fbs-most-expensice-precious-metal-substances-in-the-world fbs-most-expensice-precious-metal-substances-in-the-world

5 Most Precious And Jaw-Dropping Materials On Earth

What would you think of if we ask you to name the most expensive substances in the world? Gold? Platinum? Oil? Think again.

1. Plutonium – $4,000 per gram

You probably know from the movies that plutonium is a must-have if you’re building a nuclear weapon of mass destruction.

This is a radioactive chemical found in trace amounts of uranium – this is what makes it so expensive.

2. Serendibite – $90,000 per gram

If you are not a millionaire, you’ve probably never heard of this ultra expensive mineral.

It’s a total black and gorgeous gem used in super luxurious jewelry found only in Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

3. Red diamond – $5,000,000 per gram

The world has seen only 30 red diamond over its history because this is the rarest gem in the world.

Scientists still argue why it’s red – probably because of an enormous pressure.

4. Californium 252 – $27,000,000 per gram

Californium 252 is a designer chemical created in labs to search for the layers of water and oil in oil wells.

It was invented in 1950s in Berkeley, California and is produced by nuclear reactors.

5. Antimatter – $100 trillion

In theory, a much-buzzed antimatter can be produced by humans.

Unsurprisingly, nobody is ready to invest $100 trillion, but once that’s possible, antimatter can possibly fuel intergalactic space travel.

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