AximTrade-has-introduced-a-Infinite-Leverage-Account.-Here-is-what-you-need-to-know. AximTrade-has-introduced-a-Infinite-Leverage-Account.-Here-is-what-you-need-to-know.

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What is an Infinite Leverage Account?

Infinite leverage takes you to the next level by allowing you to borrow a limitless amount of trading capital from AximTrade.

This is your chance to open bigger trade positions and strategise for maximum opportunities of profitability.

With over 30 Forex and Metal trading instruments and counting, AximTrade aims to reach your full trading potential.

To be qualified for an Infinite Leverage Account, follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure your Member Area is fully verified.
  2. Trade a minimum of 5 Standard Lots across all real accounts (Forex and Metals)
  3. Open an Infinite Leverage Account!

You can only qualify for an Infinite Leverage Account if two of the following conditions are met:

  • Member Area is fully verified.
  • You have traded at least 5 Standard lots (across all real accounts) of Forex or Metals.

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Comparison of Account Types of AximTrade

In AximTrade, the MT4 platform supports currency trading, stock index CFDs, and gold and oil CFD trading, but does not provide stock CFD trading.

As shown in the table below, standard accounts, cent accounts, ECN accounts, and Infinite accounts can access the MT4 platform.

Account Type Standard Cent ECN Infinite
Maximum Leverage 1:3000 1:2000 1:1000 Unlimited
Contract size 100,000 = lot 1,000 = lot 100,000 = lot 100,000 = lot
Negative Balance Protection (NBP) Supported Supported Supported Supported
Minimum Spread 1.0 pip 1.0 pip 0.0 pips 3.0 pips
Trading Commission None None $3 per lot None
Maximum open/pending orders per client 200 Positions 200 Positions 200 Positions 50 Positions
Minimum Trading Lot 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots 0.01 lots
Maximum Trading Lot 50 lots 150 lots 50 lots 25 lots
Trading Bonus Available Available Available Unavailable
Deposit Bonus Available Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
Hedging Positions Allowed Allowed Allowed Allowed
Required Minimum Deposit $1 $1 $50 $1
Margin Call % 60% 60% 60% 60%
Stop Out % 30% 30% 30% 0%
Account Opening Pages Open AximTrade Standard Account Open AximTrade Cent Account Open AximTrade ECN Account Open AximTrade Infinite Account

Any AximTrade user can hold up to 15 active trading accounts.

Each active member area is allowed to open up to 7 standard accounts, 2 cent accounts, 5 ECN accounts and 1 Infinite account.

Deposits, withdrawals and other functions related to trading accounts can all be operated in the AximTrade member area.

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What is Leverage?

Forex leverage is the ratio of the trader’s funds to the broker’s credit.

In other words, leverage is the borrowing of capital to increase potential returns. The scale of Forex leverage usually exceeds the principal invested by several times.

The amount of leverage is not fixed in all companies but depends on the trading conditions offered by the Forex broker.

Therefore, Forex leverage is a way for a trader to trade more than his trading volume with limited funds.

Sounds good?

Today, thanks to margin trading, everyone has access to the Forex market to trade with credit leverage (margin) offered by brokers

But wait – there’s more to know about trading leverage.

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How to choose the best leverage level

What is the optimal leverage level? – The answer to the question is difficult to determine.

Because it mostly depends on the trader’s trading strategy and the actual vision of the upcoming market movement.

That is, scalpers and breakout traders try to use high leverage because they usually look for quick trading opportunities, but positional traders, usually Trade with low leverage amounts.

So, how much leverage to choose when trading forex? – Remember, Forex traders should choose the leverage level they are most comfortable with.

AximTrade offers leverage from 1:1, 1:500, and the unlimited. Usually in the foreign exchange market 1:100 leverage level is the best leverage for trading. For example, if you invest $1000 and the leverage is equal to 1:100, then The total amount available for trading will be equal to $100,000. More precisely, traders are able to trade higher volumes due to leverage. Investors with small capital prefer to trade on margin (or leverage) because their deposits are not enough to open enough trading positions.

As mentioned above, the most popular forex leverage is 1:100.

So what’s the problem with high leverage? – In addition to being attractive, high leverage is also very dangerous. Forex leverage can cause very big problems for traders who are new to online trading and just want to use large leverage, hoping to make big profits while ignoring The loss will also be a huge fact.

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How to manage leverage risk?

Therefore, while leverage can increase potential profits, it also has the ability to increase potential losses, which is why you should choose the amount of leverage on your trading account carefully.

But it is worth noting that while trading in this way requires careful risk management, many traders always trade with leverage to increase their potential return on investment.

To a large extent, we can avoid the negative impact of Forex leverage on trading results. First of all, it is unreasonable to use the entire balance for trading, i.e. to open a position with the maximum trading volume.

It’s not all…

In addition to this, forex brokers often provide key risk management tools such as stop-loss orders to help traders manage risk more effectively.

Here are the basics for properly managing leverage risk:

  • Use trailing stop;
  • Keep small-volume positions;
  • and limit the amount of each position.

Therefore, with proper management, Forex’s leverage can be successfully traded and profitable.

Remember that leverage is very flexible and can be chosen according to each trader’s needs.

Now, you can better understand Forex leverage with an example and see how trading leverage works.

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Forex leverage example

How Leverage Works The balance is $1000 and the leverage is 100x.

Open a EUR/USD position with a volume of 10 000. It is opened at the 1.0950 level and the stop loss is placed at 1.0850.

Then the margin required for this position is €10 000 x 1/100 x 1.095 = $109.50.

If you don’t want to waste time calculating, you can also use the margin to calculate.

As shown in the figure, the trading volume is $10 000, then the pip value (four decimal places) is $1, open The position level and the stop loss level are 100 pips apart.

So if the price doesn’t go in the expected direction, you will lose $100.

If you don’t set the stop loss, the loss may increase.

When you are trading, no matter if you are long Whether you are short or short, you can set a stop loss.

Therefore, stop loss is an important tool to control risk.

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How to Calculate Leverage in Forex

To measure the size of trading leverage – just use the following formula.

Leverage=1/Margin=100/Margin percentage

For example: if margin is 0.02, margin percentage is 2%, leverage=1/0.02=100/2=50.

To calculate the amount of margin used, just use the margin calculator.



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