Change-of-condition---SuperForex's-50%-Welcome-Bonus-becomes-withdraw-able Change-of-condition---SuperForex's-50%-Welcome-Bonus-becomes-withdraw-able

SuperForex updates the condition of Welcome Bonus promotion.

From now on, the 50% welcome bonus is on valid on every deposit and every type of account.

Improved SuperForex welcome bonus

SuperForex has recently made major changes to the Welcome Bonus.

From today all traders will have the opportunity to receive a 50% Bonus on any deposit made.

This will allow SuperForex clients to increase their chances of earning through higher volume investments.

Below are the main advantages that can be exploited thanks to the new Welcome Bonus offered by the broker.

  • Suitable for all available account types, available for any type of asset including metals and indices.
  • Fully tradable at any time and fully integrated into margin.
  • The bonus will be credited to every deposit made without a time limit.
  • Fully withdrawable.
  • No restrictions or limits on the lots to be exchanged or trading times.
  • Any withdrawal does not result in the cancellation of the promotion.

Request 50% Welcome Bonus

Characteristics of the promotion and how to request it

SuperForex, a popular company that offers online trading services, is committed to creating promising and profitable offers for its trusted clients in order to offer an increasingly stimulating and opportunity-rich trading environment.

As already mentioned in this regard, the broker offers traders the opportunity to request a 50% Welcome Bonus on every single deposit credited to their SuperForex account.

The promotion will allow you to invest with significantly larger volumes than the deposit made and this can consequently generate higher profits.

The promotion is fully integrated into the margin, compatible with all types of accounts available, and usable for any markets (including metals and indices).

Each trader, after requesting the promotion, will receive a bonus on every single deposit made.

The bonus has no restrictions on the withdrawal of profits and there are no restrictions on trading lots or trading markets.

Later you will be able to know in detail the advantages deriving from the 50% welcome bonus offered by SuperForex.

Almost unlimited duration
The promotion has no time limit for trading, the trader will be able to invest the bonus funds as and when he deems necessary.
No restrictions or conditions for the lots to be traded.
The trader will decide to withdraw the profits generated by the bonus and can do so at any time since there are no conditions regarding the minimum number of lots to trade. The promotion is fully integrated into the margin.
Withdrawal is always available.
It is possible to withdraw any possible amount. After the withdrawal the bonus will not be canceled.

Visit the official website of SuperForex

The trader interested in the promotion can request it by following the next very simple steps.

Open a real account with SuperFoerx
In order to claim the bonus the trader must have a real SuperForex account. If you do not have one, you can register by filling out the registration form on the official website . Accounts are compatible with any currency (USD, EUR, GBP) to qualify for the promotion.
Request for the promotion.
To be able to request the 50% Welcome Bonus, simply log into your real SuperForex account, visit the “bonus” tab located at the top left of the screen and click on the “Get Welcome Bonus” button located at the bottom of the page.
Make a Deposit to Receive Bonuses.
In order to activate the promotion, you will need to make a deposit into your SuperForex account. As there are no deposit limits, each trader will be able to credit any amount they wish to their account and receive automatically the bonus based on the amount deposited.


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