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An European online Forex and CFD brokerage firm, LMFX takes measures to secure client’s funds in a safe place.

The broker is not yet licensed by any regulatory authorities as Forex isn’t regulated in the country.

Is it safe to trade with LMFX and how traders’ funds are protected with LMFX?

Who is LMFX?

LMFX is an online Forex & CFD brokerage firm based in Macedonia.

The broker is founded in 2015, and currently not licensed by any regulatory authorities yet.

Forex is not part of the regulations in Macedonia. LMFX is looking to acquire a license soon.

Although the broker is very new and unlicensed, their services such as “platforms” and “internal infrastructures” are organized very professionally.

Along with very competitive trading conditions, LMFX is gaining popularity this year.

That is why we, Hercules Finance are happy to promote LMFX.

No withdrawal issues or any other major troubles are reported yet.

LMFX Official Website

LMFX’s Trading Conditions

LMFX offers over 100 financial instruments including Forex, Commodity, Metal, Equity Index, Energy and also Stocks, through MetaTrader4 trading platform.

The maximum leverage is 1:1000, and NBP(Negative Balance Protection) is supported, thus your loss is limited the total deposit amount.

LMFX’s minimum average spread is 0.0 pip with only $8 per 1 lot extra commissions. (You can see the real spread of LMFX from here.)

0.0 pip spread isn’t rare but it is the average spread for some major Forex pairs on LMFX MT4.

LMFX strives to offer STP(Straight Through Processing) trading condition, thus all kinds of trading activities are allowed on the MT4.

“Lowest Trading Cost” with “Fair STP Execution” is one great advantage of LMFX.

LMFX offers variety of Bonus Promotions, make sure to check them out before start trading!

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Comparison of LMFX’s Trading Account Types

LMFX offer its traders with 3 different trading account types for MT4 (MetaTrader4) trading platforms.

The trading conditions are different, and each account has different advantage for investors.

Please refer to the below table for the comparison of LMFX’s trading account types.

Account Types Premium Fixed Zero
Minimum Spread 1.0 pip 1.8 pips 0.0 pips
Trading Commission None None $4 per lot
Maximum Leverage 1:1000 1:400 1:250
Minimum Deposit $50 $250 $100
Minimum Re-deposit $25 $50 $50
Minimum Order Size 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots
Maximum Order Size 60 lots 75 lots 100 lots
Maximum Number of Simultaneous Orders 100 lots 150 lots 200 positions
Account Base Currencies USD and EUR USD and EUR USD and EUR
Margin Call % 50% 30% 30%
Stop Out % 20% 15% 15%

Each account has different merit for traders.

All account types are provided on LMFX MT4 trading platforms.

With LMFX, you can also open multiple trading accounts to tryout all account types at the same time, as long as you are meeting the minimum required deposit amounts.

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1. LMFX MT4 Premium Account

LMFX’s Premium account type is suited for all types of traders who haven’t decided which account to use with LMFX.

LMFX’s Premium account type offers traders with low flexible (variable) spread and no trading commission.

The minimum spread starts from 1.0 pips for major Forex currency pairs.

LMFX’s Premium account type is the only account type which has 1:1000 high leverage.

LMFX also supports NBP (Negative Balance Protection), thus you can efficiently manage your account.

LMFX’s Premium account type is recommended for both novice and professional traders.

Open LMFX Premium Account

2. LMFX MT4 Fix Account

LMFX’s Fix account offers fixed spread for all financial instruments.

LMFX’s Fix account is the only account with the fixed spread, and the minimum spreads are very low.

The minimum spread for major Forex currency pairs is only 1.8 pips.

LMFX’s Fix account provides the lowest level Fixed spread in the industry.

LMFX’s Fix account is suited for both scalping traders and EAs (Expert Advisers) users.

The fixed spread makes it easy to calculate and plan the trading strategy and the condition also keep the trading cost low and fixed at anytime.

Open LMFX Fix Account

3. LMFX MT4 Zero Account

LMFX’s Zero account type offers 0.0 pips raw spread for traders.

LMFX’s Zero account is suited for traders who wants to trade with the lowest spread possible.

LMFX does not mark up the spread for the Zero account type, but charges $8 per round turn lot commission for trading.

The leverage is up to 1:250, and NBP is supported.

LMFX achieves to offer 0.0 pips spread by integrating multiple price feeds from liquidity providers.

Open LMFX Zero Account

4. LMFX Demo MT4 Account

Are you not ready to invest your own money?

Then you can start with LMFX’s demo trading account.

The demo account is credited with virtual money, and offers the real trading conditions of LMFX.

The only difference is that the demo account involves no risks to your own funds.

Note that there is no slippage in demo trading account as it does not consider the real market liquidity, but only the price feeds.

Are you new to Forex or want to see the trading conditions of LMFX without risking your own funds?

Open LMFX’s demo trading account from below.

Open LMFX Demo Account

Available Financial Markets on LMFX MT4

LMFX is an online Forex and CFD broker, and provides various financial markets for trading online.

By opening an account with LMFX, you can access to all markets at once and trade simultaneously.

On LMFX MT4, you get real time feeds from all financial markets and you can place orders instantly at the best price in the market 24 hours a day and 5 days week.

LMFX is a NDD (Non Dealing Desk) broker with STP (Straight Through Processing) execution on MT4, thus all orders are sent to the market within milliseconds without any interference.

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1. Forex currency pairs

On LMFX MT4, you can trade about 50 Forex currency pairs.

The list of Forex currency pairs include the popular pairs such as USD, EUR and JPY, and also minor and exotic currencies such as TRY, ZAR, SEK, RON and RUB.

Through 3 trading account types, LMFX offers 3 different spread types which are Raw Spread with commission, flexible spread with no commission and fixed spread with no commission.

Forex currency pairs are the most popular financial markets among traders online, and with LMFX, you can invest efficiently and conveniently through the advanced trading platform MT4.

See LMFX’s actual 0.0 pips raw spread in the page here.

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2. Stock Indices

On LMFX MT4, you can trade stock indices from all over the world.

The available stock indices on LMFX MT4 are:

  • AUS200
  • FRA40
  • GER30
  • SPA35
  • UK100
  • USA100
  • USA30
  • USA500
  • USDIndex

Stock indices can be a health measurement of world’s economy, while you can invest in them with low margin requirement.

For trading of stock indices, the leverage (margin requirement) is fixed for each symbol.

Note that for stock indices, triple Swaps is applied on Friday. Swaps may be adjusted daily based on market conditions and are applicable to all open positions.

Open LMFX Real or Demo Account

3. Agricultural Commodities

On LMFX MT4, you can also invest in agricultural commodities along with other financial markets.

The available markets are Coffee, Copper and Sugar.

Each agricultural commodity market has unique market trend, and are suited for investors who prefer following the trends of these markets.

Many agricultural commodity markets also shows stable long term price trend.

The leverage for the trading of agricultural commodities are fixed, despite the standard leverage setting for your accounts.

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4. Precious Metals and Oils

With LMFX, you can also invest in precious metals and energies CFD.

The available energy CFDs are NGAS (Natural Gas), UKOIL and USOIL.

The available precious metals are XAGEUR, XAGUSD, XAUEUR, XAUUSD, Palladium and Platinum.

Energies and Precious metals are very popular financial markets among other CFDs.

With LMFX, you can invest in these markets 24 hours a day and 5 days a week, without worrying any factors but only price movements.

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On LMFX MT4, you can also invest in stocks.

By offering the shares in a form of CFDs, LMFX eliminates all unnecessarily costs and let investors to utilize the high leverage.

LMFX has picked the major and popular stocks from NYSE, NASDAQ and LSE.

The available stocks from NYSE are Alcoa, ALIBABA, American Express, Bank Of America, Boeing Co, Chevron Corp, Coca Cola Inc., General Electric, Goldman Sachs, Hilton, IBM, MasterCard, McDonalds, Pfizer and Twitter.

The available stocks from NASDAQ are Amazon, APPLE, Cisco Systems, eBay, FaceBook Inc, Google, Illumina Inc, Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm Inc. and Teva Pharmaceutical.

The available stocks from LSE are Anglo American, Barclays, BP Plc, British Airways, HSBC Holdings, Lloyds TSB Group Plc., Rio Tinto Group, Royal Bank Of Scotland Group Plc., Tesco Plc and Vodafone.

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Fund Management with LMFX

Your online investment starts when you make a deposit.

To make the fund deposit and withdrawal processes smooth and easy, LMFX has adopted many methods.

LMFX only uses gateways provided by reputable payment service providers such as banks, Neteller, VISA and Mastercard.

All deposit and withdrawal of funds can be done in LMFX’s client portal.

LMFX charges none for fund management and processes majority of payments instantly for traders.

For the conditions of deposit and withdrawal for LMFX MT4, please refer to the tables below.

Conditions of LMFX’s Deposit and Withdrawal

Conditions of Fund Deposit for LMFX MT4

Find the table below for the details of fund deposit conditions for LMFX MT4.

Fund Deposit Method Minimum Amount Processing time Cost
Bank Transfer 250 USD 1 – 15 business days None
VISA 50 USD Up to 30 minutes None
Mastercard 50 USD Up to 30 minutes None
JCB 50 USD Up to 30 minutes None
Skrill 50 USD Instantly None
Neteller 50 USD Instantly None
Fasapay 50 USD Instantly None
Vload 50 USD Instantly None

To make a deposit to LMFX MT4 trading account, login to the client portal in LMFX Official Website.

If you haven’t opened an account with LMFX yet, go to the registration page.

Visit LMFX Official Website

Conditions of Fund Withdrawal from LMFX MT4

Refer to the table below for the list and conditions of fund withdrawal from LMFX MT4 trading accounts.

Fund Deposit Method Minimum Amount Processing time Cost
Bank Transfer 100 USD 1 – 15 business days None
VISA 10 USD 1 – 15 business days None
Mastercard 10 USD 1 – 15 business days None
JCB 10 USD 1 – 15 business days None
Skrill 10 USD 1 business day None
Neteller 10 USD 1 business day None
Fasapay 10 USD 1 business day None

To request for a fund withdrawal, login to LMFX’s client portal from LMFX Official Website.

LMFX does not limit the amount of profit you can withdraw.

If you have any questions about the fund management, contact LMFX’s multilingual support team.

Go to LMFX Official Website

LMFX keeping your funds secure at all times

Funding into your LMFX account could not be easier.

You access your Client area and choose the payment gateway/method of choice and fund your account.

LMFX only uses reputable payment gateway providers from around the globe.

These institutions range from Neteller, Skrill to more traditional banking institutions.

Segregated Bank Accounts

All your funds are sent to specific accounts designated as ‘Client Accounts’, which are held separate to those funds held by LMFX.

Segregated accounts are set-up in order to ensure that there is clear and complete separation of Client funds from those of LMFX

This means that in the unlikely event that LMFX is no longer able to offer its services to its Clients, Client funds will be returned to them as they have been correctly accounted for prior to any trading activities being terminated.

In the event that LMFX is forced into liquidation, all funds designated as Client funds and held in the Client Accounts will be returned to the Clients as per the funds held on their behalf by LMFX minus any costs associated with administration and distribution of these funds.

Open LMFX Trading Account

Bonus Promotions and Contests of LMFX

LMFX runs many bonus promotions and trading contests for its traders.

All campaigns all LMFX are available for all traders of the broker, regardless of the country jurisdiction or account balance.

Each LMFX’s promotion helps you to increase your profit rate.

Check out each promotion below and join to earn more with LMFX.

For the latest bonus promotions and contests of LMFX, visit the official website of LMFX.

List of LMFX’s All Bonus Promotions

1. 100% Deposit Bonus

LMFX’s 100% Deposit Bonus is the most popular promotion among investors.

With the promotion, you can double up your deposit amount in live trading accounts.

By meeting volume requirement of the promotion, you can also withdraw all bonus amount as your profit.

LMFX’s 100% Deposit Bonus gives you the opportunity yo literally double up your account balance.

With the promotion, you can get up to $5,000 as bonus.

For more information about LMFX’s 100% Deposit Bonus, please visit the page below.

LMFX 100% Deposit Bonus Details

2. 15% Recovery Bonus

LMFX’s 15% Recovery Bonus gives you the second chance to your Forex trading.

The bonus is credited when you make the re-deposit to an account which has experienced stop out (liquidation).

The bonus amount is the 15% of the previous total account balance.

LMFX’s 15% Recovery Bonus is available for both trading and withdrawal as you prefer.

With this 15% Recovery Bonus, LMFX supports traders to restart on Forex and CFD trading.

For more information about LMFX’s 15% Recovery Bonus, visit the page below.

LMFX 15% Recovery Bonus Details

3. Learn and Earn Contest

LMFX’s Learn and Earn Contest is a demo trading contest to win real cash prizes.

The demo trading contest runs every month, and LMFX gives away 1750 USD total cash prize to the winners.

The contest involves demo trading account with virtual money, thus you do not risk your own funds by participating in this contest.

The cash prizes on the other hand, are credited in live trading account.

The participation to LMFX’s Learn and Earn Contest is free.

Find more information about LMFX’s Learn and Earn Contest in the page below.

LMFX Demo Trading Contest Details

4. Crystal Ball Contest

LMFX’s Crystal Ball Contest is a price prediction contest.

The contest does not require you to make a deposit or trade, but you only need to guess the price of a financial market at the certain time.

LMFX has prepared 1750 USD total cash prize every month, which is provided to the participants with the closes guesses.

Every month, you only need to input the market price you expect.

Are you good at reading the market trends? Join LMFX’s Crystal Ball Contest to win the real cash prizes to your live trading account.

For more information about LMFX’s Crystal Ball Contest, visit the page below.

LMFX Crystal Ball Contest Details

5. $20 Phone Verification Bonus

$20 Phone Verification Bonus is available for all new traders of LMFX.

To get the bonus, you only need to verify your phone number with SMS.

You can verify your phone number and get the bonus in LMFX’s client portal, which you can login from LMFX Official Website.

$20 Phone Verification Bonus is available for trading purpose, and you can withdraw them by trading only 3 standard lots.

For more information about LMFX’s $20 Phone Verification Bonus, visit the page below.

LMFX $20 Phone Verification Bonus Details

You can find the list and conditions of LMFX’s all trading contest in the page here.

Why Invest with LMFX?

LMFX is a fast growing online Forex and CFD broker.

Their trading conditions show a lot of advantages to invest with LMFX online.

We have summarized the merits of trading Forex and CFDs with LMFX below.

LMFX is a NDD broker
LMFX is a Non Dealing Desk broker and does not interrupts investors’ orders or manipulate market prices against its investors.
LMFX MT4 uses STP execution
All orders made on LMFX MT4 are sent to the real market in milliseconds with Straight Through Processing Execution.
LMFX offers 3 trading account types
LMFX has 3 account types which are No commission account, fixed spread account and raw spread account. Choose the one suited for your strategy.
LMFX offers Fixed Spread on MT4
LMFX’s FIX account offers fixed spread from 1.8 pips. The spread stays fixed at all time and suited for traders with EAs (Expert Advisers).
LMFX offers Raw Spread from 0.0 pips spread
With LMFX’s raw spread, you can perform scalping at the optimal condition. The trading commission is also low as $4 per lot.
LMFX’s Leverage is up to 1:1000
LMFX provides its traders with the 1:1000 high leverage which you can utilize on LMFX’s Premium account.
Over 100 Financial Markets on LMFX MT4
Open one trading account and you can invest in over 100 financial markets on LMFX MT4, which includes Forex, Precious Metals, Oilsm Commodities, Stock Indices and Shares.
LMFX runs various bonus promotions
With LMFX, you can get deposit bonus to increase your profit rate. All bonuses are available for withdrawal as your profit after meeting certain conditions.
LMFX holds Contest every month
Join LMFX’s demo trading contest and price prediction contest to win real cash prizes. The contests involve no risks to your own fund.
LMFX MT4 has no restrictions
As a NDD broker with STP execution, LMFX has no restrictions on its MT4 in terms of trading strategies. LMFX allows any profitable trading orders.
LMFX has 24/5 multilingual customer support
For any inquiries, you can contact LMFX’s multilingual support team 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.
LMFX offers free VPS
For traders with EAs (Expert Advisers), LMFX offers free VPS (Virtual Private Server) for free.

For more information about LMFX’s trading conditions and the latest promotions, please visit LMFX Official Website.



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