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Trade360 - What's now?

We are no longer promoting Trade360. The information regarding to Trade360 on the website 'Hercules.Finance' maybe outdated. ref. Trade360

Trade360 is relatively a new Forex broker founded in 2015, which has come up with its own “Crowd Trading Technology”.

“Crowd Trading” is an very unique service provided by only Trade360. With its system, you can see what other traders are thinking and which direction they tend to bet at the moment.

With Trade360, you can trade in a crowd and increase your possibility to earn profits.

Its unique trading platform and system are very interesting and attractive though, this time we like see their actual trading conditions by opening a live account.

The Real-Time Spread of Trade360

In the official website, Trade360 mentions that the broker offers floating spread from 1.8 pips through its own crowd trading platform, but not MT4 or cTrader.

And the below spreads were captured in November 2016 during low market volatility.

Forex Spread of Trade360

As Trade360 offers only one account type, the above spreads are the ones you will see with Trade360, and as you can see the spread starts from 1.8 pips.

The spread itself is actually wider than the average of other Forex brokers though, Trade360 offers continuous bonuses to traders so you can benefit with even lower actual trading cost.

The bonuses will be provided directly and continuously on the trading platform, as long as you keep trading with Trade360.

Trade360’s trading conditions

“Crowd Trading” is something everyone wants to try out at least once to see what it’s like. But there are several conditions that you want to be aware of before start trading with Trade360.

Trade360 is an OTC(Over-the-Counter) Forex broker. Thus Trade360 does not allow Scalping, Hedging or use of any types of trading programs on their trading platform.

In case the broker finds such trading activities on their trading platform, the broker may take necessarily actions on the trading account.

If you are not sure whether your trading method will be included in the unauthorized methods defined by Trade360, then you are recommended to contact them to confirm via e-mail.



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