December 21, 2017

Question:Open Deriv Trading Account - Trade Forex, Commodities, Synthetic and Stock Indices


Deriv does not provide the service to residents in USA, Canada, and Hong Kong, or to persons below 18.

Trade Forex and CFDs on Deriv MT4

There are many reasons why MT4 is one of the most popular trading platforms in the world: ease of use, proven technology and platform stability.

And there are also valuable reasons why thousands of traders around the world choose to trade with Deriv:

Trade with clarity and with complete pricing transparency.
On your side
Unlike some brokers, as an ECN forex broker Deriv only works in your interest with zero interference and precise execution.
Lightning fast
Ultra-low latency and co-located servers mean trades go through like a rocket.
Exemplary service
The back-up you want when you need it.

Go to the official website of Deriv and find out more about their service today.

Go to Deriv Official Website

How does Forex market work?

Forex trading is in essence trading currencies for one another.

As such, a Deriv client sells one currency against another at a current market rate.

In order to be able to trade, it is required to open an account and hold currency A and then exchange currency A for currency B either for a long term or a short-term trade, with the ultimate goal varying accordingly.

FX trading is performed on currency pairs (i.e. the quotation of the relative value of one currency unit against another currency unit), in which the first currency is the so-called base currency, while the second currency is called the quote currency.

For example, the quotation EUR/USD 1.2345 is the price of the euro expressed in US dollars, which means that 1 euro equals 1.2345 US dollars.

Currency trading can be carried out 24 hours a day, from 22.00 GMT on Sunday until 22.00 GMT on Friday, with currencies traded among the major financial centers of London, New York, Tokyo, Zürich, Frankfurt, Paris, Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Forex trading, also known by the name of currency trading or FX trading, refers to buying a particular currency while selling another in exchange.

Trading currencies always involves exchanging one currency for another.

The ultimate aim can vary and can be any of the below but not limited to the below:

  1. Exchanging currency A (e.g. USD) to currency B (e.g. EUR) for travelling purposes;
  2. Exchanging currency A (e.g. USD) to currency B (e.g. EUR) for trading purposes;
  3. Exchanging currency A (e.g. USD) to currency B (e.g. EUR) for speculative purposes, with the goal to make a profit.

Due to all the above, and not limited to the above, the forex trading market is today the world’s most liquid and most volatile market, with over $5 trillion traded daily.

Go to Deriv Official Website

What is Deriv’s Trading Software?

Forex trading software is an online trading platform provided to each Deriv client, which allows them to view, analyze and trade currencies, or other asset classes.

In simple terms, each Deriv client is provided access to a trading platform (i.e. software) which is directly connected to the global market price feed and allows them to perform transactions without the help of a third party.

There are many advantages available while using Deriv’s trading platforms.

  • Hedging allowed
  • Trade Micro Lots
  • Use Expert Advisors
  • One Click Trading capabilities
  • ECN pricing from Tier 1 liquidity
  • Trade Forex, Commodities and Indices in one platform
  • Advanced charting – fully customisable
  • No dealing desk – just Pure STP

Get access to Deriv’s Platforms

What affects Forex market prices on Deriv’s platforms?

There is an endless number of factors that all contribute and influence the prices in forex trading (i.e. currency rates) daily, but it could be safe to say that there are 6 major factors which contribute the most and are more or less the main driving forces for forex trading price fluctuation:

  1. Differentials in inflation
  2. Differentials in interest rates
  3. Current account deficits
  4. Public debt
  5. Terms of trade
  6. Political and economic stability

In order to best comprehend the above 6 factors, you will have to keep in mind that currencies are traded against one another.

So when one falls, another one rises as the price denomination of any currency is always stated against another currency.

Forex trading market participants can fall in any of the following categories:

  1. Travellers or overseas consumers who exchange money to travel overseas or purchase goods from overseas.
  2. Businesses that purchase raw materials or goods from overseas and need to exchange their local currency to the currency of the country of the seller.
  3. Investors or speculators who exchange currencies, which either require a foreign currency, to perform trading in equities or other asset classes from overseas or either are trading currencies with the aim of making a profit from market changes.
  4. Banking institutions that exchange money to service their clients or to lend money to overseas clients.
  5. Governments or central banks that either buy or sell currencies and try to adjust financial imbalances, or adjust economic conditions.

Join the Forex Market with Deriv

Know the Trading Cost and Execution Speed

As a retail foreign exchange trader, the most important factors that affect your trading is trade execution quality, speed and spreads.

The one affects the other.

A spread is a difference between the bid and the ask price of a currency pair (buy or sell price), and so to make it even easier it is the price at which your broker or bank is willing to sell or buy your requested trade order.

Spreads, however, only matter with the correct execution.

In the forex trading marketplace, when we refer to execution we mean the speed at which a foreign exchange trader can actually buy or sell what they see on their screen or what they are quoted as bid/ask price over the phone.

A good price makes no sense if your bank or broker cannot fill your order fast enough to get that bid/ask price.

In forex trading, some currency pairs are nicknamed majors (major pairs). This category includes the most traded currency pairs and they always include the USD on one side.


In forex trading, minor currency pairs or crosses are all currency pairs that do not include the USD on one side.

In forex trading, exotic pairs include the less traded currency pairs that include a major currency paired with the currency of a smaller or emerging economy.

These pairs usually have less volatility, less liquidity and do not present the dynamic behavior of major pairs and crosses.

To start trading Forex and CFDs, you must make a deposit to your live trading account which you can proceed to do in Deriv’s client portal.

For Deriv’s all fund deposit and withdrawal methods, visit the page here.

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* CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.

Deriv is an online Forex and CFD broker with 1:1000 leverage on MT5 platforms. Deriv has been in the financial industry since 1999.

Deriv does not provide the service to residents in USA, Canada, and Hong Kong, or to persons below 18.

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  1. Hi I try to open my live account they sad is open but they hibed me difficult chart what irony understand i need help plz

  1. I was devastated and depressed losing money to some fake MT5 broker who stole about $550,000 USDT from me and I was denied withdrawal of my funds as well as my profits. I became sad knowing fully well I’ve been cheated so I was referred to the best fund retrieval at CRYPTOREVERSAL (at)gmail|[]c0m through my friend. This tech genius was able to recover my funds within 15 hours I hired him. He’s the real deal to contact if you got any crypto tech issues ranging from stolen funds, missing funds and retrieval of crypto asset account passwords.

  2. This is a real review.

    Im opening up an account with deriv ( but seeing the reviews im only opening with a very very small amount of cash and i recommend anyone do the same. what im wondering is who is the third party who is checking if those indices are fair they dont tell us who they are or how often they check we are just supposed to take their word for it. also the unsually high payout is a cause for concern if when i do the same strategy with forex the payout is 75 to 50 % payout but with Synthetic indices its 95% or higher? why is it that high? are they that confident that they can make money they are willing to put it to 95%? They must be expecting a high rate of losses. Ive also seen comments that its almost impossible to withdrawl your cash and they might manipulate the synthetic market in order for you to lose if you start making too much money .

    In conclusion, please be careful when dealing with these guys im not saying its a scam i dont know yet but dont put money in that you are not willing to lose instantly

  3. I am not happy at all with deriv,I have been trading with everything went well. After rebranding to deriv my account says invester and I can not close my positions,I emailed them and they said it will take 3 days for them to help me and I am on the 3rd day and I did not recieve any help and I have the runing trades. I do not know what are they expecting,I must just watch my account blowing

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