Trade-Forex-with-Exness---No-trading-limitation-on-MT4-and-MT5 Trade-Forex-with-Exness---No-trading-limitation-on-MT4-and-MT5

No trading limitation on Exness MT4 and MT5

Exness is an online Forex and CFD broker with NDD (Non Dealing Desk) MT4 and MT5.

NDD in this case, means that Exness does not have a dealing desk which orders against its traders’ orders.

Exness sends all orders of its traders to the real financial markets (liquidity providers), and does not hedge its traders’ orders.

This NDD execution condition ensures that there is no conflict of interest between Exness and its traders.

And Exness is happy to support its traders to earn more by providing excellent trading conditions, trading tools and bonus promotions.

On Exness MT4 and MT5, you can perform any kinds of trading strategies as you like.

You are welcome to trade in your style to earn more while minimizing the risk of losing your margin.

On Exness MT4 and MT5, the leverage can be unlimited with certain conditions.

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Choose the High Volume Forex pairs

To start trading Forex with Exness, you need to decide which currency pair to trade first.

You don’t have any idea of which currency you should trade? Then we have some recommendations for you.

Forex allows you to trade currencies from different countries around the world.

Currency can be divided into major currencies with large transaction volume worldwide and conversely with minor currencies with small transaction volume.

Forex trading involves choosing a combination of two currencies from these.

Forex trading is a currency-to-currency transaction, so when you decide “which currency and which currency pair to trade?”, the point is the transaction volume.

Currency pairs with low trading volume tend to have sudden fluctuations in market prices.

By comparison, currency pairs with high trading volume tend to have moderate price movements.

If you are going to start Forex trading, the familiar and easy-to-understand currency pair, such as EUR/USD, EUR/GBP and USD/JPY, will probably be the first to start.

These major currency pairs’ transactions are carried out all over the world, and the volume of transactions are particularly high among currency pairs.

Also, they tend to have a large volume of transactions with traders in any countries.

After all, trading these major currency pairs that is familiar and easy for you to understand, provides a number of advantages.

In addition, the “spread”, which is the difference between the buying rate and the selling rate, is smaller with major currency pairs than other currency pairs.

With Exness, you can trade major Forex currency pairs from only 0.0 pips of spread.

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Perform any types of trading strategies

The trading method of FX trading is divided into 4 which are “scalping”, “day trading”, “swing trading”, and “position trading” depending on the period of holding a position.

Make sure you fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of each, and select the trading style that suits you.

1. Short-term scalping

Scalping is the shortest trading time among the 4 trading methods, and one trade is completed within a few seconds to a few minutes.

Since the time to hold a position is short, there are few fluctuations in exchange rates due to sudden indicators or dignitaries, and the mental burden of holding a position is small.

Although scalping trading method is very popular among FX traders, there are some disadvantages too.

Since transactions are repeated many times a day, the time to be restrained in front of the PC becomes long.

One-time profit is small with scalping trade, so you may suffer a large loss due to large exchange fluctuations.

Since the number of transactions is large, the commission (spread) becomes a heavy burden.

Are you a scalper? Try scalping trade on Exness MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

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2. Day trading

Day trading is a trading method that ends trading within a few hours to a day.

Basically, all trading is completed in one day, so it is a trading method that does not carry over anything on the next day.

Since the trading time (the time to hold a position) is longer than that of scalping, the target profit is also large.

Since the time to hold the position is not too long, it is not so affected by the indicators and dignitaries.

Since YOU rarely carry over the position to the next day with day trading, it is unlikely to cause a loss due to large fluctuations while sleeping.

There aren’t many trading opportunities because you start trading at a time when you can predict the movement in a few hours.

In terms of trading time, day trading can be said to be between scalping and swing trading.

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3. Swing trading

Swing trading is a trading method that involves trading from days to weeks.

With one transaction, you will be aiming for greater profits than day trading.

It is a method that can aim for a big profit if the market has a direction (trend).

With Swing trading it is not necessary to close the position in one day, so it is easy to adopt for those who can not spend a lot of time on transactions such as office workers.

with Swing trading, you can also continue to receive swap points while carrying over for several weeks.

To perform Swing trading, you must possess the ability to assume long-term prospects because of long holding positions.

In order to grasp the long-term foreign exchange trend, traders mainly use the method called fundamentals analysis, but it is difficult for beginners because it is necessary to grasp the trend of the global financial market.

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4. Position trading

Position trading is a method of trading for several weeks to several months.

Due to the longer duration, the goal is to make more profit than day or swing trades.

Since the number of transactions is small, transaction costs can be suppressed with Position trading.

Position trading could incur possibly large loss due to long holding period.

The basic idea of ​​long-term holding is the same as foreign currency deposits.

In the case of FX, you can receive the interest rate adjustment amount as a swap point instead of the foreign currency deposit interest rate.

For those who want to accumulate points and swap points, be aware of long-term trading.

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Follow the Market Trend to make profit

One of the big mistakes in Forex trading is the pattern of “making a big loss against the flow of the market”.

Therefore, beginners in the Forex market should start with the practice of “grasping the flow of the market”.

One of the basic methods is to draw a trend line.

It is a line to judge whether the exchange rate is going to be stronger or weaker by looking at the chart.

Mainly, the highest price and the lowest price are connected to form a line.

When drawing a trend line, it is better to draw a candlestick chart (daily or weekly) with the longest period possible so that you can grasp the long-term trend, so you can trade without going against a big flow.

In addition, it is impossible to predict the exchange rate movements completely, so there may be a loss.

At that time, it is also important to set a rule in advance, for example “allowable loss in one trade is 10% of the fund”.

If you set the allowable range of loss, even if it comes to the stage of cutting loss, mental damage can be reduced compared to the case where no trading rule is decided.

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