There are foreign exchange brokers and online companies that exclusively provide a variety of different types of trading promotions. In addition to foreign exchange bonuses and competitions, there are also unnamed promotions launched by major foreign exchange brokers. To familiarize yourself with these activities, let us understand them through some examples.

Refer a friend discount

The most popular type of foreign exchange offers is the “refer a friend” offer. In this type of offer, the trader will try to attract his friends as new clients of the foreign exchange broker. If the trader does recommend a friend for the broker’s website, then when his friend starts trading through the same brokerage company, the trader will be eligible for the reward.

Most companies’ “recommend friends” are also launched in the form of partner programs. But this kind of discount is usually different from partner programs like intermediary brokers. For example, intermediary brokers usually get income from the transactions of the customers they attract, while referral discounts are rewards of a specific amount from each customer they attract.

Promotional transactions can indeed bring great benefits to traders and service providers.

List of Forex Bonus Promotions

Forex Giveaway – Presents and Gifts

Another type of general discount is the so-called foreign exchange gift. This type of discount gives traders the opportunity to win different prizes or trading privileges. Traders usually have to trade a certain volume of transactions to get prizes. Participating in gift activities, traders can obtain a variety of different privileges: win certain technical equipment, get a free education course, get discounts on specific trading days, get certain cash rewards, enjoy discounts on special days such as Easter, Commission-free deposits and more.

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Cashback Rebate

Rebate Some foreign exchange brokers also provide a rebate program as a trading promotion. This plan allows traders to get back some of the spread when trading (this usually means trading a certain volume of transactions). The rebate program is very attractive to traders because there is no need to perform any other operations besides trading. To get the rebate, the trader only needs to continue to do his favorite job.

There are many foreign exchange promotion activities, and every online broker is busy providing its clients with the latest and most attractive activities because, in this way, trading websites can also benefit, such as higher rankings and more exposure rates. These promotions are just a medium to promote foreign exchange traders and provide them with different offers. Promotional transactions can indeed bring great benefits to traders and service providers. But one thing must be kept in mind, there are some types of promotions that do not require traders to meet any conditions, such as opening a free foreign exchange account, because it is free in the first place.

Traders have the opportunity to get one of the preferential trading activities from brokers by participating in some trading promotions.

List of Cashback Rebate Promotions

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