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VantageFX - What's now?

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Where are VantageFX’s Servers?

Vantage FX is recognized as a leader in the technology industry and the live trading servers are currently located in major financial hubs in both London and New York.

From these trading servers, the liquidity of the ECN market is supplied and drained to the client’s MT4 account.

VantageFX is devoting a lot of time and resources to researching where all clients have the greatest advantage in the market, and from a global trading perspective, it is a London / New York combination.

With the continued strengthening of the Vantage FX trading network of servers and data centers, including both hardware and physical location updates, Vantage FX’s industry position can only go from strength to strength.

All Vantage FX clients will benefit from the ultra-fast, most important and stable terms and conditions offered by this combination of servers.

Experience different technologies with today’s Vantage FX.

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Equinix Trading Servers

A strategic partnership with Equinix provides Vantage FX with a fiber-optic network solution that connects trading servers around the world.

This guarantees fast execution for all transactions.

The partnership with Equinix, a world leader in trading server technology, gives Vantage FX a technological advantage over the competition.

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One Zero ™ MT4 Bridge

Vantage FX is a leader in implementing new technologies for the benefit of all customers.

One Zero ™ MT4 Bridge is a true next-generation price aggregator that connects VantageFX’s dark liquidity pool to the client’s MT4 platform.

The One Zero ™ MT4 Bridge is the only technically advanced solution that can handle the execution of large numbers of market orders incredibly fast.

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Fiber Optic Network

Vantage FX Fiber Optic Network provides unmatched performance for all clients

Carefully test every single fiber optic line that connects the server to minimize latency.

This delivers the fastest execution speed to the client over the network.

Accelerate performance, realize new possibilities, ignite execution speeds, and find edges through Vantage FX fiber optic networks.

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Xeon® E7 processor

Xeon® E7 processor, turbo boost technology.

You are running mission-critical workloads on an Equinix fiber-optic infrastructure designed with 99.99% uptime.

The brute processing power provided by Intel Xeon ® E7 keeps one Zero ® MT4 bridge running at the fastest possible speed.

This gives clients the fastest access to global market prices.



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