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It’s not really as simple as trading CFD for dummies. Rather it’s about trading CFD for dummies who want to explore the markets deeper. These new traders want to match and even outperform the best traders out there. And there is no reason not to be ambitious, because trading is about achievement.

Traders need to be careful and choose how they will gain their first education. As there are many misleading information sources online, as well as courses that may be at least in part wrong. Ideally, one wants to learn from a trader who has used CFDs themselves, in actual financial trading. Especially someone who has used CFDs for the purpose of hedging some stock trade. Or speculating on the price trend of some commodity. These trades or investments, are very interesting, and CFDs come in handy, as a way to enhance them and make them much better. CFD trading systems may be about strict directional trading, or about both directional trading and hedging.

The benefits of CFDs are found in every trade. Other CFD trading systems are used in recent years by stock option traders. Because on the average stock option trade the stock has to make a huge move just for the option trade to break even. And as a result, many stock option traders could not really profit from small and average stock price movements. At least not in an affordable way.

So retail stock option traders, the world’s most sophisticated traders, started employing CFDs on the directional parts of their trades. As a result, they are now able to profit from stock price movements 100%, no matter how small these are. So anybody may use CFDs for the first time, there is nothing to be shy or hesitant about.

CFDs are not only very liquid at all times, resutling in best possible closing price.
CFDs are not only very liquid at all times, resutling in best possible closing price. They are also ultra-linear in their pricing, allowing you to profit right from the beginning of the market’s price movement. Even wise stock option traders now use CFDs in the directional part of their trades, because it makes a huge difference to their bottom line. Most of the time a stock only moves by a small percentage, CFDs capture all the movement, to the last cent.

Trading CFD for Dummies where Traders Learn from Scratch

Trading CFD for dummies typically involves teaching all the basics of CFD trading. But traders still may have to learn more about the liquidity benefits of CFDs, which are unique to CFDs! New traders can sue a demo account, or a small live CFD account to see the real thing in action. Things can get very interesting and exciting when one trades a strategy which combines classic and new ideas. Such as trading gold and AUSUSD, or crude oil and USDCAD at the same time.

Because traders get to see and explore how one market impacts another, and how forex relates to commodities and commodity stocks. You can be a specialist. But it makes no sense to define yourself as a forex or commodity trader. The focus has to be on the single underlying market, for example crude oil. This market spans over all 3 major markets, stocks, commodities and forex. When new traders familiarize themselves with their CFD trading software, a comfort zone is established. And using CFDs becomes second nature, for many different kinds of trades.

There is Nothing Like the First Profitable Month!

A profit is always nice, but single profitable trades may not mean much. As they are usually followed by a streak of losing trades. But when new traders achieve their first profitable month, making for example $1,000 in profits. Their confidence is boosted and CFD trading is taken more seriously. They know that the idea of trading online made easy is not really true, they know that no profits will come to them without effort. But getting some perspective, and respecting even small monthly success. Helps them think like dedicated professionals even in this early stage.



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