List-of-Markets-you-can-trade-on-FXTM's-MT4-and-MT5-platforms List-of-Markets-you-can-trade-on-FXTM's-MT4-and-MT5-platforms

Available markets to trade on FXTM

A variety of trading products such as FX, cryptocurrency, precious metals, and indices are provided.

Trade with high-speed execution and low spreads.

From currency trading to trading using stock price movements – FXTM has it all. Trade-in complex, diverse and thrilling financial markets with a global broker.

Currency (FX)
FXTM provides a 24/7 trading environment for trading major, minor and exotic currency pairs in the foreign exchange market. The foreign exchange market is the world’s largest market, with daily trading volume of $5 trillion.
Precious metals (spot)
As an alternative investment option, you can trade using the price movements of precious metals (gold and silver). As a safe asset, precious metals are a popular commodity to trade in times of high uncertainty and market volatility.
Stock CFDs
You can trade stocks of major companies indirectly with the prices calculated based on the world’s two largest stock exchanges, NASDAQ and NYSE. Diversify your ports by choosing from a wide range of US and European stocks.
Raw materials (spot)
Find trading opportunities in the world’s largest oil and natural gas markets. You can diversify your ports by taking advantage of fluctuations in commodity markets.
CFD Index (Spot)
Trade the world’s leading indices. Choosing Spot Index CFDs trading on FXTM gives you flexible access to long trading hours to suit your investment and trading needs.

Participate in stock trading and make profits by increasing or decreasing the corporate value. Available only to FXTM Pro account holders, stock trading products include Apple, Alphabet Inc., and Alibaba Group.

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1. Forex currency pairs

Trade major, minor and exotic currency pairs with a trusted global broker.

The buying and selling of currencies, also known as foreign exchange or foreign exchange (FX) trading, allows traders to profit from the rise or fall in the value of a currency. The foreign exchange market is the world’s largest market, with daily trading volume of $5 trillion.

Discover the advantages of trading Forex online with a global award-winning broker.

Currency traders, or FX traders, buy and sell currency pairs through Forex Brokers, which are intermediaries that enable trades between buyers and sellers.

The powerful MetaTrader and FXTM’s award-winning services combine to ensure the ultimate trading experience.

FXTM offers the best trading platforms MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 available on PC, Mac, mobile or tablet to suit the trader environment.

These platforms have all the tools you need to maximize your trading skills, including indicators, interactive charts and a strong security system.

Invest in Forex with FXTM

2. Oil and Gas CFDs

Find opportunities in the world’s largest oil and natural gas market.

Trading CFDs on commodities like oil and gas is a great way to diversify your investment port, allowing you to take advantage of commodity markets without having to buy spot.

Anyone with any investment goal can take full advantage of market volatility and trade popular oil and gas commodities on FXTM.

Oil and gas CFD trading is a convenient and flexible way to diversify your investment port, and many traders today choose these assets. Commodity CFDs tradable on FXTM:

  • UK Brent (spot)
  • US crude oil (spot)
  • US natural gas (spot)

Prices for oil and other energy commodities fluctuate based on a number of factors, including demand, supply and the global economic outlook.

Invest in Commodities with FXTM

3. Stock Indices

Discover trading opportunities with popular benchmark indices

The advantage of trading indices with industry-leading brokers is that you have a choice of leading popular indices products. FXTM offers the world’s most traded index CFDs and allows traders to choose the index that suits their trading strategy to buy or sell at the spot price.

Index spot CFDs trading is a convenient and flexible way to diversify your investment port, and many traders choose these CFDs today. Choose from a variety of spot indexes listed on global markets.

  • Huge market liquidity.
  • Open 24 hours a day, weekdays – trade anytime, any time.
  • Low minimum deposit.

FXTM’s excellent online trading conditions allow you to trade indices with the leverage that suits your trading style and investment objectives. This allows you to strengthen your position and maximize your profits. However, it is important to note that leverage can also increase losses.

Invest in Stock Indices with FXTM

4. Gold

Find revenue opportunities in the precious metals market

Precious metals trading is the most popular method for diversifying investment ports. Start making money by trading spot gold and silver in US Dollars and other major currencies on a global broker today.

Gold and silver have long been exchanged for commodities and currencies, and these precious metals are still popular among traders today.

Trade spot gold and silver in these major currencies:

  • XAUUSD (Gold/US Dollar)
  • XAUEUR (Gold/Euro)
  • XAUGBP (Gold/British Pound)
  • XAGUSD (Silver/US Dollar)
  • XAGEUR (Silver/Euro)

Invest in Gold with FXTM

5. Stock CFDs

Discover new revenue opportunities with stocks of the world’s leading companies.

By trading only using stock price fluctuations in stocks such as Apple and Volkswagen, you can gain access to stocks of popular companies without having to buy directly.

Trade stock CFDs on FXTM to take full advantage of market volatility for anyone with any investment goal.

By trading stock CFDs, you can profit by taking advantage of the fluctuations (up and down) in the stock prices of major well-known companies listed on the US and European stock exchanges.

Invest in Stocks with FXTM

6. Cryptocurrency

Trade financial products that will revolutionize your trading with a leading broker.

Cryptocurrency has brought a disruptive sensation to financial markets. These digital currencies offer more profit opportunities for traditional traders and are emerging as an investment alternative.

Trade Cryptocurrency CFDs (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple) with US Dollars on FXTM today.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that replaces traditional fiat currency, allowing for fast, decentralized and anonymous payments worldwide.

Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile commodity and is characterized by rapid price fluctuations. As adoption of cryptocurrencies increases, prices rise and fall on news related to government regulations and security issues.

The biggest advantage of trading cryptocurrency CFDs (contracts for difference) is that you can make money both when the price goes up and when the price goes down. It is especially important to check your risk-reward ratio (RRR) because the potential for loss is also high.

FXTM is offering CFD trading services for 4 popular coins.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple

Invest in Cryptocurrencies with FXTM

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