AximTrade-Copy-Trade-for-both-money-managers-and-investors.-Instant-investment-solution. AximTrade-Copy-Trade-for-both-money-managers-and-investors.-Instant-investment-solution.

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Copy trade system of AximTrade

Trade like a professional trader with AximTrade’s copy trade.

What if you are a beginner and don’t have time to research the market?

If so, copy trading is for you!

Use the expertise of professional traders to copy their transactions with your appropriate funds.

Followers choose money managers and decide the amount of investment. After connection, the money manager’s transactions will be automatically copied to the followers’ accounts in real time according to the investment amount.

There is no limit to the number of strategies a money manager can have.

  • Minimize risks by copying trades of professional traders.
  • Choose your preferred money manager and investment amount.
  • Real-time update of trading performance.
  • Applicable to all account types – Standard, ECN and Cent.
  • The minimum number of trading lots is proportional to the account balance, starting from 0.00001 lots.
  • Partners have the opportunity to earn performance fees.

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How to start using AximTrade’s Copy Trade service?

1. Open an account
Open an account and deposit into one of your trading accounts used as a source of funds to start copying transactions.
2. Choose money manager
According to their risk, profitability and experience level, choose from a list of filterable money managers.
3. Subscriptions and transactions
Subscribe to the strategy of your preferred money manager, choose your investment source and amount. Continue to connect to the selected money manager and copy the transaction.

With an unlimited number of money managers to copy, you can create a balanced and diversified trading portfolio that suits you.

From the moment the money manager executes his/her transaction, the transaction is usually executed almost immediately.

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Is there any risk in copy trading?

In trading, before investing, you must understand and fully understand all possible risks. There is no guarantee that the future success of money managers will be based on their past performance.

However, there are risk management features that can help you make an informed decision when choosing a money manager, which may help maximize profits and minimize potential losses.

You can disconnect from any money manager and stop copying transactions at any time. Once disconnected, any funds invested and/or profits earned through the money manager will be returned to your connected trading account.

Please note that before disconnecting from the money manager, all transactions must be closed.

Try AximTrade’s Forex Copy Trade

Fees of AximTrade Copy Trade

AximTrade will not charge you any fees/commissions. You only need to pay the designated performance fee that is paid directly to the money manager.

The minimum amount required to start copying a money manager depends on the money manager’s settings.

Depending on the spread, there may be execution delays due to possible higher or lower slippage. However, you will be able to view this slippage in your account history.

You will be able to withdraw funds from your strategy account. Before that, you need to disconnect all followers and close all open positions.



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