Which-BDSwiss's-Account-Type-and-Platform-is-the-Best Which-BDSwiss's-Account-Type-and-Platform-is-the-Best

BDSwiss’s Account Types and Platforms

BDSwiss doesn’t provide only one platform and one universal trading condition for all traders.

With BDSwiss, you can choose from 4 trading accounts and 2 trading platforms.

These 2 trading platforms of BDSwiss also have varieties of trading platforms, and you can download them to your computer and mobile phones as you want.

When investing in the Forex and CFD markets with BDSwiss, you don’t have to choose only one platform and account type, but you can diversify your trading strategies by using multiple accounts and platforms at the same time.

All accounts you opened with BDSwiss can be managed under your profile.

So which BDSwiss’s trading account type and the platform are the best for Forex traders?

In this article, we will show you the comparison of BDSwiss’s account types and platforms, so you can find the most suited account type for your trading strategy.

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Comparison of BDSwiss’s Account Types

BDSwiss has mainly 4 trading accounts types that you can choose from.

The available account types are “Classic”, “VIP”, “Raw” and InvestPLUS”.

Depending on the account type you choose, the following conditions are different: the required minimum deposit, trading cost and available financial instruments.

As mentioned before, you can also open multiple trading accounts with BDSwiss to try out different trading conditions.

All trading accounts you opened with BDSwiss, can be managed under your client portal and you can also transfer funds between accounts instantly.

Please see the table below for the list of trading account types available with BDSwiss.

Account Types Classic VIP Raw InvestPLUS
Average Spread 1.5 pips 1.1 pips 0.3 pips N/A
Trading Commission (Forex) None None $5 per lot N/A
Trading Commission (Stock Indices) $2 per unit None $2 per unit N/A
Trading Commission (Shares) 0.15% per unit 0.15% per unit 0.15% per unit 0.1%
per unit
Required Minimum Deposit $100 $3,000 $5,000 $5,000
Maximum Leverage 1:500 1:500 1:500 1:5
Available Markets Shares, Indices, Forex, Commodities, Cryptos Shares, Indices, Forex, Commodities, Cryptos Shares, Indices, Forex, Commodities, Cryptos Shares, ETFs
Number of Instruments More than 250 More than 250 More than 250 More than 1000
Investment Type Forex and CFDs Forex and CFDs Forex and CFDs Direct Market Access
Instant Withdrawals Available Available Available Available
Trading Alerts Limited Access VIP Access VIP Access Limited Access
Autochartist Standard Tools Available Available Available Available
Autochartist Performance Stats Available with $500 Minimum Deposit Available Available Unavailable
Personal Account Manager Available with $1000 Minimum Deposit Available Available Available
Islamic Swap-Free Account Available Available Unavailable Unavailable
Dividends on Shares and ETFs None None None Paid

Traders who are new to the Forex market are recommended to open BDSwiss’s Classic account, as it requires a very low deposit amount and you can trade without any trading commissions charged.

Professional traders may choose from either VIP or RAW account type.

Both account types require a higher deposit amount but charge you a lesser trading cost and VIP access to a variety of trading tools.

If you want to trade Stocks and ETFs with direct market access, you can open BDSwiss’s InvestPLUS account type.

On BDSwiss’s InvestPLUS account, you can trade about 1,000 stocks and ETFs from global exchanges.

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Comparison of BDSwiss’s Trading Platforms

With BDSwiss, you can choose from 2 trading platforms which are MT4 (MetaTrader4) and MT5 (MetaTrader5).

Both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms are the most popular trading platforms in the Forex market.

You can choose to use either one of them or both of them as they suit your trading strategy.

Both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms are built and updated by the same company, MetaQuotes.

MT4 has been the all-time popular trading platform, and MT5 is the later developed platform with advanced trading features and tools.

MT4 and MT5 trading platforms do look the same but in terms of trading tools, indicators, order types, timeframes, server options and other aspects, MT5 is more advanced than MT4.

You can find out more about the difference between MT4 and MT5 trading platforms in the article below.

What’s the difference between MT4 and MT5?

BDSwiss MT4 (MetaTrader4) Windows and MAC

BDSwiss Forex MetaTrader 4 platform mobile

BDSwiss MT4 is an industry-leading trading platform that allows you to trade like the professionals in the Forex market.

BDSwiss MT4 has got all the basic and advanced tools and options including trading alerts and email notification.

MT4 combined with BDSwiss’s latest technology, you can benefit from the user-friendly interface for traders of all levels.

On BDSwiss MT4, you can trade Forex, Stocks, Stock Indices, Commodities, Precious Metals and also Cryptocurrency pairs.

As it has been the most popular choice among Forex traders, many traders may find it easy to analyse the markets by using tools and resources available for free on BDSwiss MT4.

As BDSwiss has no restrictions on the trading platforms, you can use BDSwiss MT4 to create, modify and apply EAs (Expert Advisers) freely through your desktop.

BDSwiss MT4 allows traders to create a trading environment tailored to their preferences and trading strategies.

You can download BDSwiss MT4 trading platform from BDSwiss Official Website for free.

What’s the merit to use BDSwiss MT4?

BDSwiss MT4 has been a popular choice among investors.

There are many advantages to use BDSwiss MT4 as your main trading platform as below.

An easy to use interface
BDSwiss MT4 has been updated regularly to create the most user-friendly interface for any type of traders. You can also see a full user guide for MT4 trading platform here.
Regularly updated news feeds directly on the platform
On BDSwiss MT4, you can receive news feeds directly so you can stay updated on important market events. For more details, you can also access to BDSwiss’s analysis tools from the BDSwiss Official Website.
Free preprogrammed analytical tools
Everything you would need as a professional trader is already built-in BDSwiss MT4. There are more than 50 customer indicators that you can apply on charts to analyze the market trends.
The ability to overlay analytical studies
On BDSwiss MT4, you can customize charts as you want. You can apply indicators, analytical objects or other any other tools freely because BDSwiss does not have any restrictions on the platform.
Multiple charting and analysis options
Do you want to monitor multiple markets at the same time? On BDSwiss MT4, you can open up multiple charts to monitor them all together, so you won’t miss out on possible trading opportunities.
Multi-language features
BDSwiss MT4 can be used in English and many other languages. By changing the setting on the platform, you can use BDSwiss MT4 in your language for your convenience.
Daily account statements
When trading on BDSwiss MT4, you will receive a daily account statement to your registered email address every day. You can also export reports directly on the BDSwiss MT4 platform too.
Real-time client account summary
BDSwiss MT4 is connected to the markets and BDSwiss’s client portal in real-time. Every activity you make on the platform and the client portal will be automatically reflected on all interfaces without delays.
Including account equity, floating profit and loss etc
On BDSwiss MT4, you can monitor the condition of your account updated in real-time. How much profit and loss you are making? How much equity and free margin do you have? You can monitor them all on the platform easily.
Being compatible with BDSwiss Web Trader and mobile apps
BDSwiss MT4 can be downloaded to your mobile phones as well. You can also access the web-trader that does not require you to install the software. With BDSwiss, you can manage your accounts on any device at any time and anywhere.

Are you interested in using BDSwiss MT4, the most popular trading platform in the Forex market?

Go to BDSwiss Official Website to find out more about BDSwiss MT4 or download it to your device for free.

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BDSwiss MT5 (Metatrader5) Windows and MAC

BDSwiss Forex MetaTrader 4 platform windows

BDSwiss MT5 may look like the MT4, but you can enjoy more features and tools on the MT5 trading platform.

BDSwiss MT5 is an advanced and the latest trading platform developed by MetaQuotes.

BDSwiss MT5 is pioneering all the features of MT4, with more precise cutting-edge analysis tools and flexibility for traders’ choices.

With BDSwiss MT5, traders are provided with more controls on the platform in terms of order types, chart types, server options etc.

The only demerit of BDSwiss MT5 would be that you cannot use EAs or custom indicators which you used to use on the MT4 trading platform.

As MT4 and MT5 are developed based on different programming languages, your EAs or custom indicators must be converted to the new language accordingly.

You can download both BDSwiss MT4 and MT5 trading platforms for free from the official website.

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What’s the merit to use BDSwiss MT5?

You have a choice to choose from BDSwiss MT4 and MT5, or you can use both of them to manage your funds differently.

You have already read through the advantages of using BDSwiss MT4.

There are also many advantages to use BDSwiss MT5 as your main trading platform as below.

Multi-Asset trading on +250 CFDs
On BDSwiss MT5, you can trade more than 250 financial markets all together without opening multiple trading accounts. The available financial markets include Forex, Commodities, Precious Metals, Stocks, Stock Indices and also Cryptocurrency.
Full access to your account and history
Directly on BDSwiss MT5, you can access the full account and trading history to review at any time. You can also export the data of a custom period to Excel.
Multi-language features
Just like the MT4, BDSwiss MT5 can also be used in different languages. You can use BDSwiss MT5 in your language without any problem.
Daily account statements
Any account and trading activities on BDSwiss MT5 will be summarized and sent to your email address as a daily account statement. Just so you won’t lose track of your account’s situation.
Internal mailing system
On BDSwiss MT5, you can set up an internal mailing system by using BDSwiss MT5’s server. You can also set up trading alerts so you can stay informed of certain market events.
Set Stop Loss and Take Profit levels
On BDSwiss MT5, you can set up 6 different pending orders including the classic stop loss and take profit orders. Without using any EAs, you can prepare for orders to be executed when a market price reaches a certain level.
Automated trading with Expert Advisors
BDSwiss does not have any restrictions on the trading platforms and it is the same for BDSwiss MT5 too. On BDSwiss MT5, you can run any types of EAs (Expert Advisors) as you want.
The ability to overlay analytical studies
There are more customer indicators and analytical objects on BDSwiss MT5 than MT4. You can freely apply these tools to price charts to analyze the markets more efficiently.
Ability to display 100 charts simultaneously
On BDSwiss MT5, you can even open up to 100 price charts to monitor all markets together. BDSwiss MT5 has gotten rid of many limitations that MT4 used to have.
Over 80 Technical Indicators and over 40 Analytical Objects
BDSwiss MT5 has more than 100 custom indicators and analytical tools available for free. There are many analytical tools that you cannot use on BDSwiss MT4.
Superior built-in MQL5 development environment
BDSwiss MT5 is developed by the MQL5 language, and it provides more possibility to programmers due to the MQL5 language’s characteristics. With the new language, you have more possibilities on EAs and indicators.

There are reasons that many traders choose BDSwiss MT5 as the main trading platform.

The above advantages are only a part of many advantages you can benefit from BDSwiss MT5.

Find out more about BDSwiss MT5 trading platform or download it for free to your computer or mobile phones for free today.

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BDSwiss Mobile App

BDSwiss Mobile App platform

BDSwiss’s trading accounts can also be accessed from your mobile phones.

With BDSwiss’s multi-awarded Mobile App, you can manage your accounts and traders any time and anywhere as long as your device has an internet connection.

BDSwiss’s mobile apps work the same way as the desktop versions.

You can monitor market charts, place analytical indicators and objects, make trades and also deposit and withdraw funds as you want.

For the list and condition of BDSwiss’s all fund deposit and withdrawal conditions, visit the page here.

You can also use the desktop version of BDSwiss MT4 and MT5, and at the same time, you can use BDSwiss’s mobile apps to stay updated on the markets on-the-go.

BDSwiss’s mobile apps can be downloaded to your iPhone, iPad, Android and Tablet for free from BDSwiss Official Website.

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What’s the merit to use BDSwiss Mobile App?

You may be used to use mobile phones in daily life more than desktop computers.

Or you may not have a desktop computer to trade Forex and CFDs.

That’s not a problem because with BDSwiss, because you can open accounts, make deposits and withdrawals of funds, and also make trades anywhere you want to.

There are many advantages to use BDSwiss Mobile App and trade Forex and CFDs as follows:

Real-time Quotes
On BDSwiss Mobile App, all the price charts are updated in real-time just like the desktop version of BDSwiss MT4 and MT5. Also the account information on BDSwiss Mobile App are updated in real-time without delays.
Interactive Charts
Even on price charts on BDSwiss Mobile App, you can also insert analytical objects to follow the market trend. On BDSwiss Mobile App, you can set up and customize price charts as you want.
Clean, User-Friendly Interface
BDSwiss Mobile App is made easy to use for any level of traders. With simple taps on your mobile phones, you can manage your accounts and trades easily without problems.
Full Trading and Transactions History
On BDSwiss Mobile App, you can also refer to the full trading and account history of your accounts at anytime. You are provided with the full transparency of your accounts on BDSwiss Mobile App.
Deposit and Withdraw Functionalities
On BDSwiss Mobile App, you can also make deposits and withdrawals of your funds directly without accessing BDSwiss’s client portal from the official website. You can do everything on BDSwiss Mobile App to manage your accounts.
Account Set Up and KYC Verification
Account validation is one required step for all traders. To complete the account validation, you need to submit documents to BDSwiss, and you can do that through the Mobile App too.
24/7 Cryptocurrency Pairs Trading
On BDSwiss Mobile App, you can also invest in the newest financial market in the world, Cryptocurrency. There are more than 250 financial markets to trade with BDSwiss.

Do you have iPhone, iPad, Android or Tablet?

Downloaed BDSwiss Mobile App to start trading Forex and CFDs at anytime and anywhere.

You can download BDSwiss Mobile App for free from BDSwiss Official Website.

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BDSwiss WebTrader

BDSwiss WebTrader

BDSwiss’s WebTrader Platform is accessible from any browsers directly from BDSwiss Official Website without downloading or installing a software or app.

BDSwiss’s WebTrader Platform focuses on the simplicity and velocity, as you can access to it through any popular browsers without downloading the platforms to your device.

BDSwiss’s WebTrader Platform delivers an unparalleled trading experience accessible from all browsers and operating systems.

BDSwiss’s WebTrader Platform is even more user-friendly than other platforms, while providing you with fast, secure and simple access to over 1,000 financial markets.

BDSwiss’s WebTrader Platform has got many technical indicators and analytical tools, and you can apply them to price charts to analyze the market trends freely.

To access to BDSwiss’s WebTrader Platform, please go to BDSwiss Official Website.

You can use the same login credentials you use with other platforms, and you can log in to the BDSwiss’s WebTrader Platform.

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What’s the merit to use BDSwiss WebTrader?

BDSwiss’s WebTrader Platform is a convenient tool especially when you are using a public computer or when you don’t want to install a platform to the device you are using.

While BDSwiss’s WebTrader Platform provides you with the same features like other platforms, there are many advantages to use BDSwiss’s WebTrader Platform as follows.

Intuitive Order Window
On BDSwiss’s WebTrader Platform, you can open an order window by simply clicking on charts or symbols. You can also use one-click-order system to place orders instantly.
Available in 20+ Languages
BDSwiss’s WebTrader Platform can be customized to your style. The platform can also be translated in your language so you can use it all the features without hesitation.
Clean and User-Friendly Interface
BDSwiss’s WebTrader Platform looks simple and easy to operate on. BDSwiss’s WebTrader Platform is suited also for traders who are new to the online trading.
Transparent and Secure Trading on any Device
You can access to BDSwiss’s WebTrader Platform from BDSwiss Official Website on any types of devices. You can also use your mobile phones to access BDSwiss’s WebTrader Platform.
Fully synced with the BDSwiss App and MT4
All trading platforms or BDSwiss are synced automatically. The data and markets you will be seeing on other platforms, will also be shown on BDSwiss’s WebTrader Platform the same way.
Cutting-edge Chartings Tools and Functionality
While BDSwiss’s WebTrader Platform provides you with simpler user interface, you will be surprised to see how many trading tools and options are available for users.
No download – Cross Browser Compatibility
Are you using Google, Firefox, Safari or other browsers? Don’t worry because BDSwiss’s WebTrader Platform is compatible with any popular browsers in the world.
Ultra-fast Order Execution, no Requotes
BDSWiss’s superior trading condition is offered on BDSwiss’s WebTrader Platform with no difference. Your orders won’t be re-quoted or rejected thanks to BDSwiss’s ultra fast execution.

Did you already open a real or demo trading account with BDSwiss?

Go to BDSwiss Official Website and access to BDSwiss WebTrader today.



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