We, Hercules like to introduce the upgrade from “Withdrawal from IronFX Global is taking time” to “Withdrawal is all processed instantly with IronFX UK”.

To understand the reason of this transition, you also need to understand the difference of IronFX Global in CySEC(Cyprus) and IronFX UK in FCA(England).

  • IronFX Global is regulated by CySEC in Cyprus
  • IronFX UK is regulated by FCA in England


from cysec ironfx global to fca ironfx uk

  1. Hercules introduces only IronFX UK
  2. Why IronFX UK is recommended?
  3. Withdrawal is automated and instant
  4. How trustworthy is FCA license?
  5. Cash Back account
  6. How to move from CySEC to FCA?
  7. IronFX SCAM reviews by affiliates

Hercules will only introduce IronFX UK

We will only introduce IronFX UK which is regulated and authorized by FCA, but not the IronFX Global regulated and authorized by CySEC.

no more of ironfx global but only ironfx uk in fca england

We have been introducing “IronFX Global” and “IronFX UK”, but from April in 2016, we will only introduce and provide links to clients directed to “IronFX UK”.

All links jumping to IronFX associated websites will be led to the official website of  “IronFX UK”, including the links in the page where explained the brokerage business of IronFX Global.

IronFX (ironfx.co.uk)

How do you see the difference between “UK” and “Global(Cyprus)”?

It is important to know how to identify the difference between “IronFX UK” and “IronFX Global”.

There are mainly two ways to find out if you are on the UK version or Global(Cyprus) one.

Official Website

There are two websites of IronFX which seem exactly same by look.

If you are looking at the official websites or account opening page, you can find out by checking the page link as follows.

domain difference between ironfx global and ironfx uk

You can also see the difference at the bottom of the website.

“IronFX.co.uk” is the website for “IronFX UK” which is regulated by FCA.

Client Portal

If you have already opened accounts with IronFX, you can find out where you have opened the accounts with, by logging into the “Client Portal” of IronFX.

You can see the below regulation difference at the top in the “Client Portal” as follows.

client portal difference ironfx uk ironfx global

The link below will jump to the official website of IronFX UK.

IronFX (ironfx.co.uk)

Why IronFX UK is recommended?

The reason is simply the convenience.


Until now, we have been receiving many inquiries/feedback from our clients, like:

  • Hard to understand the difference of IronFX in Cyprus and in England
  • IronFX is taking time for withdrawals

Although there are some problems as above, we had been introducing both brands because of the difference in bonus promotions and Terms & Conditions by IronFX.

But we have cooperated with IronFX to resolve the issues, and succeeded to offer the same bonus promotions and conditions just like the IronFX Global in IronFX UK.

You can now trade with IronFX UK with even better condition than IronFX Global(in CySEC), and there is no delays in withdrawals anymore.

As withdrawals are all automated in IronFX UK, and there is not even a complain submitted by clients about this.

Withdrawal is automated and processed instantly

IronFX UK is regulated by FCA in England, and FCA instructs all brokers to automate the withdrawal process.
This is to protect the client funds, and there is no delay/refusal of withdrawals under FCA.

cysec and fca difference withdrawal fund

If you are not satisfied with the speed of withdrawals of IronFX Global but satisfied with the trading conditions and bonuses, please open an account with “IronFX UK” and your problem will be solved.

There is no delays in withdrawals with IronFX UK under FCA(England) as the process of the withdrawals is automated.

This is because the financial regulatory authority in England, FCA demands high standard to financial operations of brokers and manually processed withdrawals one by one under CySEC.

Withdrawals under CySEC

There are number of complains about withdrawals against brokers in Cyprus.

That is because the withdrawals are processed by manually as follows:

1. Withdrawal Request → 2. Review the account history → 3. Permission to withdraw → 4. Process the transfer(withdrawal) → 5. Transfer is completed

All CySEC brokers look into your trading history and see if you have followed the rule set by its broker and succeeded to fulfill the conditions of bonuses.

And that often causes delays in withdrawal processing or sometimes cancelling some profits.

Withdrawals under FCA

With the brokers regulated and authorized by FCA, withdrawal process is automated and may take much less time to complete.

FCA license itself is also known as difficult to acquire for brokers.

One of the reasons is FCA requires brokers to simply not delay any withdrawals and not refuse.

You can also find out that brokers under FCA has got almost no complains about withdrawals, and “IronFX UK” is included in them.

How trustworthy is IronFX UK under FCA?

FCA license proves the quality of online brokers.

fca england ironfx uk account

Acquiring financial licenses simply cost money and requires more high quality internal procedure.

All brokers under FCA must have clients’ funds segregated into a trust and withdrawal process to be automated.

Some other large brokerage companies like FxPro and XM also have been regulated and authorized by FCA.


Although being regulated by FCA does not necessarily mean that the broker is offering you the account under FCA.

For example, XM has registered with many regulations though, all Japanese clients are directed to open accounts under FSA(Seychelles).

In this case, XM may advertise itself as FCA and CySEC regulated brokerage but that is not the case for Japanese clients.

Any demerits of FCA

FCA regulated brokerage companies are plain.

Meaning that as FCA sets high standard to brokers, that could restrict some service operations and this may be a demerit of being regulated by FCA.

As the some certain conditions of FCA, not all the bonus promotions can be offered to clients.

For example, “no-deposit bonus” can not be offered under FCA. (some certain conditions to be met)

Also, the Hercules exclusive “Cash Back Bonus” couldn’t be offered before with IronFX UK, but now IronFX UK has re-organized the condition and now the promotion is available also with IronFX UK.

IronFX UK & Cash Back (Vantage account)

You can now open the “Hercules Exclusive” Cash Back account with IronFX UK.

DirectCashBack_Vantageaccount ironfx uk

There is no changes on the T&C, but the promotion is available with even better conditions.

We had been offering the promotion for a year with IronFX Global under CySEC, but we have stopped introducing the account under CySEC and only the FCA accounts will be available from March, 2016.

If you have already opened the Cash Back account under CySEC, it can be used as long as you want though, all new Cash Back account will be under FCA.

IronFX (ironfx.co.uk)

How to move from IronFX Global(CySEC) to UK(FCA)

Even if you have opened accounts with both IronFX Global and UK, you can not transfer the funds internally.

These two entities are managed differently, and you will need to open another account with IronFX UK and deposit directly.

So if you want to transfer the funds from an account under CySEC to an account under FCA, you will need to withdraw the funds first and deposit again into the account under FCA.

Also you can not register the same email address as the one in IronFX Global, so you need to have two different email addresses to register with both IronFX Global and UK.

IronFX (ironfx.co.uk)

What is the SCAM confirmation against IronFX?

affiliate scam confirmation ironfx uk


Please be careful with the fake reviews and complains against IronFX.

It is commonly known in the industry that some affiliates or websites are intentionally accusing IronFX with false statement.

Some brokerage review websites state as “IronFX SCAM Confirmation” and repeatedly accuse IronFX with false statement though, the reason of stating is of course money related.

As IronFX has never been punished or charged penalties by any regulatory authorities, we will continue to introduce IronFX as one of the main brokers in the world.



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