Types of OctaFX’s trading platforms and tools

Trade on different OctaFX platforms and enjoy a wide range of trading tools.

Download the industry standard and access hundreds of CFDs on stocks, commodities, indices, and more.
Mobile trading app
Access a variety of tools that you would normally expect from a desktop solution, but in this case, from the palm of your hand and in a single click.
WebTrader platform
OctaFX’s award-winning web platform offers fast, informed, and intuitive trading options.
Trading Central
Industry’s leading provider of technical signals – 3 times a day and free with a funded account.
Assess the Market – Expand your trading network and access the wisdom of the crowd on the OctaFX platform.
Integrated economic calendar
Do not look away from the main events of the day without leaving the web, mobile, or desktop platform.

By opening one trading account with OctaFX, you can invest in various financial markets using various trading tools.

In this article, we will explain the main features of OctaFX’s platforms and how they will support your trading activities.

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1. OctaFX MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

The difference between retail and professional operators is becoming less clear, as online markets offer more and more options to operate. Open an account, download MT5 and access the tools of the professionals.

Climb the steps of the trading world with MT5.

More assets and information
MT5 shows up to 1000 assets of all classes, CFDs, stocks, and options, as long as they are available. You can get more information, tick charts, and much more from each of them.
More tools and orders
82 technical indicators and chart tools, 21-time frames, 6 order types, and 4 execution types, hedging, clearing, and reporting in charts and graphs … 1/3 more tools than in MT4.
More information and analysis
Develop and run your own custom EAs, scripts, and indicators and test them with OctaFX’s multi-threaded strategy checker thanks to the new developer language, MQL-5, supported by the entire MQL user and developer community.
More community
The MT5 community chat puts you in touch with other traders like you, OctaFX’s economic calendar allows you to have all the information you need without leaving the environment, and the internal email system and the transfer of funds between accounts offer you a completely comprehensive solution so that you focus only on what matters most … Your money!

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2. Award-winning OctaFX mobile trading app

See the volatility of an asset, simulate a trade before investing all your money, and much more. The full range of functions of a complete trading platform at your fingertips, quickly and easily!

Take OctaFX anywhere with OctaFX’s mobile app.

All the information and all the tools
Get information on daily ranges and volatility of your assets, as well as hours of operation, leverage and any other data to make informed operations.
Live Chat
Write any question and get an immediate answer from a real operator in real time. OctaFX’s support team is just one click away from you thanks to OctaFX’s integrated live chat.
Completely compact solution
View the market, your portfolio and much more quickly and efficiently. Access over 500 assets and hundreds of technical tools without the hassle.
Position simulator
Generate a partial model thanks to OctaFX’s patented technology and see when a position becomes profitable before investing your money.

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3. CrowdTrading – Trading opportunities in the palm of your hand

OctaFX’s unique CrowdTrading algorithms continuously track OctaFX’s asset list, measuring activity and detecting irregularities. The result appears alongside the trading platform in an easy-to-understand flow of events that describes the trading activity and informs the user of the following:

New tendencies
Based on a market event, traders start to open new buy/sell positions, which generates a new trend. CrowdFeed’s trend detection feature instantly identifies new trends and alerts the user.
Quick activity
CrowdFeed constantly measures the volume of purchases and sales of an asset during a specific period of time. Notifies the user of a change in volume and/or volatility.
Increase in positions
A sudden increase in purchases or sales usually indicates an expectation on the part of the operators before a publication. Crowdtraders position themselves at the head of other traders thanks to this valuable information.
Change of trend
CrowdFeed constantly measures the volume of purchases and sales of an asset during a specific period of time. Notifies the user of a change in volume and/or volatility.

Trading on collective sentiment is the latest fad in financial analysis. With OctaFX’s CrowdTrading technology, you will be able to see what other traders are doing on your platform at any time and in real-time.

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What is CrowdTrading?

OctaFX’s CrowdTrading environment is made up of two main elements: CrowdFeed, a live, real-time feed of market events that also indicates how traders react accordingly.

The CrowdFeed is a live feed that shows the main market events and current trends related to assets. All events include asset purchase/sale percentages, as well as information that compares current market action with usual.

Irregularities are highlighted, allowing the operator to immediately see the event, and assess its cause and consequence. Additionally, OctaFX’s unique CrowdTrading sentiment indicator appears next to each asset, in order to measure purchases and sales in the system at any given time.

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Why trade with the sentiment of other traders?

Throughout the history of financial markets, access to them has often been limited. Online operations have changed this landscape by giving access to retail operators.

Today, anyone with a device connected to the Internet, be it a mobile device or a desktop computer, can access the information that drives the markets and operate independently. And, as with all innovations, technology tends to isolate people before bringing them together later.

If, before, the growing number of online operators was unable to drive market trends, their current consolidation is re-establishing an efficient market, which is driven by an informed and influential public.

And if social trading laid the roots of that consolidation, now CrowdTrading puts the wisdom of the crowd at your fingertips so you too can become an influential player in the OctaFX community.

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4. OctaFX WebTrader Platform

Simple design and comprehensive accessibility. OctaFX’s new WebTrader platform offers you all the technical and administrative functions of any desktop platform, but with twice the speed and facilities.

Trading is very easy thanks to OctaFX’s new WebTrader platform!

More than 500 CFDs
Multiple asset classes for CFD trading, such as stocks, ETFs, commodities, indices, and currencies. Trade CFDs on gold and oil, or on the Nikkei and NASDAQ, as well as CFDs on stocks from Apple to Yum.
Hundreds of technical tools
From moving averages and simple oscillators, through pivot points and fractals, quickly assess trends and volumes, and mark your charts according to your preferences.
Live Chat
OctaFX’s support team is just one click away from you thanks to OctaFX’s integrated live chat. Write your question and get an immediate answer from a real operator in real-time.
Position simulator
Build a model that shows when a buy/sell position is profitable before investing your money.

Get to know the sentiment of OctaFX users with CrowdTrading, the latest technology.

The basis for online operations is relevant to market data, ready for immediate use. OctaFX’s CrowdTrading is an indispensable part of OctaFX’s online platform. Find out what your trading partners are up to in real-time and always stay one step ahead.

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5. Trading Central: Your Guide to Market Movements

OctaFX is proud to partner with Trading Central ™, the industry’s leading provider of trading signals for retail traders. Add funds to your account and get the first trading signals from Trading Central 3 times a day and free of charge.

Various asset classes
CFDs on various assets: forex, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, commodities, and indices.
Cases based on pivot points
See precise cases and alternatives based on various levels of support and resistance.
3 times a day
Get signals and prepare for the openings of the European, Asian, and New York markets.
Confirmation with multiple indicators
RSI, MACD, and other technical indicators to notify and explain trends.

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What are trading signals?

The signals offer traders opening, closing and directional data related to assets that can be traded throughout a day. These are typically generated by a complex algorithm, then filtered and confirmed by human analysts so they can be used as a supplement to daily fundamentals. Used with reason, operators will be able to modify any operation they have open according to the new data.

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Why Trading Central?

Trading Central combines automated artificial intelligence analysis with investment advice from expert analysts around the world who are on top of fundamental and technical analysis, news and sentiment. The company offers international coverage 24 hours a day to show a pioneering set of signals in a holistic framework and thus provide the best of all possible worlds.



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