compatible with Windows PC, MAC OS, Android, iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and on the web through browsers.

Open PaxForex MT4 Account

1. PaxForex MT4 Windows

PaxForex MT4 Windows is the most basic and the popular platform by investors.

As MT4 (MetaTrader4) is firstly built with Windows program base, PaxForex MT4 Windows has all the advanced options and tools for users.

PaxForex MT4 Windows is also suited for EA setup, Script setting and to analyze the market trends.

With the latest version of Windows PC, you should never have a problem running PaxForex MT4.

You can download PaxForex MT4 Windows from PaxForex Official Website for free.

Go to PaxForex Official Website

2. PaxForex MT4 MAC

Even for MAC PC users, MT4 can be run with no additional software.

PaxForex MT4 MAC is compatible with MAC computers with one download.

MAC PC used to need additional software as MT4 was not compatible for MAC before.

PaxForex MT4 MAC will also include all the tools and options available by Metaquotes, the developer of the MT4 trading platform.

PaxForex follows the latest trend, so Apple product users can also enjoy the full benefits of PaxForex MT4.

Download PaxForex MT4 Platform

3. PaxForex MT4 Android

PaxForex MT4 Android mobile app is compatible with any types of mobile phones with Android OS.

You can download the app from Google Play (or Play Store) for free to your mobile phones and login by using the same login credentials you use for other platforms.

PaxForex MT4 Android mobile app will feature all the basic tools, order types, chart types and indicators.

By downloading PaxForex MT4 Android mobile app, you can stay updated of the world’s financial market at anytime and anywhere.

You can find the download link for PaxForex MT4 Android mobile app in PaxForex Official Website.

Visit PaxForex Official Website

4. PaxForex MT4 for iPad

With PaxForex, you can also setup the MT4 trading platform on your iPad.

You can download PaxForex MT4 app for iPad from AppStore (Apple Store) for free, or you can find the download link directly in PaxForex Official Website.

While the mobile app for iPad will feature the same tools and options as other mobile apps, iPad’s screen size can be successfully utilized for technical analysis.

Access to PaxForex MT4 anytime and anywhere and benefit from larger screen to grasp the market trends.

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5. PaxForex MT4 for iPhone

PaxForex MT4 app for iPhone is a very popular platform among online investors.

PaxForex MT4 app for iPhone is secure and safe, and you can avoid MT4’s complex settings by using only one finger.

Login to PaxForex MT4 app on iPhone, and you will have full control of your account and markets.

PaxForex MT4 App for iPhone features more than 30 customer indicators, full set of chart types, 4 order types and all the basic optionsof MT4.

While you are recommended to run PaxForex MT4 on PC for more precise and flexible use, PaxForex MT4 app can keep you updated while you are away.

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6. PaxForex MT4 for PDA (personal digital assistant)

For traders with Windows devices such as smartphones and PDA (personal digital assistant), PaxForex MT4 PDA app comes in very handy.

PaxForex MT4 PDA app fits in the capacity of PDA and it offers the simplified version of MT4.

Just like other apps and platforms, you can layout and customize the PaxForex MT4 PDA app to personalize it.

The PDA screen size is small, but still PaxForex MT4 PDA app includes all the advanced features for traders.

You can download PaxForex MT4 PDA app from PaxForex Official Website

Download PaxForex MT4 Platform

7. PaxForex MT4 Mobile

PaxForex MT4 Mobile is the app for Windows devices including smartphones and PDA.

Login to PaxForex MT4 Mobile app by using the same login credentials as other platforms and apps, to take the full management of trading accounts.

PaxForex MT4 Mobile will let you work from any location in the world.

You can also access to PaxForex MT4 Mobile simultaneously on computers and mobiles, as PaxForex MT4 has no restrictions in terms of the number of devices.

PaxForex MT4 Mobile app has all the basic tools of the platform such as over 30 technical indicators, all types of orders, price alerts and built-in financial market news to keep you updated.

PaxForex MT4 Mobile also has VGA mode supported.

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8. PaxForex MT4 Multiterminal

PaxForex MT4 Multiterminal is provided to let you invest online on multiple accounts simultaneously.

With PaxForex, you do not need to download more than one MT4 platform, but PaxForex MT4 Multiterminal will let you manage multiple accounts at the same time through one platform only.

PaxForex MT4 Multiterminal provides you efficient and flexible yet safe trading environment for CFD forex, spot metals, shares and futures.

PaxForex MT4 Multiterminal supports English, Chinese, Russian and German.

Do you want to diversify your portfolio with multiple accounts of PaxForex?

Open multiple accounts and login to them all on PaxForex MT4 Multiterminal platform.

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How to make a deposit to PaxForex MT4?

To make a deposit to PaxForex MT4 account, please fist login to PaxForex’s Client Area from PaxForex Official Website.

paxforex how to make a deposit

Then, go to “Deposit Funds” section to choose a deposit method you like to use.

PaxForex accepts deposits through many methods including the followings:

  • Neteller
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Skrill (Moneybookers)
  • Perfect Money
  • WebMoney
  • QIWI
  • FasaPay
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

The required minimum deposit amount and incurring fees are different depending on the deposit method you choose.

For more information about fund deposit to PaxForex MT4, please visit the page here.

Visit PaxForex Official Website

For the list of all fund deposit and withdrawal methods of PaxForex, visit the page here.

PaxForex runs 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus promotion for all its traders. Find out how to get PaxForex 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus.

Are my fund safe with PaxForex?

PaxForex makes sure that not only your personal information but also funds are highly secured from the beginning to the end.

You can manage your personal information and funds through PaxForex’s Client Area which is encrypted with SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer).

With the system, PaxForex makes sure that all your information and activities stay completely confidential.

Once the fund is transferred to PaxForex, the whole fund will be deposited into a segregated bank account of PaxForex.

The segregated bank account is separated from PaxForex broker’s operation and can only be used to secure the funds of investors.



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