TopFX cTrader and MT4. Which platform is better for trading TopFX cTrader and MT4. Which platform is better for trading

Comparison of cTrader and MT4 platforms

See the table below for the comparison of MT4 and cTrader trading platforms.

cTrader MetaTrader 4
Parent Company Spotware Systems MetaQuotes Software
Year Founded 2011 2005
Supported Markets FX and CFDs FX and CFDs
Accessibility Windows, Mac, Web-Browser, iOS, Android, Tablets Windows, Web-Browser, iOS, Android, Tablets
Programming Languages C# MQL4 & MQL5
One-click trading
Online community Huge Small
Built-in technical indicators +70 30
Experts Advisors (EAs) or trading robots +270 +15,000
Custom indicators +860 +7,000
Execution Model ECN+STP ECN

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cTrader: 5-way Trading on One Revolutionary Platform

TopFX cTrader is your go-to platform for reliable, advanced technical analysis tools that allow you to combine different trading methods on one interface. It’s designed for traders seeking the upper hand in financial markets with a suite of leading-edge features. However, it is worth noting that 71.49% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

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Features of TopFX cTrader – Manual Trading with cTrader Trade

cTrader Trade stands out for its user-friendly interface and the availability of advanced market analysis and risk management tools. As a manual trader, these features provide an essential foundation for successful trading.

cTrader’s features are geared towards giving you the best trading experience. These include:

  • Unlimited watchlists that can be detached and moved around your workspace
  • Detailed symbol information and Live Sentiment data
  • Wide selection of chart types, including Candlesticks, Bar, HLC, Line, Heikin, Dots, Renko, among others
  • 54 timeframes, from one minute to one month
  • Helpful information on your order’s volume, including pip value, commission cost, and required margin
  • 60+ technical analysis indicators, lines, and oscillators
  • Advanced Take Profit and Stop Loss functionality
  • Chart trading with drag-and-drop functionality
  • One-click trading

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Copy Trading with cTrader Copy

For those looking to copy successful strategies from other traders or share their own strategy for additional revenue, cTrader Copy is an excellent choice.

Advantages for Copiers

  • Ability to rank all strategies according to performance
  • Start and stop copying with the click of a button
  • Modify the amount of funds allocated to a specific strategy easily while you keep copying the strategy
  • Access detailed reporting of all your open and closed positions

Advantages for Strategy Providers

  • Share your strategy immediately without signed agreements or special requirements
  • Charge three types of fees: Performance, Volume, and Management
  • Set a Minimum Investment Amount and generate meaningful returns

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Automated Trading with cTrader Automate

cBots are cTrader’s trading robots, designed for an objective approach that eliminates human errors. With cBots, you can:

  • Choose from a diverse selection of bots, such as Trend, Range, or strategy-based ones
  • Load your robot or indicator and click “Play” to start trading
  • Easily convert MT4 Expert Advisors to cBots with an additional piece of software
  • Write your own script for robots and indicators and optimise them by backtesting

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In-platform Signals from Trading Central

These are decision-making shortcuts that help save time and effort. Follow actionable, in-platform recommendations from Trading Central to validate your own analysis with a verified second opinion from trading experts.

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FIX API for Low Latency

cTrader FIX API is ideal for high-frequency, professional, and institutional traders. It features low latency connectivity and robust performance, enabling fast setup due to its unified protocol, reduced trade execution latency, and the ability to transfer large amounts of information almost instantly. Additionally, it enables easy integration of proprietary algorithmic trading systems.

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Mobile Trading with TopFX cTrader App

Mobile trading has become increasingly popular, with many traders using more than one device to place and monitor their trades. The TopFX cTrader mobile app, available for both Android and iOS, offers everything you need to maintain the same exceptional user experience of the desktop and web platforms on the go. It features responsive charting, comprehensive information about available assets, a complete history of executed deals, and more.

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Advantages of TopFX cTrader

100% uptime over the past seven years
3ms internal processing time
Ideal for beginners:
Plenty of information to help understand the level of exposure
Advanced trading tools:
More chart types, timeframes, and risk management tools
Robust mobile app:
Steady, feature-rich, and user-friendly for Android and iOS

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MetaTrader 4:The World’s Most Popular Platform

In addition to cTrader, TopFX also offers MetaTrader 4 (MT4), another user-friendly and customizable platform that equips you with all the tools you need for a seamless trading experience. Key features of TopFX MT4 include:

  • Trading in Forex, Indices, Energies, and Metals
  • Interactive charting
  • 9 timeframes
  • Over 30 pre-installed technical analysis indicators
  • Easy customization to your preferred trading settings
  • 1-click trading
  • Automated trading with Expert Advisors
  • Copy trading
  • Trading signals from Trading Central
  • Ability to build your own robots and custom indicators with MQL4
  • Availability in multiple languages

The platform is available for both desktop and mobile devices, featuring a mobile app that allows you to trade from anywhere.

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MQL Suite of Trading Tools

Originally worth $100 per month, the MQL Suite of trading tools is available for free when you open a Live Account with TopFX. It comes with 250 indicators, panels, expert advisors, and other functionalities organized in ready-to-use profiles that can be easily understood even by less experienced traders. The MQL Suite offers tools for Price Action, Percentage Analysis, Volatility Studies, Fibonacci Studies, and Algorithmic Studies. These tools can help you browse the platform quickly, make objective decisions based on specific data sets, and enhance your overall trading performance.

Remember, CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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FAQs about TopFX’s cTrader and MT4

What are the key differences between the cTrader and MT4 platforms?
The cTrader platform, developed by Spotware Systems in 2011, supports more programming languages and offers a larger online community, more built-in technical indicators, and more custom indicators than MT4. In contrast, MT4, created by MetaQuotes Software in 2005, provides a larger number of Expert Advisors (EAs) or trading robots.
What markets are supported by the cTrader and MT4 platforms?
Both cTrader and MT4 platforms support Forex and CFDs markets.
What are the accessibility options for cTrader and MT4 platforms?
Both platforms are accessible on Windows, Web-Browser, iOS, Android, and Tablets. cTrader also supports Mac.
What are the main features of the TopFX cTrader platform?
The TopFX cTrader platform offers advanced technical analysis tools, multiple chart types, detailed symbol information, risk management tools, and an intuitive user interface, among other features.
What is cTrader Copy and who can benefit from it?
cTrader Copy is a feature that allows users to copy successful trading strategies from others or share their own for extra revenue. Both strategy copiers and providers can benefit from this feature.
How does automated trading work with cTrader Automate?
Automated trading with cTrader Automate is facilitated through cBots, trading robots designed for an objective approach that eliminates human errors. Users can choose from a range of bots, convert MT4 EAs to cBots, or write their own script.
What are the advantages of the TopFX cTrader platform?
The TopFX cTrader platform is reliable (100% uptime in the past seven years), fast (3ms internal processing time), provides advanced trading tools, and offers a robust mobile app.
What features does the TopFX MT4 platform offer?
The TopFX MT4 platform offers trading in multiple markets, interactive charting, numerous technical analysis indicators, 1-click trading, automated trading with EAs, copy trading, trading signals, and customization options.
What is the MQL Suite of Trading Tools?
The MQL Suite of Trading Tools, free for TopFX Live Account holders, includes 250 indicators, panels, expert advisors, and other functionalities for Price Action, Percentage Analysis, Volatility Studies, Fibonacci Studies, and Algorithmic Studies.
What are the risks involved with trading on these platforms?
CFDs are complex instruments and involve high risks due to leverage. Users should consider whether they understand how CFDs work and if they can afford the high risk of losing their money.


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