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Why is ECN trading different at Yadix from other brokers?

Yadix invites you to join the amazing ECN promotion that allows you to reduce trading costs and benefit from outstanding order execution.

Yadix is also proud to announce that its capabilities have increased several times.

Once known only in small circles, the company is rapidly reached a new stage in its development.

Yadix is pleased to share this great success with you.

When there are so many companies at financial markets that provide brokerage services, is not difficult to make a choice in favor of a “not my company,” which may be the result of profound disappointment.

Yadix is a good choice, because our benefits speak for themselves.

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1. Low Cost Trading

Benefit from the spreads from 0.0 pips on three accounts with low commissions ($2.5, $3.5 and $5 per side/lot) to reduce costs and increase profit potential.

For example in Yadix’s VIP account: 1 lot EURUSD: (Spread 0.1 pip) + ($5 commission) = $6 FINAL COSTS

Yadix supports its investors to make profit from Forex trading, and this is one of many advantages that Yadix offers.

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2. Targeted liquidity for your strategy

Each ECN account uses different liquidity sets, matching trading styles with the appropriate liquidity to deliver enhanced ECN execution.

For example, Yadix’s Scalper account uses HFT friendly liquidity to support EA trading, the Pro account uses high tick frequency for lowest slippage and the VIP account has robust liquidity for institutional level trading.

Today Yadix has limitless possibilities of trading.

Yadix provides access to trading in different financial markets: foreign exchange, commodity and metals.

Yadix also has high performing automated trading program for investors.

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3. High leverage compared to other brokers

When comparing to other ECN brokers, Yadix offers higher leverage on each account to support your trading success and your risk appetite, so you can achieve better results.

The leverage is up to 1:500 which means you can increase your trading capital by 500 times on Yadix MT4.

While offering the high leverage, Yadix also supprots NBP (Negative Balance Protection), or also known as insurance fund, to protect traders from exceeded losses.

Yadix offers the most favorable trading conditions on Forex and CFD.

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4. Execution Technology and Speeds

Trade servers at Equinix LD4 are co-hosted and cross-connections to liquidity banks, ECNs and exchanges.

Traders benefit from reduced latency, faster execution speeds and more filling accuracy to increase your profit potential.

Technical and liquidity infrastructures provide maximal real market prices (ticks) to the MT4, reducing gaps in pricing which increasing order filling accuracy and reduces slippage.

Yadix’s liquidity and technology infrastructures combine so traders benefit from execution speeds as low as 6ms and high order filling accuracy, where 82% of all trades are filled at requested price or better.

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Start ECN Trading with an Investment Discount

Deposit this month and benefit from three months of trading on the best ECN account to suit you!

Scalper $/€ 100 instead of $/€500
Pro $/€ 500 instead of $/€ 5,000
VIP $/€ 2,500 instead of $/€ 20,000

Accelerate your execution speeds and reduce slippage even more with average ping speeds of 2ms.

Fund your account and claim your free VPS subscription worth $50 per month.

You can find out more about Yadix’s improved execution statistics in the article here.

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Yadix is a licensed and customer-oriented broker

Yadix is an universal broker with a financial license by the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles

This means that Yadix is subject to strict controls and audit, acting under strict directives conduct financial transactions undertaken in the jurisdiction based on Yadix’s many years of great experience in international financial markets, Yadix has done a lot of features, and Yadix knows what is expected of the broker by traders.

Yadix has also developed several attractive affiliate programs that allow you to get high profit from their cooperation, the main principles of which are: high commissions, flexible partnerships, support and counseling.

Yadix cares about its customers and the broker pays great attention to every problem, and the problem facing you.

The principle of Yadix is based on the fundamentals of business etiquette, speed of service and round the clock support.



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