With-the-50%-USDT-Deposit-Bonus,-investing-in-cryptocurrencies-will-be-even-more-advantageous-!! With-the-50%-USDT-Deposit-Bonus,-investing-in-cryptocurrencies-will-be-even-more-advantageous-!!

Wisebitcoin - What's now?

We are no longer promoting Wisebitcoin. The information regarding to Wisebitcoin on the website '' maybe outdated. ref. Wisebitcoin

What is Wisebitcoin?

Wisebitcoin is an online brokerage company that provides traders with services related to cryptocurrency investments and giving absolute priority to cybersecurity and meeting the needs of its customers, offers a safe and reliable trading environment.

Using a more than a qualified team of engineers and developers who excel in the sector, it has made it possible to create a unique platform of its kind (User-Friendly) which, being designed exclusively for traders who invest in cryptocurrencies, offers impeccable service for both experienced and beginner traders.

With the USDT 50% Deposit Bonus promotion they will have the opportunity to increase their USDT funds in the USDT spot portfolio and consequently increase their investment and earning opportunities.

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What is USDT (Tether)?

The USDT is a cryptocurrency belonging to the “stablecoin” category and is created by the company Tether.

Compared to other cryptocurrencies, the USDT holds a fixed value against the US dollar with a 1: 1 ratio and this means that the value of the USDT will be equal or slightly different to 1 $ USD in the United States.

This feature allows the FSOD to have high liquidity without being subject to extreme volatility like many other cryptocurrencies.

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50% USDT deposit bonus with Wisebitcoin

By requesting the Wisebitcoin 50% deposit bonus you will have the opportunity to trade by being able to invest in USDT taking advantage of clear advantage to maximize your profits.

We would like to point out that it will only be possible to carry out contract trading (i.e. contract trading) which allows the opening of both short and long positions differently from traditional trading (stock trading).

The 50% deposit bonus can be withdrawn but only and solely under the conditions imposed by Wisebitcoin and at the time of withdrawal, the bonus will be deducted.

As for the profits generated by trading with the 50% Deposit Bonus, the withdrawal can be made at any time.

To be able to access this fantastic promotion, just follow the next simple steps:

  1. Open a real account with Wisebitcoin.
  2. Make a USDT deposit or if you already have one with Wisebitcoin, exchange assets in USDT.
  3. Claim 50% USDT Deposit Bonus.
  4. Confirm the Bonus received.
  5. Transfer contractual goods.
  6. Start trading.

Open Wisebitcoin’s Account

Conditions relating to the withdrawal of the Bonus

By consulting the following table you will be able to know when and how it will be possible to withdraw the Bonus.

Section Deposit amount Withdrawal condition (negotiation amount)
Liv1 100 150,000
Liv2 101 – 200 250,000
Liv3 201 – 500 600,000
Liv4 501 – 1000 1,100,000
Liv5 1001 – 1500 1,600,000
Liv6 Over 1,501 2,000,000

For more information on the USDT 50% Deposit Bonus promotion or any other questions you have to ask, don’t hesitate, visit the official Wisebitcoin website and contact the support team available 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.



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