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This Promotion has ended its release period. Please check ForexVox's latest information and campaign on ForexVox's company introduction page.

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Promotion Details

Offer Gold Swap Free Trading
Available to All Traders of ForexVox

Why Invest in Gold?

Trading in precious metals, especially gold, offers traders numerous advantages:

  • An instrument with stable long-term value that allows for excellent portfolio diversification.
  • A rare natural asset that makes it low risk of default.
  • By maintaining its value, even during periods of economic instability, gold is considered by traders as a kind of safe haven, insurance to protect their capital from factors such as currency problems, inflation, deflation, high interest rates, and sudden stock market fluctuations.
  • The value of gold is recognized internationally and does not vary based on the country of residence and currency.
  • In times of crisis, the price of gold typically rises. This characteristic provides traders with the opportunity to profit even in less promising times.
  • As an instrument that maintains its price over time, traders should carefully create long-term investment strategies.
  • Unlike day trading, investments with open positions for long periods involve paying a commission called swap.

Invest in Gold with ForexVox

What Is Swap?

In practice, swap is the cost that traders must bear to keep a position open overnight. It represents the difference between the interest rates of the currencies exchanged on both long and short positions. Swap is calculated every night, except for weekends. On Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday nights, the commission is tripled to cover the weekend. To calculate the swap to be incurred, the customer simply needs to choose the currency pair to invest in, the lot size, the currency of their account, and click “calculate.”

Swaps vary depending on the chosen asset for trading and are calculated as follows:

  • For Forex, CFDs on metals, CFDs on indices, CFDs on energies, and CFDs on commodities, swap is calculated as follows: Lot x Contract Size x Long/Short Point x Interest Rate Size.
  • For CFDs on stocks, CFDs on ETFs, and CFDs on cryptocurrencies, swap is calculated as follows: Lot x Contract Size x Current Price x Long/Short Interests / 360.

Aware of how burdensome this expense can be for long-term investments, ForexVox broker offers its customers the opportunity to invest in gold without having to pay the swap. A promotional initiative primarily designed to support its traders and encourage them to invest larger volumes to the best of their abilities, creating accurate long-term investment strategies without worrying about overnight expenses.

Invest in Gold with ForexVox

Swap Free Gold ForexVox

The “Swap Free Gold ForexVox” initiative is available to any trader, both existing clients and new registrants can request the promotion.

The only account compatible with the offer is the Standard type.

New registrants will need to verify their account before they can request participation in the initiative.

After making a deposit, the client can implement long-term strategies on gold and maximize their benefits.

The promotion does not require minimum deposits for activation or a minimum standard lot size to trade. Traders can automatically take advantage of the promotion by making a deposit into their verified Standard account and starting to invest in gold.

Invest in Gold with ForexVox

Standard Account

The standard account has been carefully designed to be compatible with any trading style and level of experience. It includes state-of-the-art tools and features that allow the client to execute any operation to the best of their abilities.

Features Standard Account
Recommended and non-mandatory deposit 100 USD
Leverage 1:1000
Investment commissions Zero
Trading instruments offered Over 90: forex, indices, metals, oil
Available account currencies US Dollar, Euro, British Pound
Minimum size (expressed in lots) 0.01
Spread Variable starting from 0.1 pip
Maximum number of open positions Unlimited
Margin call 100%
Stop out 20%
FV Social Available
Copy Trading Available
Platform MT5

Open a Standard Account with ForexVox

How to Open a Standard Account

To participate in the initiative and start investing in gold without facing swap expenses, the client must have a verified Standard account. To open an account with ForexVox, simply follow these easy steps:

Step 1.
Visit the official website and click on the “open account” button located both at the top right and center of the page. On the new page, the client must choose the type of account (individual or corporate) and fill out the registration form with: name, surname, valid email, phone number, and country of residence. Carefully read the general terms and conditions, accept them by checking the appropriate box, create a secure password, and click “Sign Up Now.”
Step 2.
The trader will receive a validation email at the provided address. By clicking on the link, the account will be opened. With access to their personal area, the trader can undergo the verification test to activate the account definitively.
Step 3.
In this phase, the trader must prove their real identity and country of origin. To proceed, they must submit clear front/back photos of an identification document and a recent utility bill (e.g., electricity or gas) containing the account holder’s address.
Step 4.
With a successful outcome, the new client can make a deposit, request participation in the zero swap promotion on gold, and start investing.

Open an Account and Invest in Gold with ForexVox



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