It’s time to renew your approach to the markets and upgrade your trading knowledge with webinars from FXTM.

This month you could learn from a real Forex guru and discover more about key trading topics, from risk management to the Elliott Wave Theory.

Sharpen your trading techniques with FXTM’s latest webinars.

Economic and Currency Outlook in Arabic

Date 12.08.2018
Time 19.00 (GMT+4)

Find out how upcoming events are likely to impact the markets, plus discover:

  • Potential winners and losers of the trade wars
  • How central banks might move
  • How trade wars might impact the global economy and more!

Riding The Trend: A Simple Trend Following Strategy in English

Date 16.08.2018
Time 18.00 (GMT+1)

FXTM’s Head of Education in Nigeria, Conrad Okongwu, will teach you how to:

  • Identify the direction of the market
  • Maximise potential profit
  • Employ backtested parameters and more!

Risk Management Webinar in Farsi

Date 23.08.2018
Time 17.00 (GMT+4:30)

Calling all Farsi traders – the latest FXTM webinar is coming soon! With FX guru Andreas Thalassinos, discover how to:

  • Identify investment risks
  • Mitigate risks
  • Identify risk-to-reward ratio and more!

Risk Management Webinar in English

Date 23.08.2018
Time 15.30 (GMT+3)

Looking for a better way to manage risk? With FX guru Andreas Thalassinos, you could learn how to:

  • Identify investment risks
  • Mitigate risks
  • Calculate stop loss and more!

Moving Average Envelopes and the Postman Strategy webinar in English

Date 30.08.2018
Time 14.00 (GMT+2)

Discover the power of the moving average indicator with Jacques Nel, plus:

  • Read the markets using moving averages and envelopes
  • Discover the Postman Strategy
  • Examine indicator calculations in detail, and more!

Lukman’s Week Ahead webinar in English

Date Every Monday
Time 9:30 GMT

Kick off your week with in-depth trading insights from FXTM’s Market Analyst Lukman Otunuga!

In this weekly webinar, you could learn what’s in store for the global and local markets in just one sitting.

FXTM’s webinars are fantastic opportunities to learn from the comfort of your own home – register today to make sure you don’t miss out!



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