XM-Competitions--Real-and-Demo-Accounts XM-Competitions--Real-and-Demo-Accounts

Trading Contest Details

Prizes $120,000 in Withdrawable Cash Prizes
Available to All Traders of XM
How to entry Open an account and make a deposit.
Entry Requirements You need to be qualified by meeting a certain deposit amount and volume.
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

XM Competitions: Win $120,000 in Withdrawable Cash Prizes

XM, a global leader in online trading, is thrilled to introduce its latest offering: XM Competitions.

This innovative platform is designed to engage traders in a competitive environment where they can showcase their trading prowess and stand a chance to win a share of a whopping $120,000 in withdrawable cash prizes.

What’s more enticing? Participation comes with no entry fees, ensuring accessibility for all interested traders.

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Real Account and Demo Account Competitions

XM Competitions bifurcates its challenges into two distinct categories: Real Account Competitions and Demo Account Competitions.

Real Account Competitions:
Open to traders who are ready to dive into the real trading environment. By opening a real account and meeting the minimum equity requirement, traders can compete to clinch the top spot.
Demo Account Competitions:
Tailored for those who prefer risk-free competition. Participants need to complete the verification process and compete using virtual cash, ensuring a safe yet competitive arena for newcomers and experienced traders alike.

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Why Enter XM Competitions?

The allure of XM Competitions extends beyond the substantial cash prizes.

Here are compelling reasons to join:

Win Withdrawable Cash Prizes:
The ultimate motivation to participate — cash prizes that winners can withdraw.
No Entry Fees:
XM democratizes the competition by removing any financial barriers to entry.
Test Your Skills and Strategies:
A perfect opportunity to see how your trading strategies fare against those of others.
Open for All Levels of Experience:
Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned trader, XM Competitions welcomes you.
Ranking Among Peers:
Discover where you stand in the competitive spectrum of traders.
Gain Insights and New Trading Ideas:
The competitive environment is ripe for learning, offering a chance to acquire new trading strategies and insights.

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Participation Guidelines: How to Dive into the Competitive Arena

  1. Entering a Competition: Choose the account type you wish to compete with and ensure it meets the specific competition’s requirements. This choice is crucial as it determines the competitions available to you.
  2. Competition Details: The competition area on XM’s platform details all necessary information, including terms, schedules, and prizes, offering a clear view of what’s at stake.
  3. Multiple Entries: Traders are allowed to participate in several competitions simultaneously with different accounts, provided the accounts meet the respective competition’s criteria.
  4. Performance Measurement: A unique formula assesses each trader’s performance, factoring in equity changes, deposits, and withdrawals. This approach ensures a fair comparison of participants’ trading effectiveness.
  5. Tiers and Equity Requirements: Certain competitions introduce tiers based on equity, allowing traders to choose a level that matches their investment capability.
  6. Technical Aspects: Both MT4 and MT5 accounts are eligible for competitions, and participants are free to use Expert Advisors, adding a layer of strategy to the competition.
  7. Ranking and Results: Rankings are updated regularly, reflecting the dynamic nature of the competition. Traders can view ongoing and completed competition results, offering insights into their performance and that of their competitors.

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Ensuring a Fair and Competitive Environment

XM Competitions are governed by a set of comprehensive Terms and Conditions, ensuring fairness and transparency.

It’s crucial for participants to familiarize themselves with these rules to avoid any misunderstandings and to ensure a seamless competitive experience.

By offering a platform for traders to measure their skills against others, XM not only fosters a dynamic trading community but also rewards excellence and strategy.

Whether you’re looking to test your trading strategies in a risk-free environment with Demo Account Competitions or aiming to prove your prowess in Real Account Competitions, XM provides the perfect arena to compete, learn, and possibly win big.

Dive into the world of XM Competitions today and seize your chance to be among the winners sharing the $120,000 prize pool!

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FAQs about the Trading Contest

What types of competitions does XM offer?
XM offers both Real and Demo account competitions with a chance to win a share of $120,000 in withdrawable cash prizes without any entry fees.
How can I enter an XM competition?
Select your account type on the platform’s slider to check if it meets the specific competition’s requirements for entry.
Can I participate in multiple XM competitions simultaneously?
Yes, you can enter multiple competitions at the same time with different accounts, provided each account meets the respective competition’s requirements.
How is my performance measured in an XM competition?
Performance is calculated using a formula that accounts for equity changes, deposits, and withdrawals, determining your ranking among competitors.
What happens if I deposit or withdraw from my account during a competition?
Deposits or withdrawals do not affect your performance score directly, but withdrawals can lead to elimination from the competition.
Are there different tiers in XM competitions?
Some competitions have multiple tiers based on equity entry criteria, with higher tiers typically offering better prizes.
Can I use an MT4 or MT5 account and Expert Advisors in competitions?
Both MT4 and MT5 accounts are eligible, and participants are free to use Expert Advisors.
Can I enter a competition with open trades?
Yes, existing open trades at the time of entry are allowed, and performance is calculated based on net equity changes thereafter.
How is ranking determined in XM competitions?
Ranking is based on performance, calculated at regular intervals, and competitors are sorted in descending order of their performance.
What happens in the event of a tie in performance?
Competitors with the exact same performance will split the prize for their shared position.


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