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TitanFX, the ECN(Electronics Communication Network) broker in NZ is also a partnered broker with ZuluTrade, the “Social & Copy Trading Platform Provider”.

By using the service of ZuluTrade, you can do the following activities.

  1. Talk to other traders
  2. Copy other traders’ Profitable trades
  3. Let other traders copy your trades & earn extra income

Don’t just trade by yourself, but why not get some help from others?

Why “ZuluTrade” Copy Trading is Great?

ZuluTrade is one of the most successful “Social & Copy Trading Platform Provider”, and here is why.

ZuluTrade is Free

There is no extra charges to your account for using the service.

The service of ZuluTrade is absolutely Free, and no mark-up spread either.

ZuluTrade is Profitable

It is surprising to find many profitable traders registered with ZuluTrade.

There are investors who made fortune by using the service of ZuluTrade, and they didn’t even trade but just copied other traders’ trades.

ZuluTrade is Easy to use

Say goodbye to some complicated services.

Investment should be simple and understandable for everyone.

When you use the service of ZuluTrade, you do not need to know how to trade, or how to analyze the markets etc. You just need to know, “How to find the profitable traders”, and it is very easy with ZuluTrade.

ZuluTrade Official Website

How to start “Copy Trading” with TitanFX

Please follow the instructions below to use the service of ZuluTrade with TitanFX.

1. Sign up with ZuluTrade & Open an account with TitanFX

To use the service of ZuluTrade, you need to open the “TitanFX Trading Account” through ZuluTrade Official website.

Choose TitanFX in the process of account opening as below. Then, you will redirected to the “Account Opening Page” of TitanFX.

Point – You can choose to open an account with any other brokers from the list as you like.

2. Make a deposit to TitanFX

TitanFX requires only 200 USD as the minimum required deposit.

You can make a deposit to TitanFX MT4 account with variety of methods including bank wire transfer, credit/debit card and several online payment service etc.

*You don’t make a deposit to ZuluTrade, but TitanFX only.

3. Login to your ZuluTrade account

To find some profitable traders, you need to login to your ZuluTrade account through the Official Website.

4. Choose some traders to copy trades from

Find some profitable & professional traders in there, and start copying.

With ZuluTrade, you can talk to other users, copy trades and send signals to other traders.

5. Make fortunes together

Manage your trading account through ZuluTrade.

Now you just need to wait and see your account making profits automatically.

Point – No Withdrawal Conditions at all. You can withdraw your funds at anytime you want.

Visit ZuluTrade Official Website for more



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