sticpay banner STICPAY is a boundary-free E-wallet service that allows users to transfer money worldwide swiftly, easily, and at minimal cost. This service provides a practical and efficient solution to conventional international transfer limitations, making transactions smoother and quicker.

International Transactions Simplified

Consider an example where Steve from England wants to send money to Hiroshige in Japan. Before STICPAY, the only way to do so would be through an international bank transfer, which can be both costly and time-consuming, usually taking 2-3 days to process. With STICPAY, however, Steve can send money to Hiroshige within one minute, all thanks to the E-Money technology that STICPAY employs. Both Steve and Hiroshige would need to have STICPAY accounts, and the transaction becomes as simple as transferring money between two accounts. Go to STICPAY’s Official Website

How to Transfer Money with STICPAY?

Steve from England would need to follow two straightforward steps to send money to Hiroshige in Japan. Firstly, he would add money to his STICPAY account through either a credit card (Visa, Master), local bank wire, or cryptocurrencies. Then, he can instantly transfer the money to Hiroshige’s STICPAY account. Once Hiroshige receives the money, she can use it in a variety of ways, including withdrawing it to her local bank account in Japan, using the STIC Card, or transferring the money to STICPAY-enabled merchant or user accounts instantly online. Open STICPAY Account for free

Advantages of STICPAY Local

STICPAY has broken new ground with its local payout feature. This unique service allows users to transfer money to their local bank accounts, bypassing the usual lengthy processing times associated with international transfers. Currently, STICPAY’s local payout service is available in over eight countries, with plans to expand to many more. Explore STICPAY’s e-wallet service sticpay banner

STICPAY Merchants

STICPAY has partnered with a wide range of merchant accounts in diverse industries such as online shops, online games companies, and FX margin trading brokers. These partnerships allow STICPAY users to make instant online purchases and offer real-time statements for refunds. Merchants, too, can benefit from this arrangement as they can withdraw funds settled by customers via local or international bank wires. Go to STICPAY’s Official Website

Applying for a STICPAY Account

Applying for a STICPAY account is a quick and easy process that takes less than three minutes. Applicants must provide two forms of documentation — proof of legal identity and proof of address. These documents can be submitted through a simple smartphone photo upload via STICPAY’s mobile-friendly website. Open STICPAY Account for free

Who Should Use STICPAY?

STICPAY is a versatile platform suitable for various users. It is a great choice for online merchants with global customers as it facilitates quick and affordable international transactions. It’s also popular among individuals who make frequent overseas trips or have upcoming travels, given the low transfer fees. STICPAY is an excellent resource for those dealing in non-major currencies, too. It provides multi-currency settlement options for businesses serving customers worldwide and offers a cost-effective way for individuals to withdraw funds in local currency through ATM machines when traveling abroad. Moreover, STICPAY is ideal for instant international transfers, making it a handy tool for friends and family members living in different countries. Whether you are an individual looking to send money overseas or a global business aiming to streamline transactions, STICPAY provides a fast, affordable, and convenient solution for all your international transfer needs. Experience the future of global transactions with STICPAY. sticpay banner

* CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

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