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What is Oinvest?

Oinvest is a brand name of Aronex Corporation LTD, which is an online Forex and CFD broker founded in 2019.

Oinvest’s service is regulated and licensed by Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Seychelles.

By opening an account with Oinvest, you can invest in hundreds of financial instruments from many markets including Forex pairs, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and other CFDs.

Oinvest uses the latest technology which integrates price feeds into one and offer them on the popular trading platform, MT4 (MetaTrader4).

Oinvest MT4 is free to download for any devices such as Windows, MAC, iPhone, iPad and Android.

By using Oinvest’s high leverage, you can start investing from small investment amount.

With Oinvest, every process from registration, account opening, deposit, trading to profit withdrawal is done online.

To start investing with Oinvest, all you need is internet connection and the fund to invest in financial markets.

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Invest in CFD of every financial markets

The CFD market is closely related to the futures and options market with regard to volume and trade transactions.

However, there are some major differences that Oinvest would like you to note if you plan to enter the CFD online trading arena.

  • The CFDs do not have expiry dates. This makes the concept of price decay redundant
  • CFD contracts are ideally one-to-one to the underlying trade instrument
  • The entry threshold for CFDs is very low. An investor can buy as little as one share CFD
  • Creation of new strategies and instruments is not restricted by exchange definitions or geographical boundaries.
  • CFDs mirror the liquidity and volatility of the underlying instruments.

With Oinvest, CFD traders can access all the varied specialist trade instruments through a single Oinvest MT4 trading account.

Being an authorized CFD broker, Oinvest has been consistently been bringing competitive spreads, high leverages and margins to Oinvest’s clients in order to enable them to capitalize on profit making opportunities.

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What you can invest in on Oinvest MT4?

On Oinvest MT4, you can invest in hundreds of financial markets.

The available markets for trading include Forex (FX), Indices (Stock Index), Stocks, Commodities, Cryptocurrency and Precious Metals.

All of the above financial markets can be accessed through one trading account which you can open with Oinvest for free.

Each financial market has different aspect and merit to invest.

Oinvest MT4 provides you a great opportunity to diversify the investment portfolio easily.

The list of available financial instruments on Oinvest MT4 and conditions, please visit Oinvest Official Website.

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Oinvest MT4 (MetaTrader4) trading platform

Oinvest MetaTrader4 is considered to be the most popular solution for professional trading.

Why use Oinvest MT4 for online Forex trading?

  • Immediate transaction performing. Instant Execution, a possibility to open and close transactions in a matter of seconds.
  • A possibility of writing scripts and a huge library of written scripts, indicators, Expert Advisors in MQL4 language.
  • Transaction managing and review of open positions directly from the charts.
  • Developed tooling for technical analysis: a great amount of integral indicators and line tools, support of different time periods, support of all types of diagrams.
  • The complete set of possibilities for autotrading. Expert Advisors allow optimizing your strategies to perform active trading without a need to spend much time at a computer.
  • Privacy of transactions.
  • News in real time mode.
  • Possibility of lock position.
  • Trailing Stop, a function of Client Terminal which allows moving Stop Loss order to the number of points set by the user in case of favorable currency changes which exceed this value in comparison with the previous Stop Loss level.
  • Possibility of independent managing a few accounts at the same time.
  • Possibility of working via mobile devices.

You can download Oinvest MT4 for free from Oinvest Official Website.

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Oinvest MT4 Web Trader

If you don’t want to bother downloading and installing Oinvest MT4, then you can also directly access to Oinvest MT4 through your browsers.

Oinvest MT4 Web Trader is accessible from any popular browsers and requires no installation.

Go to Oinvest MT4 Web Trader from Oinvest Official Website and insert account ID and Password which you are provided after completing the registration.

Oinvest MT4 Web Trader has all the basic features and markets and tools available by MT4.

Oinvest MT4 Web Trader enables you to invest in financial markets anytime anywhere and with download-free.

Access to Oinvest MT4 Web Trader

Oinvest MT4 Mobile Apps (iPhone and Android)

If you want to stay updated of the market events and accounts activity, then you are recommended to download Oinvest MT4 Mobile apps to your smart phones.

There are apps available for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) in AppStore and for Android (Samsung, Huawei etc) devices in Google Play.

You can also use Android tablet to download Oinvest MT4 Mobile apps.

To login to Oinvest MT4 Mobile apps, you can use the same login credentials you use for accessing your account.

Oinvest MT4 Mobile apps won’t just keep you updated of the current market and account activities, but also includes economic calendar, analysis tools, all order types and options to monitor the market prices of all instruments.

Oinvest MT4 Mobile apps are also free to download and can be a great tool to let you follow the market anytime and anywhere.

For the download links of Oinvest MT4 Mobile apps, please visit Oinvest Official Website

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Comparison of Account Types of Oinvest

There are mainly 3 account types (account tiers) which Oinvest offers.

All account types offer the same financial markets and the platform, MT4.

But there are some differences between the account types.

Account Types Silver Gold Platinum
Minimum Forex Spread 2.2 pips 1.3 pips 0.7 pips
Trading Commission None None None
Maximum Leverage 1:200 1:400 1:400
Swap Charge Discount None 25% 50%

The account tier you can use will depend on the deposit size you make to Oinvest.

For more information, please Oinvest Official Website and contact their multilingual support team.

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Is it safe to invest with Oinvest?

As a regulated online Forex broker, Oinvest follows the strictest safety standards to keep your funds safe.

All deposited funds by clients are held in segregated bank account which is separated from Oinvest’s operation, which means that Oinvest never uses your funds to run the business and Oinvest can process fund withdrawal processes faster.

Oinvest also take strict risk management measures to make sure that its traders never lose more than they invest.

By applying NBP (Negative Balance Protection), all negative (minus) balances will be fixed to zero.

Oinvest also encrypts all transactions and communications, thus your personal information is safe with Oinvest.

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Oinvest’s Islamic Account with Swap free condition

For the traders of Islamic belief, Oinvest has prepared Islamic swap-free account which charges or credits no overnight financing (swap points).

Oinvest’s Islamic swap-free account is available exclusively for clients of Islamic belief.

If you are in need of an Oinvest’s Islamic swap-free account, please open Oinvest account and contact their support team before making the first deposit.

Oinvest’s Islamic swap-free account is 100% Shariah compliant won’t charge swaps.

There is also no extra commission or fee charged for using the account type.

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Why invest with Oinvest?

Oinvest is a financial specialist in the field of investment in the International financial markets.

Oinvest aims to work to the highest potential and to invest all efforts in order to provide a set of comprehensive and outstanding investment solutions, by to help investors identify, what’s new about trading in the international financial Markets.

Oinvest is a Forex broker based in South Africa.

Oinvest’s powerful and easy-to-use software, secure trading environment, and superior trading conditions have made Oinvest one of the leading Forex dealers in the world.

The Oinvest’s MT4 software sets new standards in online trading functionality, performance, and easy of use.

Oinvest MT4 platforms takes only seconds to download and install, and performs flawlessly on Windows operating systems.

Other advantages include instant online fills, free charts, real-time profit and equity tracking, fractional lot size capabilities, hedging capabilities and low margin requirements.

Customers are assured that Oinvest consistently meets the strictest standards of financial stability and proper handling of client funds.

Furthermore, client funds are maintained segregated from Oinvest’s capital, thereby offering security of funds.

Oinvest encourages clients to conduct as much due diligence as possible in their trading activities and in their choice of broker.

Service Details

(Aronex Corporation LTD)
Rating Traders Rating
2.4 rating based on 24 ratings
2.4/5 24
Regulations Regulations & Licenses
Founded Founded in 2019 (4 years)
USA clientsNot Accepted
JPN clientsNot Accepted
Country BaseSeychelles
Headquaters Suite C, Orion Mall, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles


Cryptos Available Crypto-Currencies N/A
Client Funds Safety Segregated
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