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$2000 SimpleFX US Election Trading Cup

US Presidential Election will take place on November 3rd, 2020.

As it is called “US Presidential Election”, the election will choose the next president of the United States.

Now, we all will be seeing a fierce political battle between candidates, that may shake the markets.

During this major political event, we expect higher market price volatility in prices of EURUSD, SPX500, XAUUSD, and USDJPY.

And SimpleFX has introduced a trading contest “US Election Trading Cup” to win real cash prize total of $2000.

Are you planning to trade through the volatile market?

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Schedule of $2000 SimpleFX US Election Trading Cup

$2000 SimpleFX US Election Trading Cup

Each week, you can win $500 in prizes just for trading one of your favorite assets.

Here’s the cup timetable.

$500 EURUSD Trading Contest From September 14 to September 20
$500 SPX500 Trading Contest From September 28 to October 4
$500 XAUUSD Trading Contest From October 12 to October 18
$500 USDJPY Trading Contest From October 26 to November 1

And the prize will be distributed to the participants with the highest trading volume on the specified symbol as follows:

1st place: $150
2nd place: $90
3rd place: $60
4 – 10th places: $21.43
11 – 20th places: $10

The final weeks of the US presidential election campaign will shake the markets.

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How much do you know about 2020 US Presidential Election?

The election to elect the president of the United States is a long-term war that lasts for about a year.

It can be said that the whole process lasts about two years, as the early ones have announced their candidacy one year before the start of the preliminary round.

The Democratic Party and the Republican Party, two of the two major political parties in the United States, will each select one candidate through a preliminary contest and a summer party convention that will begin around the beginning of the year.

After that, in November, a final election will be held in which general voters will vote, centering on the candidates (presidential nominee) who have been nominated by each party.

The preliminary election is conducted by the Democratic Party and the Republican Party in order to unify the nominees for the party.

In other words, it is a battle between candidates within the same party to win a nomination.

The finals are contested by those who have been nominated by the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

In addition to the nomination candidates for the two major parties, it is possible for those who do not belong to both parties to run in the main election, but it is unlikely that they will actually be elected.

The presidential candidate and the vice-presidential candidate will engage in heated debate at debates based on specific themes such as foreign affairs and domestic affairs, and will appeal their policies toward the day of voting by general voters in November.



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