Get-AZAForex's-official-cashback-rebate.-Up-to-30%-from-the-spread-you-pay. Get-AZAForex's-official-cashback-rebate.-Up-to-30%-from-the-spread-you-pay.

Promotion Details

Offer Cashback Rebate
Available to All traders of AZAforex
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

AZAForex Official Cashback Rebate

AZAForex is now offering a cashback rebate that will return 30% of the spread cost you pay when trading.

The cashback rebate you get in your account can be used for trading and fund withdrawals with no limit.

Once you apply for the cashback promotion, you will continue receiving the rebate from AZAForex automatically.

Open AZAforex’s Cashback Account

How to get AZAForex’s Cashback Rebate?

All live account holders can get AZAForex’s cashback rebate by following the steps below:

  1. Open AZAforex’s Account;
  2. Send a request to participate in the promotion from the client portal;
  3. Deposit at least 100 USD to your account;
  4. Start trading;
  5. Receive the cashback rebate to your account at the end of the month.

You can withdraw Rebate immediately after it is credited.

You can withdraw funds without any restrictions, but if the difference between all deposits and withdrawals is less than 100 USD, then the Rebate will not be credited.

It is enough to make a request once for your account to receive a rebate.

Go to AZAforex’s Official Website

Terms and Conditions of the promotion

You can get rebates to other accounts if they do not participate in promotions where it is not allowed.

Closed orders on a trading account with Rebate cannot participate in the calculation of Affiliate commissions.

You can choose Rebate from Spread or 1M.

After the first accruals, the type of Rebate on this trading account will not be changed.

If the trade volume is less than 100,000 USD (or 1 standard Lot), then the Rebate for this calendar month will not be credited.

The total amount of Rebate cannot be more than 30% of the difference between total deposits and withdrawals from all trading accounts of one client.

The difference between all deposits and withdrawals on this account must be more than 100 USD for Rebate to be credited.

Rebates will be credited only to closed orders longer than 5 minutes from the moment of opening to closing the order, and the profit or loss is equal to or greater than the spread for this trading instrument.

Hedging for Rebate between trading accounts is prohibited.

In the event of fraud or manipulation of orders, the company has the right to withdraw the Rebate from all or several of the client’s accounts, deducting the company’s losses in connection with this.



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