Which-VantageFX's-Forex-Trading-Account-is-the-Best Which-VantageFX's-Forex-Trading-Account-is-the-Best

Experience the Difference with VantageFX

VantageFX is a licensed overseas Forex trading company and has alliances with major financial institutions.

Therefore, traders can safely access the Forex market.

When you trade with Vantage FX, you can experience the speed of light execution and spread of rated RAW ECN accounts.

The trading experience with Vantage FX using various devices and platforms will be unique.

Traders will also have access to Vantage FX’s wide range of currency pairs and stocks through platforms such as MT4 and MT5, as well as web traders, apps for iPhone and Android.

Vantage FX was founded in 2009 by a dedicated team of financial, forex and technology backgrounds.

Created to help VantageFX’s clients pursue their financial goals, the broker offers smooth access to the Forex market, powerful trading platforms (MT4 and MT5), excellent execution speeds and award-winning services.

Given VantageFX’s background like this, professional traders will notice the significant difference between Vantage FX and other brokers, not to mention that VantageFX can always provide smooth access to the global Forex market.

VantageFX is constantly striving and evolving to provide better service than others.

VantageFX continues to leap forward for smart decision making and smart traders.

For a comparison of VantageFX’s all trading account types, visit the page here.

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VantageFX’s Standard STP account

Vantage FX’s Standard STP Account is an ideal account for trading in the fast-changing Forex market.

By using this standard STP account, you will be able to access spreads for institutional investors and the dark pool.

There are no transaction costs, and VantageFX promises low spreads, market depth, price consistency and fast trading execution.

All transactions made with a standard STP account are made via Equinix’s fiber-optic network.

Open VantageFX’s Standard STP Account

1. Vantage FX Standard STP Account’s Narrow Spreads and No Fees

VantageFX’s standard STP accounts offer the narrowest spreads in the industry.

VantageFX has carefully selected liquidity providers with a reputation for liquidity so that you can trade with confidence through Vantage FX’s standard STP accounts.

Check out the spread of Standard STP

2. Highly transparent NDD method without going through a dealer

Vantage FX’s standard STP account adopts a highly transparent NDD method without going through a dealer

One of the reasons Vantage FX is chosen by traders is that it ensures a high degree of transparency in trading.

All transactions with your Standard STP account are made with a liquidity provider linked to Vantage FX oneZero MT4 Bridge, and Vantage FX dealers do not intervene, ensuring a high degree of transparency.

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3. Speed of light of the transaction

Vantage FX’s standard STP account realizes the speed of light of transactions through Equinix’s fiber-optic network.

Vantage FX’s standard STP account is connected to a state-of-the-art fiber-optic network, enabling accurate and quick execution with the speed of light of transactions.

Open Vantage FX’s Standard STP account and experience the contract speed of your transactions.

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4. Access up to 500:1 leverage with a standard STP account

Vantage FX’s Standard STP Account gives traders access to up to 500:1 leverage.

This will allow you to trade more sizes and also enable efficient risk management.

Leverage allows traders to get more returns.

Open VantageFX’s Account with 1:500 Leverage

5. Make full use of the features of Vantage FX MT4 and MT5 platform

By linking your Vantage FX standard STP account to the MetaTrader platform, you will be able to experience a wide range of Forex trading.

Vantage FX always provides services after repeated tests with the goal of ensuring that traders can trade safely and securely. Experience a different deal with Vantage FX.

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VantageFX’s Pro ECN Account

Vantage FX’s Pro ECN account provides institutional liquidity from some of the world’s leading financial institutions to access markets around the world at the lowest transaction costs.

Vantage FX’s Pro ECN account is an account for professional traders, money managers and algorithm traders, featuring narrow spreads from 0.0 Pips, speed of light trading speeds and $2 / lot one-way trading fees.

Open VantageFX’s Pro ECN Account

1. Trade with even cheaper ECN fees

Vantage FX has partnered with some of the world’s leading liquidity providers to provide professional traders with the narrowest spreads and lowest transaction costs in their ECN accounts.

With Vantage FX’s Pro ECN account, you can trade with a narrow spread from 0.0 pips with a one-way $ 2 / lot transaction fee.

Vantage FX’s Pro ECN account is the perfect trading account for professional traders and fund managers who value keeping transaction costs as low as possible while maintaining accurate trading power and transparency with fast trading speeds.

Find out more about Pro ECN Account

2. Experience the advantage with Vantage FX’s Pro ECN account

Trading with Vantage FX’s Pro ECN account boasts high contracting power and enables trading at the lowest cost, so it is suitable for mass trading, automatic trading, and manual trading.

Pro ECN accounts provide liquidity for institutional investors from some of the world’s leading banks, allowing professional traders to experience fast trading speeds and a stable trading environment.

Strengthen your trading edge with the most advanced MT4 and MT5 ECN accounts at the moment and starts trading for trading professionals with PRO ECN.

Open VantageFX Pro ECN Account

3. Experience the transparency of PRO ECN

Today’s professional Forex traders need not only narrower spreads and deeper liquidity but also pure transparency in pricing.

By providing direct access to interbank price feeds from the largest banks and liquidity providers, VantageFX can provide its clients with the best possible buying and selling and execution.

Open your PRO ECN account and experience cost savings and fast trading today.

Experience VantageFX’s ECN Condition

4. Trade anytime, anywhere with your PRO ECN account

Since the market operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, it is important for Forex traders to have free access to the market anytime, anywhere.

As a result, you can now access your PRO ECN account on all your devices.

By providing a PRO ECN account on robust platforms (MT4 and MT5) and mobile trading applications, you can be confident that you will have quick access to your account and stable trading whenever you need it.

Get Access to VantageFX’ Mobile App

5. Execute transactions with unmatched accuracy and speed

Vantage FX PRO ECN accounts connect directly to fiber optic networks connected to Equinix servers around the world.

This means that the client’s order will be settled immediately, whether in 1 lot or 40 lots.

PRO ECN ranks prices and enables large-scale transactions to be executed in real-time among multiple liquidity providers.

Therefore, you can get a re-quote at the best price regardless of the size of the transaction.

Professional traders need professional products, so experience great market access through your Vantage FX PRO ECN account.

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VantageFX’s Raw ECN Account

Vantage FX’s Raw ECN account gives you access to institutional liquidity from some of the world’s leading financial institutions.

Vantage FX has introduced the next generation of Raw ECN trading, giving traders the most cost-effective trading in the Forex industry.

You can use the liquid trading environment for institutional investors with no additional spreads and a fee of $ 3.

Trading with a RAW ECN account allows traders to trade at the lowest transaction costs in the industry.

Vantage FX strives to ensure that you can trade safely and securely through the lowest transaction costs in the industry.

Experience the difference through trading on Vantage FX.

Open VantageFX’s Raw ECN Account

1. Minimum ECN account fee

With Vantage FX’s Raw ECN account, you can experience trading with the highest liquidity in the industry.

This will allow traders to trade with the industry’s narrowest spreads and lowest transaction fees.

By opening a Raw ECN account on Vantage FX, you can trade with the industry’s narrowest spreads and standard lots with a one-way trading fee of $ 3.

Vantage FX believes that an important factor in Forex trading is how to reduce transaction costs due to spreads and transaction fees.

Vantage FX’s Raw ECN account is a trading account with narrow spreads and low fees so that traders can trade with confidence.

Trade with the Lowest Cost in the Industry

2. Take advantage of flexible leverage options

Trading with Vantage FX’s Raw ECN accounts allows traders to take advantage of high trading power with fast trading speeds, lowest transaction costs with narrow spreads and low fees, and leverage up to 500: 1.

Vantage FX’s Raw ECN account is now even easier to use and more comfortable with the oneZero ™ MT4 bridge.

With the highest liquidity, Vantage FX trading accounts are the fastest and most stable in the Forex market.

Take advantage of MT4 and experience the unique Forex trading advantages of Vantage FX ECN accounts.

Open VantageFX’s Raw ECN Account

3. Transparent transactions

Vantage FX’s Raw ECN account is intended for traders to trade transparent Forex.

With Vantage FX’s Raw ECN account, traders can trade safely.

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4. Access your trading account anytime, anywhere

Like all Vantage FX trading accounts, Raw ECN accounts can be accessed from any device.

Fast and stable access to Vantage FX Raw ECN accounts is important in Forex trading.

You can access your Vantage FX Raw ECN account anytime, anywhere.

Access to VantageFX Platforms

5. Execution with high accuracy

Vantage FX’s Raw ECN account is connected to Equinix’s custom fiber-optic network.

By increasing the contract speed of Forex trading with the optical fiber network, traders will be able to trade profitably with high contract power.

Experience smooth access to the interbank market with your Vantage FX Raw ECN account.

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VantageFX’s Islamic Swap-Free Account

Vantage FX is one of the few Forex brokers that comply with Sharia law.

Vantage FX Islamic accounts are available to Islamic traders as non-swap accounts in accordance with Sharia law.

Both Vantage FX Islamic Standard and RAW ECN accounts will be able to access the liquidity VantageFX offers through the MT4 platform.

Sharia Compliance has been certified by Sheikh Hasan Kamura, Chairman of the Sharia Audit and Supervisory Board.

Vantage FX’s Islamic account is a swap-free account, so if you carry over your position the next day, you will not be charged any swaps or interest.

As an alternative to swaps and interest, you will be charged a “position management fee” that will be deducted from your account balance.

Open Islamic Swap Free Account

1. Gold and silver trading

Vantage FX is affiliated with Australian Gold & Silver Exchange (AGSX).

In order to trade gold and silver with an Islamic account, there is a rule that “the physical backing of gold and silver is required”, but this has become possible through the partnership with AGSX.

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2. Crude oil

Vantage FX prices in crude oil trading are tied to crude oil futures prices on exchanges around the world, so no swaps will occur.

Therefore, it is possible for traders with Islamic accounts to trade with peace of mind.

Would you like to experience trading using crude oil price fluctuations?

Open VantageFX Islamic Account Today

3. Stock index trading

Islamic accounts allow you to trade swap-free in over 13 stock index markets around the world.

As an alternative to swaps and interest, you will be charged a fee in the name of an “administrative fee” that will be credited or deducted from your account balance.

Want to trade a liquid stock index in markets around the world?

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4. Forex trading

Experience Forex trading from your Vantage FX Islamic account.

Because it is a Sharia law compliant account, there is no swap or interest even if you carry over your position the next day.

Trade Forex with VantageFX

5. Trade CFDs between US and Hong Kong

All listed stocks in the US and Hong Kong can be traded through MT4 and MT5 Islamic Standard and RAW ECN accounts.

One of the reasons why Vantage FX is chosen by you is that you can trade a wide range of stock CFDs while complying with Sharia law.

Want to open an Islamic account for Vantage FX and trade CFDs?

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VantageFX’s Narrow Forex trading spreads

The spread in Forex basically means the difference between the bid price and the ask price.

In the world of Forex currencies, the current currency is always displayed compared to another currency in order for traders to always exchange one currency for another.

It is usually written in pairs for the easiest display possible.

For example, AUD / USD is also called the base currency and USD is called the counter.

If it costs A $ 1.5 to buy 1 US $, this is written as 1.5 / 1.

If you trade with your Vantage FX RAW ECN account, you will find the lowest spreads in the industry.

Trading with institutional liquidity, the quality of which is supplied directly from the world’s largest banks is endless.

Liquidity and tiny spreads at or near zero are no longer just for hedge funds.

Trade with VantageFX’s Narrow Spread

How to check live spreads on VantageFX’s platform?

  1. Open MarketWatch on the Vantage FX MT4 platform.
  2. Right-click in MarketWatch and click Spread.
  3. You should now see the spreads for each Forex currency pair, commodity or index market in the 4th column.

VantageFX’s feed comes from major liquidity providers and banks.

When viewing spreads on the MetaTrader 4 platform, feeds come from up to 70 institutions.

This versatility allows us to offer industry-leading spreads of 0.0 pips for RAW ECN accounts and 1.0 pips for standard STP accounts.

Major time spreads can be less than one pip in liquid time, but common forex spreads are:

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VantageFX’s High Leverage up to 1:500

Leverage (leverage effect) is a mechanism that uses borrowing to allow access to a larger amount of capital than equity capital.

For example, it means that you can access a lot of capital with “margin” as collateral.

However, while this can be a huge profit, it also involves the risk of increasing losses, so you need to know the risks and use them wisely.

The higher the leverage, the lower the margin requirement for trading.

Trade with VantageFX’s 1:500 Leverage

Example of Leveraged Forex trading

Let’s say that a Trader A holds $ 5000.

If Trader A has a 10: 1 account leverage and wants to use $ 1000 as margin in Forex trading, it will be possible to trade 10,000 USD in the base currency (1000 USD) as expressed by the following formula.

Margin ($ 1000): 10 (leverage) x $ 1000 = $ 10,000 (tradable amount).

When Trader B holds $ 5000:

If Trader B’s account leverage is 100: 1 and you want to use $ 1000 as margin in Forex trading, you can trade 100,000 USD in the base currency (1000 USD) as expressed by the following formula.

Margin ($ 1000): 100 (leverage) x $ 1000 = $ 100,000 (tradable amount).

Find out more about Forex Leverage

Mechanism of Leveraged Forex trading

In Vantage FX, the default leverage is 100: 1.

This means that you can trade virtually 100,000 USD with a margin of 1,000 USD.

Using this leverage mechanism means that traders have temporarily borrowed the necessary credits from Vantage FX in order to trade at a value greater than the balance of their account.

Without leverage, you can only trade 1,000 USD for 1,000 USD.

While this can be a huge profit, it also involves the risk of increasing losses, so you need to know the risks and use them wisely.

If you want to set higher leverage, log in to the client portal, and change the setting from “Current Leverage” of your account.

While you can expect a lot of profits by setting high leverage, you also have the risk of increasing losses, so leverage should be used wisely.

Open VantageFX’s Account with 1:500 Leverage

VantageFX Mobile Apps for your Smart Phones and Tablet

Download the MT4 / MT5 app on your Android or iOS device to gain access to the market while you’re on the go.

Traders trading through Vantage FX will have 1-click trading, access to various trading types and instant access to over 300 currency pairs and stocks on their mobile devices, just like MetaTrader for PC and Mac.

The Vantage FX app gives traders easy and powerful mobile access to hundreds of Forex pairs, commodities, indexes, stock CFDs and more.

Available on both iOS and Android devices, the Vantage FX app includes tools to help you trade and invest, so you can trade in the global stock market anytime, anywhere.

Trade with your style anywhere with the Vantage FX app.

Download VantageFX’s Mobile Apsp

All the basic trading options
The Vantage FX app is a powerful yet simple technical chart for traders of all styles with a set of technical indicators including moving averages, Bollinger Bands, MACD, 9 timeframes, chart tools, 10 timeframes and more.
Simple but powerful tool
Order management, customizable watchlists, trading central signals, alerts, news calendars and much more. Access to the global equity market is easier than ever, anytime, anywhere.
Quick access to over 300 products
Start trading with the Vantage FX app and you’ll have access to currencies, commodities, indexes, stock CFDs and over 300 tradable stocks.
Easy Tranders of funds
The all-in-one trading app also includes the ability to quickly open an account and the in-app asset management tool for easy transfers and withdrawals.
Get world market news wherever you are
Working with Trading Central, daily market comments, global financial news and in-depth market analysis is easily accessible from the Vantage FX app.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional trader, all customers can get information from daily market analysis reports in real-time.

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Start trading Forex with VantageFX today

Because the FX industry is opaque, VantageFX at Vantage FX believes it is important to provide complete transparency.

Therefore, VantageFX makes many trials and errors to meet the needs of VantageFX’s customers and continue to provide reliable services.

That is why VantageFX makes ourselves available to meet VantageFX’s customers’ needs and make trial and error over and over again to continue to provide highly reliable services.

VantageFX is different from other brokers in understanding that earning the trust of VantageFX’s customers is the top priority.

As a result, VantageFX actively promotes integrity and ethical practices throughout the currency exchange industry to provide the best possible service.

With a reputation for integrity, VantageFX takes great pride in aligning VantageFX’s interests with those of all clients, take full responsibility for VantageFX’s offerings and strives to ensure that the high standards are never compromised.

Since its inception in 2009, Vantage FX has provided retail forex trading clients with an unprecedented forex trading experience.

VantageFX prides itself on the ability to provide the absolute most transparent forex trading environment so that you can take advantage of your forex trading edge.

After asking ourselves what traders want when choosing a Forex broker, VantageFX will Vantage FX from the elements that clearly define the ideal Forex broker for seamless and profitable Forex trading.



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