November 22, 2022

How to start Forex copy trading with CMTrading's Copykat?

With CMTrading's Copykat, you can connect, learn and copy trades of professional investors.

CM-Trading-Copykat---Learn,-Copy-and-Earn! CM-Trading-Copykat---Learn,-Copy-and-Earn!

CM Trading Copykat – Learn, Copy and Earn!

CM Trading offers Copykat, the latest generation of copy trading!

Copykat offers you with copy trading strategies from experienced traders, earn effortlessly and learn from the best.

Copykat offered by CM Trading

“Trading is not suitable for everyone!”, a phrase that is often used, but the fact that makes online trading advantageous for many.

Even if a trader does not have strong trading skills, or does not have that instinct that unites the great professionals of the sector, he will always be able to fill his gaps with an accurate study, so as to have the right knowledge of the basic factors that influence market behavior and prices, i.e. supply and demand.

Another important factor for trader’s education is the experience in the sector.

Getting involved and taking advantage of your knowledge in the field is an excellent way to acquire the experience necessary to improve.

Small investments with accurate strategies to test your skills without risking too much. In summary: study carefully, stay constantly updated on market trends and gain experience.

The “Copykat” copy trading service offered by CM Trading allows both novice and experienced traders to analyse, learn and possibly copy the accurate strategies of professional traders in the sector.

Thanks to this innovative service offered by the broker, any trader will consequently be able to invest their own funds by following and copying the work of the professionals with a simple click.

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How does CMTrading’s Copykat work?

By definition, copy trading allows investors of any category to carry out accurate analyzes and view the work of other traders by comparing and copying their techniques and strategies.

Through the service, it will be possible to trade a wide range of assets such as commodities, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, stocks, stock indices, currencies, etc.

Although Copykat can be used by any trader, it is mainly suitable for beginner investors, who do not have the skills and experience necessary to face the markets and can use the service to start with the right step.

CM Trading offers clients the opportunity to access a unique social trading platform, where both beginners and professionals will be able to interact freely thus increasing both profits and knowledge.

  • View and follow expert traders and possibly choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Any trades made by the trader will be copied to their account.
  • Each successful trade will make both sides earn.
  • Possibility of automatic trading.
  • Desktop version available.
  • Study of the work of professionals to gain more experience.
  • Extreme privacy protection. Customer data will never be shared with the signal provider.
  • Accounts with a minimum deposit starting with only $250.

Although there are numerous social trading platforms offered on the web, Copykat presents an intuitive and easy-to-use structure with numerous advantages for investing in markets around the world and increasing one’s capital even without having the appropriate knowledge and skills.

A secure, but above all regulated platform that offers a unique trading experience on a vast range of available instruments with careful guidance aimed at achieving the set objectives.

The interested trader can open a real account, view the list of professionals available to follow divided by profitability, choose the one that best suits your needs and risk appetite and start investing with a minimum deposit starting at $250.

Live on the trades of professional traders.
Viewing the progress of professionals’ trading in real time is extremely useful for learning their skills, the accurate strategies implemented and reactions based on market changes. So not only copy them, but also get information to increase your skills. All totally free, available 24 hours a day.
Copy from the best in the world.
Essentially the main purpose of the service. Copy the strategies of the experts. The client will be able to set his account to “copy paste” and copy all trades of the selected trader.
No obligation on how much and with whom to invest.
The The customer can invest any amount he deems right for the chosen operation. He will not be obliged to invest the same amount as the professional he has decided to follow.
Earning opportunities for experienced traders.
Interested industry experts will be able to open an account and earn extra funds thanks to followers who copy their trades.

It is important to specify that the CM Trading will not be responsible for the outcome of the operations carried out.

The trader chooses to copy the trades of a professional of his own free will, although this may lead to profits or losses.

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Social Trading

Online trading allows any user of any category to invest and earn on markets around the world.

But as in all industries there are winners, financial institutions and asset management professionals are leaders in this arena and consequently own a large share of overall trading.

Social Trading represents a real lifeline for traders in the financial markets.

It is a revolutionary service that provides education and easy access to the markets to novice investors and the ability to profit from trading with minimal effort to any category of trader.

An innovative service where experience is not strictly necessary for those wishing to invest.

By interacting with each other traders will have the opportunity to trade in an extremely competitive market that was once operated by giants in the sector.

CMTrading’s CopyKat is a simple to use and extremely versatile platform, made up of an immense community of traders who interact with each other in order to overcome their goals.

Study the work of professionals with extreme precision by chronologically consulting the trading they have carried out and consequently implement elaborate strategies.

Learn, gain experience, copy winning operations.

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Types of social traders

In social trading there are basically two types of investments: copy trading and mirror trading.

With the first, the customer will follow a trader to copy, the second decides to follow the most suitable strategies for his style regardless of the trader who uses them.

Regardless of the category to which the trader belongs, he will also be able to take advantage of signal providers who offer essential services such as useful advice and trading signals.

In particular, the signals are extremely important, in practice they are alerts that communicate essential information to the client on advantageous trading opportunities.

Copy Trading
With copy trading, the client automatically links his portfolio to that of a professional trader. Consequently, all the operations that will be carried out by the expert will be automatically copied to the follower’s account. Despite this sort of “synchrony” the trader will always be able to modify any operation as he pleases, always having full control over his account. The list of professionals is categorized according to various criteria such as success rate and amount of followers. For the copy trader, the professional one decides to follow is important, regardless of the strategies he creates.
Mirror trading
Mirror trading is mainly based on the strategies that can be implemented rather than the trader to follow. In practice, mirror traders who usually operate in Forex choose a strategy based on the indices or currency pairs they want to invest in. These strategies include the selection of opening/closing positions and the amount of capital to invest. When the trader implements the strategy, it will be automatically copied to the trader’s account. This method of trading is strictly suitable for experienced traders who usually invest large amounts of capital.
Advises from Signal Providers
A service offered by expert traders which consists in providing (through social media accounts or a paid subscription service) useful advice and signals essential to be able to achieve one’s investment objectives. The latter generated by careful analyzes and sophisticated algorithms.

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How to access CMTrading Copykat?

In order to access the Copykat service offered by CMTrading, you just need to follow the next very simple steps:

Step 1
Open a real account with CM Trading
Step 2
Login to CM Trading WebTrader and click on the “Copykat” button at the top right of the page.
Step 3
Select the professional to follow by consulting the available list.
Step 4
Follow and copy any traders with the amount fully customizable according to your needs.

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