MetaTrader platforms with Tickmill

Tickmill esteemed online broker that with its services aims at the full satisfaction of its customers, combines flawless market execution and highly competitive prices with the incomparable features that are part of the award-winning MT4 and MT5 platforms, a perfect combination for unparalleled trading.

Considered by many traders as one of the best tools ever made for trading, the award-winning MetaTrader platforms offer cutting-edge services and features capable of creating a perfect environment for any investment opportunity, and the main advantages derive from the great reliability of the software and flawless efficiency.

Suitable for any trading style and for any trader, whether experienced or new to the trading world, the platforms offer numerous technologically advanced trading tools capable of filling any need, such as customizable advanced charts, trading robots, free indicators and widgets, depth market much more.

MT5 / MT4 platforms are available on any type of device, be it Mac, Windows or mobile.

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MT5 with Tickmill

By far the best multi-asset platform in the world for trading on forex, stocks and futures that allows traders to take advantage of cutting-edge tools for precise price analysis, use of software for algorithmic trading (such as Expert Advisor and robot trading), and the ability to copy the strategies and offers of successful traders via copy trading.

Depth of Market
MT5 with ONANDA allows each trader to easily control the liquidity of the market chosen for trading and thanks to the integrated market depth, he will be able to make large-scale investments through a single transaction, with the ability to view spreads and prices in relation to the volume of trades made (spreads start at 1 pip on EUR / USD).
MT5 Economic Calendar
The integrated economic calendar allows you to constantly monitor any forecasts and report release dates, much less view important economic and political events that could decisively influence financial activities.
Customizable graphics
The charts available on the MetaTrader 5 platform can be used to visualize price fluctuations, taking advantage of state-of-the-art technical analysis and Expert Advisors, this allows traders to focus on any market changes in real-time, thus being able to intervene quickly to cope with any type of change on all financial markets (Forex, Stocks, Futures and CFDs).
The sophisticated MT5 tracking system includes 21-time frames per financial instrument, an almost unlimited number of charts, a wide range of analytical tools used for technical analysis, customizable color schemes, templates and profiles, manual scaling.
Charts have a wide range of different settings, allowing traders to customize and adapt each chart to match their style and suit their personal needs.
The available MT5 charts are divided into broken lines, sequence of bars and Japanese candlesticks and it is possible to set a distinct color for any element of the chart in order to create a more functional and lasting working environment.
The graphic timeframes available are 21 M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, MN, M2, M3, M4, M6, M10, M12, M20, H2, H3, H6, H8, and H12.
Autochartist is a tool capable of analyzing market trends and identifying any opportunities, by using it, traders will be able to draw essential information to obtain large amounts of data and identify graphic patterns to save as much time as possible.

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MT5 automated trading

Traders will have the ability to create expert advisors using MQL5 which uses a programming language that gives users the ability to create MQL5 automated trading strategies, MQL5 signals and indicators, cutting-edge customized programs such as an MQL5 trailing indicator stop loss and other models of indicators and strategies.

These applications are commonly called “trading robots” and can analyze the quotes of financial instruments and carry out trading operations on the Forex and foreign exchange markets.

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6 types of pending orders with Tickmill MT5

Each Tickmill customer can take advantage of 6 pending order types.

Buy stop
The Buy Stop order allows you to set a buy order above the real market price.
Buy limit
In contrast to the buy stop, the Buy Limit order gives traders the opportunity to set a buy order below the current market price.
Sell stop
Sell stop represents a type of pending order that the trader places in order to sell the previously selected asset at a price lower than the current one, this type of order is usually used when it is expected that the price reaches a certain level and continues to fall from there.
Sell limit
Pending order to sell on a price higher than the current market price, this order is usually used when it is assumed that following a certain increase in a price the latter will tend to decrease.
Buy stop limit
The buy stop limit selects a certain price higher than the current market price which if reached, a sell limit will be placed at a lower price.
Sell stop limit
The sell stop-limit, on the other hand, places a sell limit order when the price reaches a lower value than the current quote.

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MT4 platform with Tickmill

MT4 is today one of the most used trading platforms in the world and with a wide range of tools available capable of satisfying the needs of any trader, both experienced and new to the world of trading.

MT4 offers traders everything they need for high-quality trading (technologically advanced interactive charts and technical indicators).

The platform’s state-of-the-art and constantly updated software increases the ability to devise any kind of strategy with pending orders, instant executions, chart trading, stop and trailing orders, and more.

The main feature of the MT4 platform is the analytical functions available.

Customizable graphics
List of graphs with 9 periods available that give the possibility to analyze forecasts in detail and respond quickly to market price fluctuations.
Analytical objects and indicators
23 analytical objects and 40 indicators for trading available.

For traders with less time available, unable to regularly follow their operations, it will be possible to use the tool called “copy trading” with which it will be possible to automatically copy the trading operations of other traders.

The MT4 platform also has robots and algorithms accessible through dedicated forums and groups, traders will be able to take advantage of their own strategies created as an Expert Advisor who will automatically control both trading and analysis.

By consulting the information section, each trader will be able to find recent financial news and essential alerts for adequate preparation for any unforeseen or sudden change in the markets.



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