March 22, 2023

HFM, How does HF Markets' HFcopy work? How to start copying trades on live accounts?

Start Forex copy trading with HFcopy. HF Markets offers the social platform for all live accout holders.

Start Forex copy trading with HFcopy. HF Markets offers the social platform for all live accout holders. Start Forex copy trading with HFcopy. HF Markets offers the social platform for all live accout holders.

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A community, an alliance created to share trading experiences and aim for success.

HFcopy offered by HF Markets

Taking full advantage of one’s trading on global markets is no easy feat. Traders of any level, both experts and beginners, must thoroughly study the markets, find the product suitable for their needs, perform analysis, and create accurate trading strategies before investing their funds in trading. All this to achieve the goal that unites every trader: profit. Moreover, the time factor plays a crucial role in trading, and making quick decisions is of utmost importance for success.

It’s clear that tackling the markets is a daunting task, and a solution that could simplify everything is just one: joining forces to achieve a common goal. This is a concept that international broker HF Markets has seriously considered by creating the HFcopy service.

HFcopy is an international community that can be seen as a real alliance of numerous investors from any category who share experiences, knowledge, and strategies to achieve a common goal: dominating the markets and achieving success. The service is structured in such a way as to allow traders worldwide to interact freely with each other with the utmost transparency and protection.

  • Advantageous sharing of knowledge and strategies to achieve the common goal.
  • State-of-the-art fully automated trading.
  • Easy access via browser.
  • Fast and efficient service.

But how does the HFcopy service actually work? Let’s find out.

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How HFcopy works

In practice, the service allows you to benefit from the knowledge and experiences shared by numerous traders. You can access the service in two ways: as a “follower” and as a “signal provider.” The follower will be able to copy the trading strategies of other traders (mostly professionals in the field), while the signal provider is the investor who shares their trades. If the copied trades are successful, a small fee will be due to the signal provider.

The follower is allowed to subscribe to any provider and follow any strategies they want. Through access to their account, they can monitor their investments, close positions, withdraw profits, set the rescue level, and the allocation percentage of the volume.

The potential strategy provider has the option to open an account with HF Markets and create a profile to share techniques and results, accept followers, and receive rewards based on the agreed performance fees if the trade copied by the follower is successful.

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HFcopy Follower

A trader looking to use the service as a follower can copy the operations and trading strategies of expert traders in the field. The broker allows clients to access a wide list of signal providers and strategies that the trader can consult to choose the most compatible with their style and risk appetite. The client will have full freedom to decide how much to invest in the copied operations, close an operation at any time, and withdraw without problems.

Total control always.
The client can have full control of their actions by monitoring investments at any time, setting rescue levels, and withdrawing when deemed necessary. Furthermore, HFcopy allows access to MT4 and enables closing trades without any problems.
The service allows copying operations automatically, saving time and precious energy. There is no need to create accurate strategies or perform exhausting market analysis.
Optimally diversify the portfolio.
Each client will have the opportunity to follow more than one strategy provider to copy different trading styles and create a well-diversified investment portfolio.
Choose carefully, calmly.
Traders can consult the list of signal providers available on an extremely detailed performance table. In the table, it will be possible to know the performance of each individual provider and choose the most suitable for their needs.
Decide how much to invest and risk.
It is allowed to use the volume allocation to decide which percentage to set in the trades you want to copy from the provider. In practice, free to decide how much money to invest.
Set the rescue level.
The client will not be obliged to invest the entire deposited capital. By setting the rescue level, they can preserve a portion of the funds in case of losses.
Terminate a copy at any time.
Provided that the markets are open, the client can freely decide to terminate any relationship with the signal provider and possibly choose another one.
Unrestricted withdrawals.
The follower can withdraw profits and deposited funds at any time they deem necessary.

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HFcopy Signal Providers

As mentioned earlier, the signal provider is a trader (mostly professional or expert in the field) who, by joining the HFcopy community, shares trading techniques and strategies to allow followers to copy them and thus take a common advantage. If the copied strategy has a positive outcome, the provider will be entitled to compensation. This compensation is agreed upon in advance and represents a percentage of the profits generated.

Advantageous performance commission.
By offering traders the opportunity to copy their trades, the signal provider can receive a performance commission of up to 35%. The fees will be calculated based on the High Watermark regime and paid to the Strategy Provider’s myWallet.
Fast payments.
The provider can collect payments biweekly with maximum security.
Sharing the best is the key.
Each provider must commit to providing top-level trading strategies that fully reflect their style and trading preferences, wait for traders to choose them, and create an inventory of loyal followers. Both the profile and the results of the strategy provider can be consulted in the performance table, thanks to which followers can compare, monitor, and choose them.
Automatic calculations.
After carefully selecting the volume allocation and the rescue level, the follower will not have to do anything else because all the amount calculations will be executed automatically.

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Opening an HFcopy Account

To take advantage of the service, both followers and signal providers will need to open a new HFcopy account. Followers can deposit funds, choose a provider, and copy their strategies, while providers can provide accurate strategies, invest in exchange for performance commissions of up to 35%, and create their own inventory of followers.

To open a real account, the interested trader can follow these very simple steps:

First phase.
To open a real account, the trader will need to visit the official website and click on “Open a Real Account”.
Second phase.
Enter the necessary information and documents for the verification process and register as a follower or strategy provider.
Third phase.
Followers can consult the list of providers and choose one to copy. Providers can start creating valid strategies to share and earn commissions.
Fourth phase.
Providers will receive profits generated from positive performances, while followers can deposit funds to invest in copy trading operations.

Regarding the verification process, the trader will need to provide the necessary documents that attest to their real identity:

  • Valid identification document: color-scanned copy (in PDF or JPG format) of ID card, passport, or driver’s license (important that it has a photo and is not expired).
  • Proof of address and country of residence: a recent bill (max 6 months from the account opening request) or a bank statement with the applicant’s name and address clearly visible.
  • The name of the applicant on the identification document must be the same as that on the address proof document.

The company will carry out the verification process within 48 hours. If the result is eligible, the trader can start investing, taking advantage of all the services managed by the broker.

Open a Real Account with HF Markets

Features of the HFcopy account

After being deemed eligible, interested parties can open an HFcopy account and start investing. The following table lists all the main features of the account.

Trading platforms available MetaTrader 4, Webtrader, and mobile trading
Spreads Starting from 1 pip
Contract size 1 lot = 100,000 units
Trading instruments available Forex, Spot Indices, Gold
Fifth decimal Available
Maximum leverage offered 1:30 (varies by selected instrument)
Execution Market execution
Minimum opening deposit €1,000 for Signal Provider, €300 for Follower
Minimum trade size 0.01 Lot
Trade size increment 0.01
Maximum total trade size 60 standard lots per position
Maximum number of simultaneous open orders 300 orders
Margin Call 80%
Stop out level 50%
Telephone trading Allowed
Account currency Euro
Personal account manager Available
Trading commissions None
Maximum number of allowed followers 200 followers

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