What is IC Markets? How does Forex trading Works?

As a concept, it is exactly the same concept as an exchange (such as the ASX or NYSE).

In FX there is no central exchange. Rather, contracts are traded Over the Counter (OTC).

That means that people trade directly with each other rather than going through a central point.

IC Markets brings all these OTC traders together and provides a matching service where market makers can offer their prices and compete against each other to show the best price.

This leads to the spread being as narrow as possible.

This is clearly demonstrated on IC Markets’ spread comparison tool.

There is a similar concept called DMA which is used in other markets which have central exchanges.

What is an ECN How does Forex ECN Works

You can see from the example above that combining prices from a selection of providers can lead to very narrow spreads.

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What is an FX Market Maker?

Market Makers derive their prices from other FX providers.

Because there is no central exchange, there is no transparency around what their source price is.

As an intermediary a Market Maker has the ability to alter prices in their favour, causing slippage which can be a significant cost of trading.

Market Makers do not hedge 100% of their CFD positions and have the potential to profit from client losses.

When trading through a Market Maker orders are at the discretion of a dealer.

CFD orders are not placed directly on the market but flow through a dealer, which may result in orders being filled at inferior prices, so trading is slower especially in fast moving markets.

Price re-quotes or order rejections make it very hard to get decent execution and the inability to trade in market auctions means less liquidity.

Experience the advanced condition with IC Markets

The flow chart below illustrates how all orders and price feeds flow directly through a dealer and that all decisions are at the dealer’s discretion.

what is forex market maker

How IC Markets’ market model benefits you?

IC Markets offers highly innovative technologies with direct access to the financial markets, this technology offer direct and transparent execution at real market available for all market participants.

The System is an electronic trading network, which allows automatic orders matching at the price which is satisfactory for both parties to the trade.

The main participants of the markets are banks, investment funds and brokers.

today traders’ requirement needs highly demanding and high speed access and trading at direct market levels, in order to fill this needs, IC Markets offers an advanced technology where the trades are carried at best bid and offer available from other banks, brokers and electronic system network liquidity providers.

IC Markets offers a neutral and unbiased trading environment with revolutionary fast order routing mechanism to get them filled your orders at the best available market price from IC Markets’ liqudity providers.

IC Markets’ system can process thousands of trades at the same time from a single connection.

This is especially important for larger institutions that are likely to encounter considerable spikes in trading activity.

Most bridge vendors in the market only provide a Manager API, which suffers from restrictions that prevent efficient trade execution and causes latency and load issues (processing trades sequentially).

Developed with a focus on speed of execution, scalability and functionality, IC Markets creates a new quality of trading environment, improving stability, speed execution, and interface intuitiveness, along with a individual and professional service and trading support.

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How to open IC Markets Forex account?

What’s IC Markets’ condition?

IC Markets adopts direct execution, which allows the broker to offer 0.0 pip spread with no mark-ups.

The leverage is flexible from 1:1 to 1:500.

As an advanced broker, IC Markets allowed any kinds of trading strategies including scalping, hedging, and automated EA trading (Expert Advisers).

This system allows price makers (liquidity providers) to send executable streaming prices (ESPs, also known as bids and offers) to the market, constructing a virtual order book in much the same fashion as a stock exchange would.

By using this technology, IC Markets is able to offer extremely deep liquidity which comes with many advantages for traders.

  • Less slippage amount
  • Fast execution
  • Tighter spread
  • No interruption or manipulation to orders or market prices

The above advantages are all offered by IC Markets, and these are the almost everything needed for a professional trader to maximize profit rates.

IC Markets strives to offer fair and honest trading environment for online traders.

Find out more about their service and other advantages today!

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Who is IC Markets?

IC Markets is an Australian Online FX and CFD Broker with over 10 years of experience.

The broker is licensed & regulated by ASIC, and has also prepared Indemnity Insurance by Lloyds of London for investors.

IC Markets’ main advantages are, Honesty and Transparency & Ultra fast order execution.

As an advanced Forex broker, its fairness is one thing that attracts investors.

IC Markets operates a traditional brokerage business model by providing retail, professional and institutional clients online and voice access to their Network with deep liquidity from global banks, brokers and other liquidity provides.

IC Markets provides custom tailored solutions to meet the demands of traders that seek fast and reliable trade execution along with a competence and personal service.

Personal approach to each of IC Markets’s clients have gone into making them a solid competitor in brokerage regarding servicing the needs of private and corporate clients.

IC Markets conducts the business with transparency, responsibility, fairness and discretion in order to safeguard the confidence and trust of all IC Markets clients.

IC Markets Online Registration

IC Markets’ Trading Conditions

With IC Markets, you can invest in more than 90 financial instruments including Forex, Indices, Futures, Stocks, Bond Futures,
Commodities and Cryptocurrency
on MT4, MT5 and cTrader trading platforms.

The available Cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash, which are offered with up to 1:2 leverage

IC Markets’ server is in NY4 and LD5 IBX Equinix Data Centres in New York and London.

Their EUR/USD spread is averaging 0.1 pips.

The maximum leverage is 1:500.

Please note that IC Markets does not support NBP(Negative Balance Protection) currently.

There is No Restrictions on Trading.

With IC Markets, you can trade from $200 of minimum deposit.

ZuluTrade’s Social & Copy Trading service is also available through IC Markets.

IC Markets does not accept traders residing in U.S. and of Ontario, Canada.

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Merits of trading Forex with IC Markets

There are many advantages to use the service of IC Markets.

The professional and licensed online Forex broker has many merits including the followings.

  1. Direct Trading Access
    IC Markets offers trading in the network with the world leading liquidity\ providers and global major banks who executes 70% of the worldwide volume.
  2. Fast Order Execution on MT4 and MT5
    IC Markets’ technology are able to execute around thousand orders per one second without any delay. IC Markets’ clients benefits from a revolutionary trading environment.
  3. IC Markets MT4 and MT5
    The IC Markets MT4 and MT5 are designed for trading with unbiased prices directly from the network. The Price-Aggregator sort all prices and fill your order at the best bid and ask price.
  4. Tight Spreads and Low Margin
    The high volume in the network allows to offer very tight spreads starts from 0.0 pips and low margin requirement with a leverage up to 1:500.
  5. Flexible Order management
    Limit orders can be placed at the market price without any restrictions on IC Markets MT4 and MT5 platforms.
  6. Personalized Customer Service
    IC Markets’ Customer Service is a competent and firendly team with a long experience in the financial markets. You can contact IC Markets with Telephone, E-Mail, Message or use the Live-Chat.

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Start Trading on IC Market’s MT4 and MT5 platforms

IC Markets never bet against its clients.

They take the best spreads they can source in the market and pass them onto its customers.

IC Markets believes that the number of awards they have been honoured with pay testament to their ongoing philosophy of giving the best possible service to the traders.

Offering competitive spreads, fully transparent charging and industry leading customer service, has lead to independant research showing that IC Markets has the most satisfied traders in the industry.

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Merits of using IC Markets MT4 and MT5

Through IC Markets, you are connected to the real market, trading amongst the largest banks in the world with their top tier access and liquidity sending your orders straight through with no dealer intervention.

Access these great spreads through 2 of the popular and well known trading platforms.

IC Markets’ technology allows you to trade STP (Straight Through Process) among the largest banks.

You are welcome to test drive each platform, to find out which one suits your needs.

  • Easy to use and straight forward for the novice traders.
  • Advanced Execution and transparent trading.
  • Sophisticated charting system.
  • Easy to use.
  • The Fastest execution.
  • Tight variable spreads on all currencies.
  • Trade directly from chart.
  • Immediate execution, No Auto dealers.
  • Scalpers are welcome.
  • Expert advisors are welcome.
  • No Re-quotes.
  • No Dealing Desk Execution – real, fair trading with no intervention.
  • Trade directly with the real market on IC Markets FX based account.
  • All Trader types are acceptable, including scalpers.
  • Start trading from Micro lot (1000 lot size).

IC Markets MT4 and MT5 are the most popular trading platform, renowned Expert Advisor and Best Charting System.

IC Markets is privileged to offer its clients access to the world’s leading banks via the widely used and well known MT4 and MT5.

IC Markets’ MT4 and MT5 are sure to show you new speeds in trade execution.

Open IC Markets MT4 and MT5 Account

iPhone and Android Mobile Trading with IC Markets MT4 and MT5

Cut the ball and chain loose.

Sitting by the computer monitoring your trades is now ancient history.

Because the moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived.

IC Markets is proud to offer its clients mobile trading from your iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphones.

Access your IC Markets MT4 and MT5 LIVE trading account from anywhere, anytime.

With IC Markets’ Mobile trading applications you will have all of the currency pairs and their streaming quotes at your fingertips.

Never miss the trading action, and never be a slave to your trades, because with mobile trading, you can trade from anywhere with your smartphone.

Download IC Markets Mobile Apps

IC Markets combined with ZuluTrade

ZuluTrade is a provider of a platform for automated trading systems.

Users have the option of “subscribing” to specific recommendations from selected Forex signals providers.

The selected signal providers’ trades can be placed automatically in your personal IC Markets’ trading account.

ZuluTrade offers hundreds of potential traders to choose from and gives detailed performance statistics on their trading history.

These statistics help you find the best trader for you and your preferred Forex trading strategy.

You can even select and combine a number of different traders for risk diversification.

Lot sizes and other key data can of course be specified exactly for each provider.

Find out more about ZuluTrade and IC Markets’ automated Forex trading system from here.

What is ZuluTrade?

IC Markets meets your tailored needs

IC Markets tailors their foreign exchange services to meet the demands of banks, brokers and hedge funds that seek fast and reliable trade execution and personal service.

Clients can feel confident that IC Markets can deliver on all expectations.

Institutional clients select IC Markets because of the depth of IC Markets’ aggregated liquidity they offer from the providers and the competitive pricing.

A relationship with IC Markets means access to voice brokerage and popular trading technology as well as on demand research from the major news sources and top analysts.

IC Markets’s unique approach to relationships means that you will benefit from the dedication and innovation that have gone into making them a solid competitor regarding servicing the needs of institutional clients.

When you become a client or partner with IC Markets, they will work with you to help grow your business by connecting you with tools that will make you more successful in this constantly changing environment.

We expressly advise institutional clients to consult with IC Markets to discuss your needs so they can find solutions that will help your business become more successful.

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Trade on IC Markets MT4 and MT5 with advanced technology

IC Markets’ deep Interbank liquidity and technology give you a excellent gateway to the financial markets.

Enjoy IC Markets’ tight Spreads and fast execution who allows parallel processing of thousand trades per second.

IC Markets has the utmost respect for the clients, and they work every day to ensure that they continually earn your respect.

IC Markets takes great pride in their solid track record of financial stability and integrity.

IC Markets believes in transparency not only for the markets but for IC Markets’ business.

IC Markets follows the most stringent regulatory standards of the global jurisdictions in which they operate, and establish the highest client service standards for the professional and support staff.

IC Markets offers a wide range of trading technologies, featuring the MT4 Trading Station for individual traders, multi account platforms for asset managers, mobile trading solutions for trading with I-Phone and other.

As technology continues to evolve and the markets grow ever more global, IC Markets is ideally positioned to capitalize on the opportunities presented by financial marketplace.

IC Markets has the experience and leadership to bring international and local opportunities together, allowing clients to participate in new and emerging markets with confidence.

IC Markets’s innovative, scalable technology ensures that they continue looking to the future to support their diverse client base with new services designed to meet your ever-changing needs.



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