Which-Deriv's-trading-platform-is-the-best-Dtrader,-DBot-or-DMT5 Which-Deriv's-trading-platform-is-the-best-Dtrader,-DBot-or-DMT5

Platforms available on Deriv.

Dtrader, DBot and DMT5 cutting-edge technologies at the service of Deriv traders.

Trading platforms available on Deriv

The Deriv broker, which for over 20 years has been committed to providing innovative services to meet the needs of all traders, offers a list of trading platforms that are constantly updated to offer an increasingly competitive and reliable environment.

The platforms available for Deriv trading are Dtrader, DBot and DMT5, and having different characteristics for tradable assets, types of charts and indicators available and more, each trader can choose which of them is most suitable for their own. trading style.

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DTrader is a platform that does not require any download, extremely powerful that has advanced technologies but at the same time is easy to use even for those who are less experienced, the tools available for trading include more than 50 tradable assets (on Forex, indices, commodities and synthetic indices), a minimum bet of $ 0.35 and a potential payout of over 200, running the duration option turns out to be very flexible and can range from 1 second up to 365 days.

The available charts have a higher level capability with excellent technical indicators and also each trader will have the possibility to customize them according to their own style.

To be able to trade with the DTrader platform offered by Deriv just follow the next simple steps.

  1. Select an asset from over 50 available.
  2. Monitor the chart and technical indicators and be able to customize each feature according to your style.
  3. Place a trade.

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The platform does not require any type of coding and elaborates strategies using a web-based automated trading system that allows trading in digital options, each trader will have the right to program bots for trading according to their individual preferences, being able to also use tutorials, guides and the essential information to create your own bot.

DBot has an automated bot capable of performing operations for traders and is basically a platform through which it is possible to process your trading bot for free thanks to the use of drag-and-drop or blocks that can be selected from the reference menu.

It has 3 predefined strategies, Martingale, D’Alembert, Oscar’s Grind or Cutler’s RSI system, the Bollinger bands and the SMA Crossover, also customizable, uses over 50 resources to launch the bot, excellent analytical tools, cutting-edge and intelligent logic such as take-profit and stop-loss to ensure maximum profits and limit losses.

DBot turns out to be very easy to use and extremely convenient, it uses a tracker that warns traders about the functioning of the bot for each trade executed, notifications will be sent via Telegram and with Google Drive, you can save with comfort and in complete safety the own strategies.

It will be possible to build a bot on Deriv’s DBot platform following the next very simple steps.

  1. Select an asset from over 50 available for trading.
  2. Set the conditions of purchase.
  3. Set the reboot conditions.
  4. Activate the bot.
  5. Check your profit.

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Deriv MT5 (DMT5) is a multi-asset online platform created to allow traders both experienced and new to the world of trading to access a wide range of financial markets including Forex, stocks, equity indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies and synthetic indices, being able to trade on over 100 assets with a maximum leverage of 1:1000.

One of the platforms most used by traders around the world, the maximum lot is 30 and has both highly professional and advanced charts and extremely effective technical indicators that offer any type of trader a unique trading experience.

The main features of the MT5 platform offered by Deriv are listed below.

Quick and easy registration for the demo account.
Any trader who wants to try the platform’s qualities without risking capital can gain experience through a demo account of Deriv using unlimited virtual funds.
A wide range of assets on one platform.
being able to choose to trade on Forex, synthetic indices, stocks, stock indices and cryptocurrencies.
Trading 24/7.
Trade anytime you want on synthetic synthetic indices.
Authorized and regulated.
Deriv is a company regulated and authorized by several authorities that has been offering services for over 20 years.

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How to open a Deriv account

In order to access the fantastic services offered by Deriv for trading it will be necessary to go to Deriv’s Official Website and open a demo or real account Deriv MT5.

In order to start trading with Deriv it will be sufficient to follow the next simple steps.

  1. Open Deriv’s Real Account.
  2. Create a real CFD account based on your trading characteristics.
  3. Transfer funds to your account using the payment method that best suits your needs.
  4. Start trrading.

For those who need a trial period before entering the world of trading, it will be possible by following the next steps to start a zero-risk demo experience.

  1. Open Deriv’s Demo Account and select the most suitable trade for your needs.
  2. Start practicing in the trading world.

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Control instruments on Deriv MT5 trades

By investing in CFDs on Deriv MT5 (DMT5) each trader will be able to take advantage of low spreads to increase profits during favorable market trends and thanks to the use of calculators and the numerous analytical tools available it will be possible to improve the management of funds and trading positions.

Margin Calculator
Tool that allows you to calculate the margin needed to open and keep positions open.
Swap Calculator
Calculate the swap fees and this will make it easy to understand how much you will have to pay and how much you will earn by keeping a contract active during the night hours.
Swap-free trade
rading with no interest charged and zero swap tax on all open positions overnight for Forex, stocks, stock indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies and synthetic indices.


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