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Exness Loyalty Program: Save 50% on Costs

The financial trading world is witnessing an innovative leap forward with the introduction of the Exness Loyalty Program, designed to significantly reduce your trading costs and enhance your trading experience.

This pioneering program introduces Exness Dollars (EXD), a groundbreaking feature that allows traders to save up to 50% on spreads and commissions, marking a new epoch in cost-effective trading.

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Exclusive Invitation to the Pilot Program

Exness announced a limited, exclusive launch of the loyalty program, tailored specifically for a select group of customers.

This initiative is set to run until the end of the year, providing an exceptional opportunity for you to engage in a more rewarding trading journey.

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Earn While You Trade

The core of the Exness Loyalty Program lies in its simplicity and reward system.

For every trade you execute, 10% of the spread and commission you incur will be credited back to you as Exness Dollars (EXD), where 1 EXD equals 1 USD.

This mechanism not only fosters a more lucrative trading environment but also empowers you to directly control your trading expenses.

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Utilization of EXD: Streamlining Trading Costs

From the 7th of each month, you have the privilege to convert the EXD earned in the preceding month.

Through a straightforward process within your Rewards Wallet, you can transfer your EXD to any trading account of choice, thereby covering 50% of your future trading costs in spreads and fees until your EXD balance is exhausted.

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How to start earning EXD

Starting today, you can lower your trading costs by half, with no additional effort required on your part.

Your Reward Wallet, accessible under the Settings tab of your Personal Area or the latest version of the Exness Trader app, is your gateway to managing your EXD.

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Guaranteed Rewards: Trade with Confidence

With the Exness Loyalty Program, rewards are a certainty.

Every trade brings with it guaranteed EXD, free from any hidden penalties, commissions, or cuts.

This program ensures that the rewards you earn are entirely yours to keep and utilize towards mitigating your trading costs.

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Comprehensive Guide to Earning and Using EXD

  1. Trade on Any Platform: Every trade contributes to your EXD rewards.
  2. Accumulate Exness Dollars: Your trades increase your EXD balance in your Reward Wallet, which becomes available at the end of each month.
  3. Apply EXD Towards Trading Costs: Allocate your EXD to any trading account to cover 50% of future trading costs.
  4. Enhance Your Trading Efficiency: Enjoy reduced costs on new orders through the strategic use of EXD.

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Start Your Journey with the Exness Loyalty Program

Use this opportunity to redefine your trading strategy, making it more cost-effective and rewarding.

With no targets or minimum requirements, every trade you make enriches your potential for savings and profitability.

The Exness Loyalty Program isn’t just about trading; it’s about trading smarter, with guaranteed rewards that put you ahead.

Don’t let this exclusive opportunity pass by.

Begin your journey with the Exness Loyalty Program today, and experience a new level of trading where efficiency and savings go hand in hand.



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