Log in to multiple accounts on one MT4/MT5

On MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, you can log in to multiple trading accounts with no problem.

To log in to your accounts, go to “File” and “Login to Trade Account” as below.

metatrader5 mt5 windows pc login trade account

Then you need to type in your account ID, password and select a trading server for the account.

All trading accounts that you logged in on the platform, will be shown in the “Navigator” window and you can switch from account to account just by double-clicking on the account number.

If your broker does not have a restriction in terms of the login for platforms, you can also log in to accounts of multiple different brokers to manage them all together on one trading platform.

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You cannot manage multiple accounts at once

You can log in to multiple trading accounts in one MT4 at once, but you cannot monitor multiple accounts simultaneously.

IF you want to monitor multiple accounts simultaneously and manage them at the same time, you will need to install multiple MT4/MT5 trading platforms to your device.

In this case, install two MT4 in different folders in your computer, and log in to your trading account in each of the MT4.

When you install more than one MT4, make sure to select a different folder other than the previous one. Otherwise, the new MT4 will overwrite the previous one and you will eventually have one MT4.

If your broker offers a program “MT4 Multi-trader” where you can log in to several accounts and trade together, then you may follow the instruction of your broker.

*MT4 is RAM consuming program. A number of Charts, EA/Indicators may affect your trading execution speed.

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Use Multi Trader for MT4/MT5

Some online Forex brokers provide you with a multi-trader for MT4 or MT5 trading accounts.

On a multi-trader, you can manage multiple trading accounts simultaneously.

On a standard MT4 or MT5 trading platform, you can log in to multiple trading accounts but you cannot monitor multiple accounts simultaneously.

If you want to monitor markets and make trades on multiple accounts at the same time, then you may use a multi-trader of your broker.

Note that a multi-trader may not be available with some brokers.

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