IFC Markets Your Lucky Tesla (Tesla Cybertruck) Promotion IFC Markets Your Lucky Tesla (Tesla Cybertruck) Promotion

New promotion offered by IFC Markets “Your Lucky Tesla”.

A new exciting initiative offered by IFC Markets with fantastic prizes up for grabs. The most coveted prize? A magnificent Tesla Cybertruck!

The Universal Program Promo by IFC Markets is a special offer for traders where they can get a bonus of up to 10% of their deposit amount.

The bonus amount varies depending on the deposit amount, and it can be used for trading purposes.

The promotion is available for all account types, and it runs for a limited time.

Additionally, the promotion also includes reduced spreads on selected instruments, and traders can take advantage of it to maximize their profits.

IFC Markets launches the new program “Your Lucky Tesla”

IFC Markets is a broker always attentive to the quality of its traders’ work. Periodically, it proposes interesting initiatives to advantage, support and stimulate trading for its clients. Among the numerous initiatives and promotional offers launched by the broker, the new program “Your Lucky Tesla” is undoubtedly the one that has aroused the most interest among traders.

In short, the program proposes that all clients participate in the draw for numerous prizes up for grabs, including a fantastic Tesla Cybertruck. By making a minimum deposit of $250, the trader will receive the necessary tickets to participate in the prize draw, the higher the deposited amount, the more tickets will be received. The program will take place in two distinct phases with two draws. The initiative can be considered a “multiple” promotion, as at the time of opening the account, the trader can receive a welcome bonus on the first deposit for a maximum of $1000 and an activity bonus of up to 50% every month in addition to participating in the prize draw.

To participate in the promotion, simply follow these very simple steps:

  • Open a real account with IFC Markets
  • Request participation in the “Your Lucky Tesla” program.
  • Make a minimum deposit of $250 to receive the welcome bonus and activity bonus (if the minimum trading requirements of at least 0.5 lots are met) and the necessary tickets to participate in the draw.
  • Trade a minimum of 0.5 lots in 30 days
  • Participate in the draw.
  • Withdraw the prize!!

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As mentioned, the promotion will take place in two distinct phases:

In the first phase, which will take place from December 1, 2022, to April 30, 2023, customers will participate in a draw for:

  • A 5 oz gold ingot worth 10k USD.
  • 10 iPhone 14s worth 800 USD each.
  • 20 notebooks worth 400 USD each.
  • 50 withdrawable Bonuses worth 100 USD each.

In the second phase of the promotion, which will take place from May 1, 2023, to September 30, 2023, traders will participate in a draw for:

  • A Tesla Cybertruck (or the equivalent monetary value of 40,000 USD).
  • Five Apple MacBook Pros worth 1300 USD each.
  • Ten iPad Airs worth 600 USD each.
  • 50 withdrawable Bonuses worth 100 USD each.

The broker allows requesting the cash equivalent of any prize received. It is important to note that the first deposit required to participate in the program must be no less than 250 USD / 250 EUR / 35,000 JPY / 12,500 UBTC. Anyone can participate provided that they meet the minimum trading requirement: trading at least one lot within 60 days of the start of the program.

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Details of the “Your Lucky Tesla” Program

The promotion is accessible to anyone, both existing customers and new traders, who can request to participate. The following list contains important details about the initiative.

  • Any trader who is interested and has a real account registered with the broker can take part in the initiative provided they meet the minimum requirements (minimum deposit, monthly trades). At the time of registration, the trader must select the account to use to participate in the Program (Participation Account).
  • The customer has the opportunity to participate only once and with a single account.
  • Traders can use the deposit method that best suits their needs, without any restrictions.
  • Customers can use any trading strategy and avail themselves of expert advisors.
  • In the event that a trader makes a withdrawal during the promotional period, they will lose the right to receive the funds resulting from the bonus (if the account capital is less than the total deposit amount + bonus amount).
  • Winners can choose to request the cash equivalent of a prize.
  • Payment, Investor, and Master accounts (IFCM Invest service) are not compatible with the promotional initiative.
  • “IB” type accounts (used for partnership commission accumulation) are not eligible to participate in the initiative.

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Welcome Bonus and Activity Bonus

The offered bonuses are flexible and vary depending on the deposit made, the amount of trades made, and any withdrawals. By meeting the minimum requirements, the bonus amount will be credited to the applicant’s account.

Regarding the Welcome Bonus, the trader can select the percentage that will be calculated on the deposit made, which will be credited as a bonus once the required conditions are met. Initially, the bonus is set at 30%, but the trader can modify this percentage according to their needs. If it is set at 10%, there will be no minimum trading requirement, and the bonus fund will be credited immediately to the applicant’s account.

Bonus value Deposit Bonus Lots required for qualification
50% 250 USD 125 USD 250/ 50 = 5 lots
40% 250 USD 100 USD 250 / 66.7 = 3.75 lots
30% 250 USD 75 USD 250 / 100 = 2.5 lots
20% 250 USD 50 USD 250/ 200 = 1.25 lots
10% 250 USD 25 USD No lot required

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In order to be eligible for the activity bonus, traders must trade at least 0.5 lots within 30 days. The funds derived from the bonus will be calculated based on the deposit made as shown in the table above. In fact, the bonus percentage will be the same as that chosen for joining the Welcome Bonus program. The bonus will be calculated from the first deposit made in the following month and is valid once a month.

After being eligible for the program, clients will be entitled to a certain number of tickets. The number of tickets a trader can receive depends on the amount of funds deposited. Each trader will be entitled to a maximum of five tickets.

Deposit Tickets
250-499 USD 1 Ticket
500-749 USD 2 Tickets
750-999 USD 3 Tickets
1000-1249 4 Tickets
1250 USD and over 5 Tickets

Each trader can receive a maximum bonus amount of 1000 USD / 1000 EUR / 140,000 JPY / 50,000 UBTC. The chances of winning in the prize draw depend directly on the number of tickets received for participation.



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