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This Promotion has ended its release period. Please check AximTrade's latest information and campaign on AximTrade's company introduction page.

AximTrade - What's now?

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Promotion Details

Offer 50% Spread Cashback
Available to All Traders of AximTrade

Maximize Your Earnings with PRIMECashback × AximTrade!

Traders, are you looking to take your profits to the next level? Look no further than the incredible partnership of PRIMECashback and AximTrade. Combining the power of competitive trading with the lucrative advantage of cashback, you’re set up for unmatched success in the trading world.

Here’s why:

Open PRIMECashback × AximTrade Account

AximTrade: The Ultimate Trading Experience

With AximTrade, traders can benefit from astonishingly low spreads starting from 0.0 pips. If that wasn’t enticing enough, they offer a whopping up to 100% in bonuses. Trading becomes even more accessible with AximTrade’s straightforward registration process, allowing you to kickstart your trading journey with a minimal deposit of just 1 USD.

Furthermore, AximTrade doesn’t limit your trading prowess. Choose from four diverse account types – Standard, Cent, ECN, and In+finite. Each account boasts its own set of unique features, from varying leverages to specific benefits, catering to the diverse needs of traders globally. And yes, for all the tech-savvy traders, every account type supports the use of Expert Advisors (EA) and underscores the essence of optimal trading conditions.

Receive Cashback on AximTrade Account

PRIMECashback: Boost Your Profits

The collaboration with PRIMECashback is the cherry on top. With every trade you make, a cashback awaits, ready to be credited directly to your AximTrade account. Whether you’re dealing with Forex, Metals, Energies, Indices, Crypto, or Stocks, every trade qualifies you for cashback. Best of all, this incredible feature extends across all account types. And here’s the best part: registration and account setup won’t cost you a dime.

Open PRIMECashback × AximTrade Account

Why PRIMECashback is the Smart Choice

So, why should you consider PRIMECashback? It’s simple – it amplifies your earning potential in trading. Regardless of how your trades perform, the strategies you employ, or the tools you utilize, PRIMECashback ensures you benefit.

In the crowded world of cashback services, PRIMECashback stands tall, guaranteeing the most competitive cashback rates compared to other third-party entities. Moreover, as an official partner of AximTrade, PRIMECashback promises a service that’s not just secure but entirely automated.

In essence, not leveraging PRIMECashback means letting valuable financial opportunities slip through your fingers.

Receive Cashback on AximTrade Account


The fusion of PRIMECashback and AximTrade brings forth an opportunity that no trader should miss. Dive into a world where trading meets rewards, and experience the best of both worlds. Register today and let your trades work double-time for you!



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