SuperForex-×-FXPrimeCashback.-Earn-0.4-pips-per-lot-extra-profit-unlimitedly. SuperForex-×-FXPrimeCashback.-Earn-0.4-pips-per-lot-extra-profit-unlimitedly.

Promotion Details

Offer 0.4 pips Cash Back
Available to All Traders of SuperForex
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

SuperForex × FXPrimeCashback = 0.4 pips Cashback

FXPrimeCashback has officially partnered up with SuperForex, and now offering 0.4 pips Cashback Rebate for traders worldwide.

FXPrimeCashback’s 0.4 pips Cashback Rebate is available for SuperForex’s Standard account.

  • Cashback is automated and credited on every weekend.
  • Cashback amount is unlimited.
  • Cashback program period is unlimited.
  • FXPrimeCashback’s Cashback program is compatible with every bonus of SuperForex.
Note that FXPrimeCashback’s Cashback Rebate cannot be received on the account with No Deposit Bonus.

There is practically no reason to miss this opportunity.

Are you interested in trading with SuperForex? Then make sure that you are also receiving FXPrimeCashback’s 0.4 pips unlimited Cashback Rebate.

Receive 0.4 pips Cashback Rebate

How to get 0.4 pips Cashback Rebate?

To receive 0.4 pips Cashback rebate on SuperForex’s Standard account, you need to open the account through FXPrimeCashback.

After opening a Standard account, send a request to FXPrimeCashback to join the Cashback program.

Follow the simple steps to make sure that you receive a 0.4 pips unlimited Cashback Rebate on SuperForex’s account.

  1. Go to FXPrimeCashback’s “SuperForex 0.4 pips Cashback Rebate” page;
  2. Open SuperForex’s Standard live trading account from the page;
  3. Send a request form to FXPrimeCashback;
  4. Receive a confirmation;
  5. All done. Start trading and enjoy the 0.4 pips unlimited Cashback Rebate.

As long as you have opened SuperForex’s Standard account through FXPrimeCashback’s website and sent a request form, you will automatically start receiving the Cashback Rebate to your trading account every weekend.

The amount of Cashback Rebate is calculated automatically and credited to your account with no limit.

Open SuperForex’s Cashback Account

Why you should join FXPrimeCashback?

FXPrimeCashback is the solution for traders who are interested in trading with SuperForex?

Why? There are many reasons for you to accept the Cashback Rebate offer from FXPrimeCashback.

Cashback Amount
Unlimited. Receive more by simply trading more.
Automated Credit
No more forms or requests. Receive Cashback Rebates automatically.
No Cost
You won’t pay extra but you will just earn more by joining the program.
More Promotions
Feel free to join SuperForex’s gorgeous promotions at the same time.
Unrestricted Withdrawal
Withdraw the amount of Cashback Rebate at anytime you want. There is no restriction.

FXPrimeCashback will simply bring you more benefits to you with the highest rate of Cashback Rebate.

Join FXPrimeCashback and earn more on SuperForex.



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