Details-of-FBS-Trading-Marathon-with-Cash-Rewards-and-other-benefits Details-of-FBS-Trading-Marathon-with-Cash-Rewards-and-other-benefits

Join FBS Trading Marathon today

Join FBS Trading Marathon and race your way to the top!

FBS Trading Marathon will run from February 1 to February 8 on the Telegram channel @fbsanalytics.

Each trading day is dedicated to different trading instruments.

You’ll gain new knowledge about them and apply it in practice.

At the end of the event, the most successful traders will receive prize money!

Join Join FBS Trading Marathon

What is FBS Trading Marathon?

The big competition for traders starts on February 2! So take part and win dollars from FBS!

There will be five trading days. FBS starts on Wednesday, February 2, and will trade through to Tuesday, February 8.

Each day FBS will announce trading instruments of the day, for example, ‘major Forex pairs’.

In addition, there will be market analysis and tips. Your goal is to trade the instruments of the day and get profit.

Trade volume is unimportant: whoever gets the biggest profit in points wins.

  1. Register with @FBS_marathon_bot.
  2. Deposit the account you registered in the bot. You will be placed in one of the leagues according to the deposit size: league 3 – for traders who deposited $50; league 2 – for traders who deposited $100; and league 1 – for traders who deposited $500 and more.
  3. Trade the instruments of the day. The system will count your results. Each day FBS will send the list of the top 10 traders in each league to this channel. Those who will earn the most points of profit in each category by the end of the Marathon will be the winners!

Go to FBS’s Official Website

Three leagues to suit everyone

After you register and make a deposit, you’ll be placed in one of three leagues.

The league you’re in depends on your total deposit size during the event.

So, the more you deposit, the higher the league you’ll be in and the bigger the prizes you could receive!

  • League 1: deposit $500
  • League 2: deposit $100
  • League 3: deposit $50

People who come 2nd and 3rd in each league will get 3-month access to VIP analytics.

There will also be a $100 prize – the person who gets it will be chosen through the lucky draw.

All active marathon participants will have a chance to get this prize.

FBS will add the prize money to the winners’ FBS accounts to trade or withdraw.

Join Join FBS Trading Marathon

How to participate in FBS Trading Marathon?

  1. on Telegram using an FBS Real account
    You’ll receive the details from FBS’s chatbot.
  2. Participate until February 8, 23:59 MT time
    You can join any time before the end of the event.
  3. Trade to win
    The winners will be announced on FBS’s Telegram channel on February 9 and will receive prize money.

Open FBS Real Account

What’s the schedule of FBS Trading Marathon?

As we’ve mentioned, there are instruments of the day. The topic for February 2 is Forex majors + Oil (trade EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CAD, XBR/USD, XTI/USD). February 3 will be about euro, pound, and gold. February 4 is for trading all Forex instruments available with FBS. February 7 will be for indices, stocks, oil, gas, and gold, and February 8 will be devoted to all Forex instruments once again. #FBSTradingMarathon

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The previous winner reveals his secrets

The previous Trading Marathon was successful for many traders, and FBS will highlight the winner, Shelendra Sisodiya from India. Shelendra spoke to FBS about his experience and trading strategy during the event.

According to Shelendra, his strategy was to be careful in choosing trading instruments and timeframes to trade them. Also, he adds, keeping up to date with the news and social media helped him stay ahead. Although his favorite trading instrument was XAU/USD, he was also successful in trading various Forex majors.

We hope that you’re inspired by Shelendra’s example and sincerely wish you the best of luck during FBS Trading Marathon.

Tune in to FBS’s Telegram channel to receive valuable trading tips and to find out the winners.

This is a great opportunity to develop your trading skills, don’t miss it!



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