April 26, 2022

LiteFinance, Facebook Stock Price Prediction (Part 2)

Facebook share price forecast - 2022, 2023 and beyond.

Facebook-share-price-forecast---2022,-2023-and-beyond. Facebook-share-price-forecast---2022,-2023-and-beyond.

Facebook monthly share price forecast

According to Facebook’s analysis, the stock price is expected to fall with a high probability over the next six months. However, it is unlikely to drop as sharply as it has recently.

The bearish pressure is likely to subside and the decline turns into a gradual decline to the trendline of $160-170. Typically, sharp declines on higher time frames indicate fundamental or structural problems with an asset or the market as a whole. In this case, prices will not pull back as quickly as the market needs to recover from the shock.

The probability of a transition to an accumulation phase and increased volatility will increase since the fall. The most likely scenario is that Facebook stock will be in the gray area of ​​$170-260 (expected wide trading range) until the end of 2022. The possibility of breaking the trend line cannot be ruled out.

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Long-term #Facebook deal plan

Let’s create a trading plan based on the forecast above.

Let's create a trading plan based on the forecast above.

The period in which Facebook shares fell sharply was drawing to a close. In most cases, short-term rollbacks replaced sharp swings. Therefore, trading can begin after the expected bullish correction in February-March is over.

Most likely, the bearish trend will continue from an attempt to close the gap that has formed. The chances of the market being able to do this are slim. Therefore, the opening level for a bear trade is near the gap boundary, around $245 (blue line on the chart).

Since the trade was opened on a global bullish trend, put a stop loss just above the price gap around $310 (red line on the chart).

The target for the deal is around $180. The Take Profit level (green line on the chart) can be set here.

Make sure to follow your risk management rules and manage yourself and your money.

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Factors That Could Affect Facebook’s Share Price

Sure, Facebook is often in the news, but unfortunately, the image is often not positive. For example, the platform has been used to spread conspiracy theories and sell user data. We’ve listed a lot of recent news worth watching below. These events will undoubtedly affect Facebook’s stock price.

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1. ‘Russian Influence’ in the 2016 US Election

The 2016 US election itself caused a lot of controversy, but those claims were widely investigated when Russia was said to be involved.

For example, it was revealed that Facebook sold ads to Russian authorities to influence the 2016 election in Trump’s favor. The investigation found that the company had more than $80,000 in advertising investments from pages and organizations that violated the platform’s rules.

Of course, this speaks for itself in the outcome of trading Facebook stock: In 2018, when it became known that Facebook was involved in the “Russian Influence” incident, the company’s stock price fell sharply after the huge controversy.

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2. FTC sues Facebook

In December 2020, the U.S. regulator, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), announced that it would sue Facebook for an illegal monopoly that prevents users from protecting their privacy and data well.

Prosecutors are asking Facebook Inc, WhatsApp and Instagram to divest their businesses so that the company does not own all the data on the three platforms. In addition, the FTC wants Facebook to obtain a license from now on before making an acquisition. If the lawsuit is successful, it could have a significant impact on Facebook’s stock . However, it has been predicted that this will only result in a hefty fine for the social media giant.

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In conclusion. Is Facebook stock a good investment?

Meta Platforms has dropped out of the 10 largest companies in the world by market capitalization. The company’s stock has fallen more than 45% from its September 2021 all-time high. The company faced supply chain issues and missed analysts’ expectations.

If an event similar to 2018 occurs in the future, it’s too early to buy Facebook stock. In 2018, the company’s shares fell 25% on the poor report, and then continued to fall, dropping another 32% before recovering.

in conclusion. Is Facebook stock a good investment

Let’s evaluate the company’s future prospects.

  • The number of global users has stopped growing. Even the number of U.S. users is starting to drop slightly in competition with TikTok, YouTube and Snapchat.
  • The company is expected to lose $10 billion in annual revenue due to new privacy settings for targeted ads on Apple devices.
  • The company will spend an additional $10 billion a year to develop the metaverse. Considering the Meta platform’s annual profit is $40 billion, that’s a lot of money.
  • Short video service Reels has growth potential and should outperform TikTok over time. However, the service is still sparsely advertised, so no revenue growth is expected anytime soon.
  • The Metaverse has growth potential, but it’s far from assessing its true prospects for a new profitable direction.

It’s worth considering aggressively speculative selling of Facebook stock over the next two years. You can only include them in a buy portfolio if you plan to make a profit in the next 5-10 years, but not now, as the stock price hasn’t bottomed out yet.

However, advice about Facebook’s future stock price should always be taken with a grain of salt. Note that the Facebook advice we’ve shared is just a guess at what might happen in the future. Remember, even the famous JP Morgan has made investing mistakes. Therefore, be sure to do extensive research yourself before you start investing. Open a free demo account on LiteFinance and practice how to invest. If you think trading or investing in Facebook stock is a good idea, LiteFinance is a great platform for you to learn the subject and make an informed investment decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Facebook Stock Predictions

1. How high will Facebook’s stock price go?

The median 12-month forecast for Facebook’s stock price from 45 analysts was $345.00, with a high of $397.00 and a low of $220.00. The median forecast is up 33.93% from the last price of $257.60.

2. How much will Facebook stock be worth in 10 years?

By the end of the decade, social commerce could push Facebook’s stock to nearly $1,000. Always keep in mind that this long-term Facebook stock forecast is approximate and provided for informational purposes only.

3. Will Facebook’s share price rise?

Yes, Facebook’s stock price is predicted to rise based on data gathered from various analyst recommendations.

4. Why is Facebook’s share price down today?

Facebook’s stock price is currently falling sharply due to potential legal and business risks.

5. Will Facebook hit $1,000 per share?

As social commerce grows, shares could rise to nearly $1,000 by the end of the decade.

6. Is Facebook stock worth buying?

Facebook has long been an investor favorite, as its stock price has risen 600% since the company went public in 2012. Facebook shares are up 31% in 2020 as tech stocks rebound and Facebook’s engagement increases during the COVID-19 pandemic. Facebook Inc. stock is a great buy as a long-term investment. The current share price of Facebook is $183.92.

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