How to open VTMarkets account & Start Copy Trading for free How to open VTMarkets account & Start Copy Trading for free

To start copy trading with VTMarkets, visit their website and open your preferred account type. After depositing the minimum amount, familiarize yourself with the various trading options and choose a trading platform. Then, access the VTrade portal to begin copy trading by registering as a Follower and selecting experienced Providers whose strategies align with your goals. Regularly review and adjust your copy trading settings. Always be informed about the technicalities of copy trading, and consult the support team if needed.

Copy Trading with VTMarkets allows novice traders to benefit from experienced traders’ strategies through a seamless integration on the VTrade platform. This system offers diverse strategies and continuous trading opportunities. Apart from copy trading, VTMarkets provides tools like Expert Advisors for automated trading and Forex Signals for deep market insights. Their MAM/PAMM solutions cater to professional money managers. VTMarkets emphasizes a community approach, providing a comprehensive suite for all trading needs.

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How to open an account and start copy trading

1. Open Your Account:

Go to the VTMarkets website and choose your desired account type.

They offer:

  • Standard STP Account: Ideal for beginners with zero commissions and spreads from 1.2 pips.
  • RAW ECN Account: Offers the lowest spreads and charges a $6 commission per round turn.
  • Swap-Free Accounts: For Muslim traders, no swap or interest fees. Available as Swap-Free Standard STP and Swap-Free RAW ECN.

Register and complete the necessary verification processes.

Deposit the minimum amount required (e.g., $100 for most accounts).

Open an account with VT Markets

2. Familiarize with Trading Options:

VTMarkets provides a plethora of markets such as Forex, Indices, Energy, Precious Metals, Soft Commodities, ETFs, Share CFDs, and Bonds.

Ensure you understand the conditions and risks associated with each option.

Explore available trading products

3. Select Your Trading Platform:

VTMarkets offers platforms like:

  • MetaTrader 4 (MT4): Known for fast order execution and a user-friendly interface.
  • MetaTrader 5 (MT5): Offers enhanced features and advanced charting capabilities.
  • WebTrader Plus: Comes integrated with TradingView for versatile charting.
  • VT Markets Mobile App: Enables trading on-the-go with over 230 tradable assets.

Choose your platform

4. Get Started with Copy Trading:

Visit the VTrade portal on VTMarkets.

Register as a Follower.

Browse through the list of experienced Providers on VTrade, review their performance and strategies, and select the ones that align with your goals.

Once you’ve chosen your providers, their trades will be automatically copied to your account. You can adjust trade size and risk according to your preference.

Register on VT Markets

5. Monitor and Adjust:

Regularly review the performance of the trades copied to your account.

Adjust your risk ratio and settings in the Autoscale mode if needed. Be aware of the implications if using a Cent account.

Feel free to diversify or change providers based on your financial goals and market conditions.

Remember, trading carries inherent risks, and it’s advisable to always consult with a registered financial advisor before making any trading decisions.

Start Copy Trading with VT Markets

Why Choose Copy Trading with VTMarkets?

The financial markets are vast, ever-evolving, and sometimes unpredictable. It’s a world where experience and knowledge can be the difference between profit and loss.

But what if you’re new to trading or simply don’t have the time to monitor the markets continuously? VTMarkets presents the answer: Copy Trading.

  • Seamless Integration with Professional Traders: With VT Markets’ VTrade platform, you aren’t just trading; you’re connecting. By copying trades from elite traders, you’re essentially letting experts navigate the complex world of forex on your behalf.
  • Wide Reach: With access to over 100 forex pairs and presence on two major trading platforms, your opportunities to profit are extensive.
  • Diverse Strategies for Every Trader: Whether you’re risk-averse or a high-roller, there’s a trading strategy for you. By following different providers, you can diversify risks and optimize returns.
  • Always On: VTMarkets’ global team of providers operates around the clock. So, regardless of where you are or what time it is, there’s always a market opportunity waiting for you.
  • Empower the Trading Community: If you’re an experienced trader, you can also become a provider, sharing your strategies while benefiting from a lucrative rebate scheme.

Start Copy Trading with VT Markets

Tools and Services Designed for Every Trader

  • Expert Advisor (EA): Want to further automate your trading strategy? VTMarkets offers Expert Advisors for MetaTrader 4. Whether you’re creating your own or choosing from the extensive pre-loaded options, you can trade with unparalleled precision and efficiency.
  • Forex Signals: Dive deeper into market dynamics with actionable forex trading signals. With the backing of industry-leading platforms and the expertise of Trading Central, VTMarkets ensures you always have reliable signals to guide your trading decisions.
  • Trading Central MT4 Tools: From actionable insights with Alpha Generation indicators to real-time economic data with the Economic Calendar, VTMarkets equips you with top-tier analytics tools. Enhance your market understanding and trade with confidence.
  • MAM/PAMM Solutions: For professional money managers, VTMarkets offers cutting-edge multi-account management solutions. Enjoy features like bulk order execution, various allocation methods, and full Expert Advisor compatibility, all on a platform known for its reliability and speed.

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With a focus on transparency, reliability, and technological excellence, VTMarkets is redefining what it means to trade in the 21st century. From novices to seasoned professionals, the comprehensive suite of tools and services cater to every trader’s needs.

Sign up today, open a live account, and immerse yourself in a trading experience like no other.

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Essential Notes for Followers and Providers

Understanding the technicalities of copy trading is crucial for success. Ensure you’re familiar with aspects like the volume of copied trades, currency conversion calculations, and risk settings. For instance, the copied volume of trades depends on a formula that takes into account the provider’s trade volume, the follower’s capital, and their risk ratio.

Always stay informed and, if in doubt, reach out to VTMarkets’ dedicated support team. They’re here to help you make the most of your trading journey with VTMarkets.

Start Copy Trading with VT Markets

VTMarkets is more than just a trading platform; it’s a community of traders, experts, and innovators working together to revolutionize the trading landscape. Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience, their suite of tools and services is designed to elevate your trading game. Welcome to the future of trading. Welcome to VTMarkets.

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FAQs: Copy Trading, Expert Advisor, Forex Signals, and MAM/PAMM Solutions

What is copy trading and how does it work?
Copy trading allows you to automatically copy the trades of professional traders. By using VT Markets’ VTrade platform, you can select from various providers, and their trading strategies will be applied to your account. You don’t need significant initial capital and can diversify by following multiple providers.
How can I start copy trading with VT Markets?
Open a live account with VT Markets. Once registered, access the VTrade portal to become a Follower, choose your preferred providers, and start trading automatically.
What is an Expert Advisor (EA) and how can I use it?
An Expert Advisor (EA) is an automated Forex trading solution for MetaTrader 4. It can automate trading strategies or send alerts for specific trading conditions. EAs can be created using the MetaEditor tool in MetaTrader 4, or you can obtain pre-verified EAs through the MT4 market tab.
What are Forex trading signals?
Forex trading signals are actionable suggestions for trades based on technical analysis or the preferences of a signal provider. They typically include information about currency pairs, trade direction, entry and exit points, stop loss, and take profit levels.
Where can I find reliable Forex signals?
VT Markets offers access to Trading Central’s coverage of over 35,000 tradable assets directly from the Client Portal. Additionally, MetaTrader 4 integrates thousands of verified forex signal providers on their platform.
What tools does Trading Central offer?
Trading Central provides tools like Alpha Generation indicators, Economic Calendar, Economic Insight, and Forex Featured Ideas, which offer insights, data, and analytics to support traders in making informed decisions.
How can I access Trading Central’s MT4 tools?
Existing VT Markets clients need to fund a minimum of $500 and fill out the opt-in form. New clients can open an account to gain unlimited access to top-tier trading tools.
What are MAM/PAMM solutions offered by VT Markets?
VT Markets offers multi account manager (MAM) and percent allocation management module (PAMM) solutions. These tools allow professional money managers to manage multiple client accounts efficiently. The MAM/PAMM solutions offer benefits like unlimited trading accounts, bulk order execution, and full order functionality.
What do I need to become a MAM/PAMM partner?
To become a MAM/PAMM partner, clients must complete a Power of Attorney Form. You also need to have a financial services license or a legal opinion in the operating jurisdiction.
What is the significance of the Cent account in copy trading?
If you are a follower using a Cent account or following a provider with a Cent account, there are specific guidelines regarding fees, trade volumes, and calculations. Providers can collect fees for trades at least 0.5 USC in size, and the volume of copied trades is determined by a specific formula considering the Follower’s Capital, Provider’s Capital, and the Follower’s Risk Ratio.


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