ForexVox Gold Rush Promotion ForexVox Gold Rush Promotion

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Offer $300 Deposit Bonus
Available to All Traders of ForexVox
CFD Service. Your capital is at risk.


ForexVox is a young international broker that has quickly gained recognition and trust thanks to its excellent service. Strictly regulated, it ensures safe and transparent trading. Every trader has the opportunity to learn about every aspect, commission, or clause simply by visiting the official website or contacting the always available support team.

ForexVox is built on three fundamental aspects: knowledge, experience, and education. The broker offers clients the opportunity to refine their techniques and expand their knowledge through courses certified by major stock exchanges, detailed educational materials, and a helpful chat room where they can share their ideas with industry professionals and benefit from useful advice.

To enable traders to invest to the best of their abilities, the broker offers a wide range of state-of-the-art tools and services, zero trading commissions, ultra-low spreads, a highly qualified support team, and no mandatory minimum deposit, and much more.

  • Competitive prices.
  • Rapid order execution.
  • Deep liquidity guaranteed by top-level banks.
  • An efficient and user-friendly customer portal.
  • A wide range of state-of-the-art tools.
  • Regularly updated interesting promotional initiatives.
  • Spreads starting from 0.1 pip.
  • No mandatory minimum deposit for account activation.

In addition to the excellent service available, the broker commits numerous resources to creating interesting promotional initiatives with the aim of supporting and encouraging clients to create more accurate and profitable strategies. Among the various initiatives offered, the special Gold Rush promotion has generated considerable interest among traders.

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Special Gold Rush Bonus

The “Special Gold Rush Bonus” initiative offers traders the opportunity to receive extra funds simply by investing in XAUUSD. Here’s how it works: a client with a verified account can request to participate in the initiative after making the required minimum deposit of $1,000. They must then commit to investing in the precious metal to meet the minimum trading requirements (18 standard lots for the Standard account or 30 standard lots for the ECN account) and receive extra funds of up to a maximum of $300, which can be withdrawn if the conditions are met.

  1. Deposit $1,000.
  2. Request participation in the promotion.
  3. Meet the minimum trading volume requirements.
  4. Request the extra funds.
Promotion Special Gold Rush Bonus
Minimum required deposit $1,000 or equivalent currency
Minimum trading requirements 18 standard lots for the Standard account or 30 standard lots for the ECN account
Bonus withdrawal Available if the trader shares their experience on the ForexVox website
Withdrawal of any profits Available at any time
Accounts eligible for the initiative Standard Account – ECN Account
Maximum bonus amount $300
Trading restrictions None
Compatibility with other promotions Not compatible
Available platforms MT5
Trading instruments offered Gold

Claim the ForexVox Gold Rush Bonus

How to Participate in the Initiative

The Gold Rush promotion is freely accessible to both existing traders with a real account and new traders. Those interested in participating in the promotion can request it by following these steps:

  1. Make a minimum deposit starting from 1000 USD.
  2. Contact the support team at [email protected] and include “Start GoldRush” in the email subject line.
  3. Start investing in XAUUSD and meet the minimum volume requirements. Note that these requirements vary based on the account type: 18 standard lots for Standard accounts and 30 standard lots for ECN accounts. The trader will have 30 days to fulfill the required trading volume.
  4. To receive the extra funds from the initiative, the participant must send an email with the subject “End GoldRush” to support@forexvox.

Claim the ForexVox Gold Rush Bonus

Terms and Conditions

To participate in the initiative, every customer must carefully read and accept the regulations. Below is a summary of the main information and rules to be aware of:

  • The ForexVox Gold Rush promo allows traders to receive an extra $300 by trading on XAUUSD.
  • The offer is available only in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
  • To participate in the initiative, the customer must deposit $1000 into their account with one or more credits. The deposited funds should not be used in other transactions before requesting participation in the offer.
  • Only trades made on XAUUSD will be considered eligible for calculating the extra funds.
  • Trades made before the request via email will not be included in the volume calculation.
  • The following will not be considered valid: canceled or pending orders, fully or partially hedged positions, copy trading operations, positions closed with profits or losses of less than 50 pips, and trades with a duration of less than one minute.
  • Each customer is entitled to participate in the promo with a single account. However, they can request to participate in the initiative once a month (since the initiative lasts a maximum of 30 days).
  • For each monthly participation, the customer must make a new deposit of $1000.
  • The extra funds resulting from the initiative will be credited to the trader’s account within 48 hours of the request. The customer can withdraw the amount if they share their trading experience on the ForexVox company website.
  • The promo is not compatible with other initiatives offered by the company. Therefore, accounts with other active promotions cannot participate in the initiative.

Claim the ForexVox Gold Rush Bonus

Accounts Eligible for the Offer

Among the accounts available with the broker, only Standard and ECN accounts are compatible with the promotion. Therefore, interested traders must hold one of these two accounts to take advantage of the initiative. It is important to remember that for eligibility, the accounts must be rigorously verified. Since there is no mandatory minimum deposit for account activation, the customer only needs to deposit $1000 to participate in the promotion. Below are the main features of accounts eligible for participation.

Standard Account

This type of account is designed to be compatible with any style and level of experience. Its main features make it suitable for both beginner and professional traders. Every trader can fully utilize their abilities, using state-of-the-art tools and services with very favorable trading conditions. No mandatory deposit, minimum spreads, no commissions, and high leverage will allow the customer to create effective strategies and optimal risk management.

Features Standard Account
Recommended non-mandatory deposit 100 USD
Max leverage 1:1000
Trading commissions Zero
Trading instruments available Over 90: forex, indices, metals, oil
Available currencies US Dollar, Euro, British Pound
Minimum size (in lots) 0.01
Spread Variable starting from 0.1 pip
Max number of positions Unlimited
Margin call 100%
Stop out 20%
FV Social Available
Copy Trading Available
Platform MT5

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ECN Account

Designed for industry professionals in need of high-performance trading, the ECN account offers cutting-edge tools and services and lightning-fast order execution, guaranteed by a sophisticated electronic communication network that allows interaction in the markets without any intermediaries. The customer can create precise strategies using variable spreads starting from 0.1 pip, favorable trading commissions, and no mandatory minimum deposit.

Features ECN Account
Recommended deposit 500 USD
Max leverage 1:1000
Investment commissions Not defined
Trading instruments Over 90, including forex, indices, metals, oil
Available currencies US Dollar, Euro, British Pound
Minimum size (in lots) 0.01
Spread Variable starting from 0.1 pip
Max number of positions No limits
Margin call 100%
Stop out 20%
FV Social Available
Copy Trading Available
Platform MT5

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How to Open a ForexVox Account

As described, traders interested in participating in the initiative must hold a verified account. Unregistered traders can choose the account that best suits their style, either Standard or ECN.

To open a real account and request the promotion, follow these simple steps:

First step.
To begin, the customer should visit the official website and click on the “Open a real account” button located both at the top right and center of the screen. On the new page, they should select the account type (individual or business) and provide the necessary registration information: name, surname, email address, mobile phone number, and country of origin. Read the general regulations carefully and accept them, set a new password, and click on the “Sign up now” button.
Second step.
To activate the account, the support team will send a verification email containing a confirmation link. Once the account is activated, the trader must undergo data verification to definitively validate the account.
Third step.
To complete the activation process, the customer must undergo identity and country of origin verification. To proceed, they must send clear front and back photos of identification documents (passport, ID card, driver’s license, and a recent utility bill with the applicant’s address, such as electricity or gas).
Fourth step.
If deemed eligible, the investor can make the required deposit for the promotion and start investing.

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