How open Traders Trust account and Get a 100% & 200% Deposit Bonus How open Traders Trust account and Get a 100% & 200% Deposit Bonus

Unleash Your Trading Potential with Magnificent Deposit Bonuses

In the world of financial trading, every edge counts, and that’s where Traders Trust’s deposit bonuses come in. Prepare yourself for a unique trading experience with our impressive bonuses that can escalate your trading funds up to a staggering $10,000! This is not just about one bonus, but about empowering you with multiple opportunities to multiply your trading potential, leading you towards the pinnacle of trading success.

Receiving the deposit bonus involves a few simple steps:

  1. Open an Account: If you don’t already have one, you’ll need to open a live trading account. The type of account you open will determine the kind of deposit bonus you can receive. The deposit bonuses are available only on Classic and PRO account types.
  2. Make a Deposit: After you’ve successfully opened your account, you will need to deposit funds into it. You will have to deposit $300 or more to be eligible for the deposit bonuses.
  3. Request the Deposit Bonus: Once you’ve deposited the requisite amount into your trading account, you will need to request the deposit bonus. This could be a 100% deposit bonus or a 200% deposit bonus. It’s important to note that you can request only one bonus per deposit.
  4. Start Trading: Once you’ve requested the bonus and it has been added to your account, you can begin trading with the increased funds. The bonus will effectively double (with the 100% bonus) or triple (with the 200% bonus) your initial deposit, increasing your trading potential.

Please keep in mind that the bonus has a validity period of 90 days from the day it was added to your account. You are required to trade the total volume required within this period if you want to transfer the deposit bonus to your balance or withdraw it. If you do not reach the required volume within 90 days, the bonus will be automatically removed from your account.

Receive a 200% Bonus from Traders Trust

Enhancing Your Financial Strength: Two Exclusive Bonuses

At the heart of this scheme, Traders Trust presents two thrilling opportunities: a 100% Deposit Bonus and a 200% Deposit Bonus. Each designed with a singular objective: to magnify your trading strength and augment your financial prowess.

1. The Power of Doubling: 100% Deposit Bonus

If you decide to harness the 100% deposit bonus, the benefits are twofold. Firstly, your original deposit amount instantly doubles, providing you with an expansive trading capability. Secondly, you can now open trading positions with twice the potential. It’s simple mathematics; if you deposit $500, you now have the opportunity to trade with an impressive $1,000, doubling your trading prowess in a single leap.

2. Tripling Your Financial Muscle: 200% Deposit Bonus

If the doubling power of the 100% deposit bonus is not enough, then consider the 200% deposit bonus. By choosing this, you will see your trading potential explode to become three times your original deposit. This bonus doesn’t discriminate between trading instruments – whether you trade forex, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, oil, or indices, your deposit triples. Hence, deposit $1,000 and watch as your trading capacity expands to $3,000!

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A Closer Look at the 100% and 200% Deposit Bonuses

At the heart of these bonuses lies a commitment to trader empowerment. The minimum deposit required to participate and avail these bonuses is just $300, making it accessible for traders of all stripes. The most exciting part? These bonuses aren’t just figures on your trading account – they are withdrawable* under certain conditions.

These deposit bonuses can significantly turbocharge your trading potential, with the bonus amount reaching as high as $10,000. This isn’t about just doubling or tripling your deposit; this is about expanding the scope of your financial reach, giving you the opportunity to trade with an extensive range of instruments without restrictions.

The door to these bonus promotions is wide open to all new and existing live account holders who deposit $300 or more from January 1st, 2022, indefinitely. For each deposit exceeding $300, a bonus will be credited as Credit to the participant’s live account, up to a total deposit amount of $10,000. Participants have the freedom to claim either the 100% or 200% deposit bonus following their deposit above $300.

Remember, the clock starts ticking from the moment the deposit bonus hits your account. The validity period for this offer is 90 days from the day the 100% or 200% Deposit Bonus was added to the account. When it comes to conversion, Traders Trust’s policy is straightforward and fair: the ratio is 1 closed lot round turn for every $5 of credit value. This means that if the deposit bonus is $1,000, you will need to achieve a minimum of 200 closed lots within a 90-day timeframe.

Participants are required to trade the total volume required if they aim to transfer the deposit bonus to their balance or withdraw it. At the end of the 90-day period, if the required total volume hasn’t been reached, the deposit bonus will be automatically withdrawn from the account. Additionally, it’s crucial to note that if your equity equals or drops below the credit amount at any time, all open positions will be automatically closed, and the deposit bonus removed.

However, it’s worth noting that these deposit bonuses are available only on Traders Trust’s Classic and PRO account types. So, if you’re ready to elevate your trading journey, it’s time to start multiplying your deposits and turbocharging your financial potential today!



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