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ZuluTrade’s Social and Copy Trading Platform

ZuluTrade offers the Copy Trading solution to investors.

Profitable traders can register as a “Signal Provider”, and “Investors” can copy the trades and make profits with them.

There is no extra commissions for using the service, and ZuluTrade may be the most user-friendly tool for everyone.

EAs and Technical tools are no longer needed, because you are looking at the Easiest and Profitable Trading tool which comprises all these complicated things.

How ZuluTrade works?

ZuluTrade is not a broker, but it only provides the technological solution of mirror trade.

It simply works as follows:

  1. Signal Providers send trades
  2. ZuluTrade intermediate
  3. You receive the trades in real-time in Brokers’ Accounts(Trading Accounts)

All you need is your account with a broker which is connected to ZuluTrade, and the funds to invest with.

The service is free.

Pros & Cons of ZuluTrade

2 main merits of ZuluTrade

There are two biggest merits of using the service of ZuluTrade.

You can find the Profitable signal at one glance
Go to the official website of ZuluTrade, and you will find the most profitable traders in a second.

You can pick up some of them and just copy into your accounts.

You can also find the profit/loss amount, number of followers, positions and more information of the signals to make sure that you are selecting the right one for your portfolio.

All these information in the website’s are in real time and only the results of real/live trades.
It’s easy to setup for beginners

ZuluTrade Official Website

You have left only 4 steps to start making money.

Setting up a copy trading account is easy. You just need to:

  1. Register with ZuluTrade
  2. Open an account
  3. Make a deposit

And the account is ready for copying the profitable trades.

Any questions? Start chatting on live with ZuluTrade support team anytime.

Signup for ZuluTrade Online

Why and How ZuluTrade can make you profits?

Are you interested in using ZuluTrade’s service yet?

For investors who are still not convinced to use ZuluTrade’s social and copy trading service, here are 3 main merits of ZuluTrade which you won’t find with other service providers.

1. All Automated and Profitable

With ZuluTrade you don’t need to know how to trade or have trading strategies to make profit by yourself.

There are hundreds of signal providers from 192 countries who are making profit and let you to copy trades.

If you are struggling to make profit in Forex and CFD markets, you just need to find other professional and profitable traders who are making stable profits.

Note that the past trading results does not guarantee that you will make profits in the future.

2. More than 50 online brokers to choose from

ZuluTrade is partnered with more than 50 online Forex and CFD brokers.

Look into the list and find your favorite broker to open an account with.

There are many brokers which runs bonus promotions.

You can even copy profitable trades while taking advantage of bonus promotions.

Visit ZuluTrade Official Website

3. Automator, ZuluGuard, Demonstration of strategies and other tools

ZuluTrade doesn’t just offer social and copy trading platform, but you are provided with many useful tools to maximize your profit.

Such as Automator and ZuluGurard support you to manage your accounts better.

zuluguard-account capital protection copy social trading

You can also test each signal provider’s strategy by demonstrating their past results as you want.

Register for ZuluTrade online

See another column for more – How profitable the users of ZuluTrade are?

Crossover groups with combined service sets

ZuluTrade’s clients are totally free to choose products and services and can be traders and investors at the same time, make money on their investments while learning the art of trading on the stock market, be an active participant in daily trades and simultaneously study the basics of technical analysis and specific characteristics of various instruments.

ZuluTrade aims at providing its clients with tools for active trading, passive investing, managing a portfolio comprised of different assets chosen by the investor, etc.

These tools can be divided into the following types:

Visit ZuluTrade Official Website

1. For long-term investment

Here, we are talking truly time-tested assets: gold, precious stones, stocks, e. g., high-liquidity, long-term investments with guaranteed returns that are classics of saving and growing one’s capital and work even during periods of instability.

As with any financial investment, there may be instances in which such profits are not realized and/or losses may be incurred.

2. Structured investment products

These are simple and effective solutions highly popular among investors thanks to the reliable protection they provide to the base capital.

In some cases they may bring significant profits, higher than a bank deposit, for instance.

As with any financial investment, there may be instances in which such profits are not realized and/or losses may be incurred.

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3. Managed accounts of trusted management

Basically, these are trusted management programmes.

Within the ZuluTrade trading venue, once these services and products are up and running, ZuluTrade clients will be able to choose and evaluate the professional degree of every managed account, based on the provided Managed Accounts Rating.

It is important that ZuluTrade’s clients can work with different managed accounts, each of which is geared toward specific instruments and markets, including stock and derivatives markets.

The management is accomplished by professional traders, albeit investor can select on their own particular managed accounts that piqued their interest, analyse their growth dynamics and decide where to invest their money.

4. Service tools for investors

This group includes services that assist investors in making a clear sense of the market situation, performing a deep analysis of perspectives and gathering more relevant information for portfolio building or maintaining a better control over the operations of a third-party trader.

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Client Area and Account Types of ZuluTrade

For ZuluTrade’s customers’ convenience, ZuluTrade designed and implemented an incremental model for opening and managing trading accounts and platforms:

1. ZuluTrade Demo account

On the early stages, when getting to know ZuluTrade’s services and features of trading platforms, the client gets an opportunity to open and test a demo account with certain expiration date.

To do so you need to register a Personal Profile.

At this stage only minimal information is required, including e-mail address, to which a notification about opening a demo account will be sent.

This stage gives you an opportunity to learn the options and features of trading platforms and Personal Profile.

Open ZuluTrade Demo Account

2. ZuluTrade Real (Live) account

As soon as you make a decision about which instruments and on what markets you’re going to trade, you should open a trading account.

To do so, click on the “OPEN A TRADING ACCOUNT” link and select a market (stock market and ETF, futures and options markets, Forex and CFD).

By filling out the relevant forms with required additional information and getting acknowledged with the Terms of Use, you file an application to open a relevant trading account, which will be opened within one business day.

Please pay attention to minimal trading capital requirements for particular types of accounts.

Open ZuluTrade Real Account

Become an Investor or Trader of ZuluTrade

ZuluTrade’s Investment accounts are opened for those of clients who’re willing to invest their money in STRUCTURED INVESTMENT PRODUCTS and ENTRUSTED MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES.

Such types of accounts are opened for ZuluTrade’s clients on individual basis as a result of their direct negotiations with ZuluTrade’s specialists regarding terms and options of working under such investment programs.

To apply for participation in such investment programs you shall follow the link to the relevant product from your Personal account and fill out the request form.

After providing additional information and acknowledging yourself with the Terms of Use, you file an application to open a relevant account and your personal account manager will contact you within one business day.

Visit ZuluTrade Official Website

1. Social and Copy Trading Account for investors

This group implies your investment into special percent asset management module (PAMM) accounts, managed by outside traders.

You can learn more about this investment model, its opportunities and rankings on pages PAMM ACCOUNTS and PAMM ACCOUNTS RANKING.

Subscription and participation, as well as future exit from such accounts, take place “live”, directly from your Personal account.

After selecting an account you like from the PAMM-accounts rankings, you may proceed with subscribing to it right away.

ZuluTrade Service Review

2. Social and Copy Trading Account for traders

Accounts from this group are opened for professional traders, qualified as professional account managers, who may offer their professional services to the public.

Trader has no opportunity to administer or withdraw any funds from such account.

He or she can only manage it within the limits of conditions set forth.

All preliminary work and consultations between ZuluTrade’s professionals and potential PAMM-account managers take place in accordance with terms and conditions as specified in section FOR EXPERIENCED TRADERS of ZuluTrade Official Website.



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