ForexVox 20% Floating Bonus ForexVox 20% Floating Bonus


This Promotion has ended its release period. Please check ForexVox's latest information and campaign on ForexVox's company introduction page.

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Promotion Details

Offer 20% Floating Bonus
Available to All Traders of ForexVox


ForexVox is a high-quality international broker that offers its clients a well-structured trading environment full of opportunities. In addition to offering cutting-edge tools and features, the broker’s main goal is to enable traders to expand their knowledge, thus optimizing their trading experience. ForexVox provides access to an excellent educational section suitable for all levels of experience, allows sharing and benefiting from information through the SV Social service, and provides access to a dedicated information chat, offering the possibility to contact expert advisors and use state-of-the-art software for informed investing. Another feature that demonstrates the broker’s seriousness and transparency is the absence of a minimum deposit to open a new account, giving traders full decision-making power over when and how much to deposit to start trading.
ForexVox allows its clients to invest in:

  • A wide range of instruments, including forex, indices, metals, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Use advanced tools and features.
  • Benefit from deep liquidity and very fast order execution.
  • Consult customer support, always available for any assistance.

In addition to the excellent service offered, the broker provides access to numerous promotional initiatives designed to support clients in their operations and encourage them to create precise strategies with higher volumes. Among the various promotions available at this time, the 20% Floating Bonus has aroused considerable interest among traders for its features.
Request the 20% Floating Bonus from ForexVox

20% Floating Bonus

This promotion allows clients to receive a 20% bonus on deposits up to a maximum of 500 USD. To access the initiative, the client must have a verified account and make a minimum deposit of 100 USD, necessary to activate the bonus. The extra funds from the initiative cannot be withdrawn but can only be used for investment purposes. Any profits generated from trading will be available for withdrawal at any time and without restrictions. Each client will have 60 days to use the extra funds, and at the end of the specified period, the promotion will be removed from the trader’s account.

Promotional Type Deposit Bonus
Promotion 20% Floating Bonus
Required Minimum Deposit 100 USD or equivalent in currency
Minimum Trading Requirements None
Withdrawal of Bonus Funds Not available in any case
Withdrawal of Profits Available at any time without restrictions
Usage Period 60 days from activation
Compatible Accounts Standard Account – ECN Account – Cent Account
Total Maximum Amount of Bonus 500 USD
Trading Restrictions None
Compatibility with Other Initiatives Not compatible
Available Platforms MT5
Offered Trading Instruments Forex, indices, metals, commodities, and cryptocurrencies

Request the 20% Floating Bonus from ForexVox
An interesting feature of the promotion allows participants to use the extra funds during drawdowns.

What is Drawdown and Why is It Important

By definition, drawdown represents a decrease expressed in percentage between the highest peak and the lowest point over a certain period of time for an investment, an account, or a market.

Account Drawdown.
Refers to the fluctuation of funds present, from the highest peak to the lowest point in a given period of time. For example, assuming that an account has 20,000 dollars and it drops to 18,000 dollars, then rises back to 20,000 dollars, the account has registered a 10% drawdown.
Market Drawdown.
Denotes a negative trend following a period of growth. In practice, a market fluctuation expressed in percentage over a specific period of time, characterized by a decreasing moment followed by a subsequent increasing moment.

Drawdown is important for effectively managing risks, understanding the performance of the instrument in which one is investing, and reacting efficiently to market variations. The trader can use the extra funds received from the promotion to take advantage of negative market fluctuations or to recover potential losses in their portfolio.
Request the 20% Floating Bonus from ForexVox

How to Participate in the Initiative

As mentioned, to take part in the promo, the trader must have a verified account and make the necessary minimum deposit. Any account available with the broker is compatible with the offer. Consequently, new subscribers interested in taking advantage of the promo can choose the account that best suits their needs. To request the bonus, simply follow these very simple steps:

First step.
To begin, the client must make a minimum deposit of 100 USD.
Second step.
Contact the support team at to request activation of the promo.
Third step.
Start investing using the extra funds.

Request the 20% Floating Bonus from ForexVox

Useful Information

To request the bonus, the client must first carefully read and accept the rules. Following, a summary of the main rules and useful information to know to participate in the initiative.

  • The promo is available to any client, both new and existing customers can request it.
  • The bonus offers 20% extra funds on any deposit made up to a maximum of 500 USD.
  • The extra funds will be added to the participant’s account under the “credit” section. The funds actually deposited by the client can be used in trading and withdrawn at any time. The extra funds cannot be withdrawn in any case.
  • The profits generated from the use of the extra funds can be withdrawn at any time.
  • The 20% Floating Bonus can be used during drawdown periods.
  • If the trader decides to make a withdrawal during the promotional period, the promo will automatically be canceled from the account.
  • The promotion will remain active on the participant’s account for a limited time of 60 days. At the end of the set time, extra funds and promo will be deleted from the account.
  • Each trader can request the promotion only for one account. Being a bi-monthly promo, the trader can request the bonus again.

Request the 20% Floating Bonus from ForexVox

Accounts Compatible with the Promo

As already mentioned in the article, any account offered by the broker is compatible with the 20% Floating Bonus. Therefore, any trader interested and without a real account with the broker can opt for the most suitable account for their style and, consequently, make the most of the benefits of the promo. It is important to emphasize that to request the bonus, the account must be verified. Following, a detailed description of the features of each individual account available with ForexVox.

Cent Account.
Primarily designed for beginner traders who want to test their strategies on real markets without taking too much risk. Also, professional traders who want to test the broker’s environment may opt for this type of account before starting to invest larger volumes. The Cent account offers: no commission, variable spreads starting from 0.1 pip, and balance expressed in cents.
Standard Account.
An account suitable for any trading style and type of trader. Both experienced and novice traders will have the opportunity to interact in the markets to their fullest capacity, taking advantage of services and functions compatible with their modus operandi. No mandatory deposit, no commission, tight spreads, and a high maximum leverage will allow the client to invest best and manage risks accurately.
ECN Account.
A type of account created exclusively for professionals, allowing the use of cutting-edge tools for high-performance trading. The account offers lightning-fast and direct order execution, with no intermediary between the client and the liquidity providers. Each trader can devise complex trading strategies and benefit from variable spreads starting from 0.1 pip, low trading commissions, and no mandatory minimum deposit.
Characteristics Standard Account ECN Account Cent Account
Non-obligatory “suggested” deposit 100 USD 500 USD 100 USD
Maximum available leverage 1:1000 1:1000 1:1000
Trading commissions Zero Variable based on the selected instrument Zero
Instruments offered for trading More than 90: forex, indices, metals, oil, and cryptocurrencies Over 90 divided between forex, indices, metals, oil, and cryptocurrencies More than 90: forex, indices, metals, oil, and cryptocurrencies
Currencies available for account US Dollar, Euro, British Pound US Dollar, Euro, British Pound USD
Minimum size (expressed in lots) 0.01 0.01 0.01
Spread Variable starting from 0.1 pip Variable starting from 0.1 pip Variable starting from 0.1 pip
Maximum open positions Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Margin call 100% 100% 100%
Stop out 20% 20% 100%
FV Social Included Included Included
Copy Trading Available Available Available
Available platforms MT5 Desktop, web and app MT5 Desktop, web and app MT5 Desktop, web and app

Open a ForexVox Account

Open a ForexVox Account

Signing up and starting to invest with ForexVox doesn’t take much time. The trader can register, choose the suitable account for their needs, and start investing in just a few minutes. The interested party must simply visit the official website, access the registration window, provide the requested information, and undergo the verification process.

To take advantage of the 20% Floating Bonus, interested parties can open an account by following these very simple steps:

First step.
The investor must visit the official website and click on the “Open a Real Account” button, located in the center of the screen. On the new page, fill in the registration form by entering: first name, last name, email address, mobile phone number, country of origin. Then read and accept the terms and conditions, choose a secure password, and click on the “Sign Up Now” button.
Second step.
The trader will receive an email containing a link to validate the account. Click on the link to successfully activate the account. Once the registration process is completed, the provided data can be verified.
Third step.
At this stage, the trader must undergo a verification process to prove their real identity and country of origin. To proceed, they must send high-definition photos of the front and back of a valid identification document (identity card, passport, driver’s license) and a recent utility bill (for example, electricity or gas) containing the trader’s address.
Fourth step.
After registering, the new client can make the necessary minimum deposit and request the bonus.

Open a Real ForexVox Account



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