January 29, 2020

Service review of XBPrime - NDD MT5 broker with 0.0 pips ECN spread

Is XBPrime a good online broker? What are their merits and demerits?

xbprime-financial-online-broker-review xbprime-financial-online-broker-review


This Post has ended its release period. Please check XBPrime's latest information and campaign on XBPrime's company introduction page.

XBPrime - What's now?

We are no longer promoting XBPrime. The information regarding to XBPrime on the website 'Hercules.Finance' maybe outdated. ref. XBPrime

Who is XBPrime? What do they offer?

XBPrime is an online Forex and CFD broker founded in 2019.

The broker is a new brand founded by a international conglomerate KEY WAY FINANCIAL (PTY) LTD.

XBPrime is licensed by South African financial authority, FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority).

Before getting into the advantages (merits) and disadvantages (demerits) of XBPrime, you may want to see what XBPrime mainly offers for its traders.

XBPrime’s service conditions and information are summarized in the following page.

Details of XBPrime’s Online Trading service

Merits and Demerits of XBPrime’s trading service

To find the official and the latest information about XBPrime’s service, you may want to visit XBPrime Official Website.

We have also summarized the important advantages and points of XBPrime’s service.

1. XBPrime is regulated and licensed by FSCA

There are many online Forex brokers with no official financial licenses or registrations, but XBPrime isn’t one of them.

XBPrime is fully regulated and licensed by South African financial authority, FSCA.

FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority) is a renown authority in the fast growing market, South Africa.

With the incredible economic growth rate in South Africa, investors of South Africa have become a great part of online investment industry.

XBPrime holds its main base in South Africa, and provides the online trading service to traders worldwide.

XBPrime does not offer services to US and Canada residents.

As a fully regulated and licensed broker, XBPrime follows strict regulatory frameworks and financial laws.

With XBPrime, you can rest assured that your information, funds and trading information are safe.

See More about XBPrime’s Regulatory Frameworks

2. XBPrime offers MT5 (Metatrader5)

XBPrime provides the online investment service through the advanced trading platform, MT5 (MetaTrader5).

XBPrime does not provide the traditional trading platform, MT4 (MetaTrader4).

If you want to use EAs (Expert Advisers), customer indicators and scripts made in MQL4 language, you cannot run them on XBPrime MT5 platforms.

To run programs on XBPrime MT5, you need trading programs written in MQL5.

MQL5 is the programming language for MT5 (MetaTrader5) trading platforms.

In terms of trading tools, chart options and other capabilities, XBPrime MT5 is much superior than the traditional MT4 platforms.

Comparing to the MT4, XBPrime MT5 has more order types, technical indicators, charting types and other sections.

XBPrime MT5 also has the market depth window built-in.

XBPrime MT5’s market depth window keeps you updated with the availability of market liquidity in real-time.

The user interface of MT4 and MT5 are very similar, thus MT4 users won’t struggle to use MT5 instead.

Not to mention XBPrime MT5’s NDD technology, ECN spread and other superior trading conditions, XBPrime MT5 has many advantages than the traditional MT4.

See more about XBPrime MT5

3. XBPrime offers over 12,000 financial instruments

XBPrime has one of the largest number of financial instruments to offer on MT5 terminal.

The number of financial markets available for trading with XBPrime is more than 12,000.

Normally, online Forex and CFD brokers offer about 50 to 100 financial markets in one account.

With XBPrime, you can invest in Forex currency pairs, agricultural commodities, precious metals, energies, stock indices, stocks and cryptocurrencies all together.

All of the above mentioned financial markets can be traded in one XBPrime MT5 account.

With XBPrime, you can diversify your investment portfolio easily and cost effectively.

Open XBPrime Real or Demo account and access to world’s financial markets directly with their NDD (Non Dealing Desk) technology.

Open XBPrime Real or Demo Account

4. XBPrime offers Forex leverage up to 1:300

XBPrime offers the maximum leverage of 1:300 for trading Forex markets.

It is a high leverage you can utilize to increase the investment amount.

With XBPrime, you can trade 500 times higher than the actual investment fund you have.

This is called “margin trading” as you are only required a partial margin to open orders on XBPrime MT5.

1:300 Forex leverage is higher than the industry average, and is available for all traders of XBPrime.

The leveraged trading will increase the rate of your profit and loss comparing to the non-leveraged online trading.

Note that the maximum leverage is limited for some financial instruments on XBPrime MT5

Find out more about XBPrime’s Leverage

5. XBPrime’s ECN spread starts from 0.0 pips

XBPrime uses ECN (Electronic communication Network) technology to offer the tightest spread possible on XBPrime MT5.

ECN technology is capable of integrating multiple market liquidity into one.

By integrating multiple liquidity providers’ price feeds into one, XBPrime is able to offer its traders the tightest ECN spread from 0.0 pips on the MT5.

How multiple price feeds can be tightened down to 0.0 pips?

It is because each market liquidity provider (large banks and financial institutions) has slightly different price feeds sending out to brokers.

Thus the ECN price feeds can provide traders with more liquidity, less slippage and 0.0 pips tight spread.

Open XBPrime ECN Account

6. XBPrime uses NDD (Non Dealing Technology)

Traders’ profit is XBPrime’s profit.

XBPrime makes sure that there is no conflict of interest between the broker and the traders with the NDD technology.

All traders’ orders are sent to the financial market (liquidity providers) directly without interference.

XBPrime won’t manipulate the market prices, but the price feeds are directly provided from XBPrime’s liquidity providers with ECN technology.

XBPrime allows its traders to perform any kinds of trading strategies on its MT5 (MetaTrader5).

With XBPrime, you can make profits as much as you want and withdraw with no limit.

Find out more about XBPrime’s NDD and ECN

7. XBPrime has 24/5 Multilingual Customer Support

XBPrime’s multilingual support team speaks your language.

For any inquiries, you can reach out to XBPrime’s support team via various methods such as email, phone call, the contact form in XBPrime Official Website and the live chat window.

XBPrime’s support team is reachable 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.

Their professional team is ready to support you for any types of inquiries at anytime.

Most importantly, XBPrime can reply to your message in your language.

Contact XBPrime Support Team

8. You can trade anywhere and anytime with XBPrime

XBPrime’s MT5 is compatible and downloaded into any types of devices.

For the main platform, you are recommended to download XBPrime MT5’s desktop version to either Windows or MAC OS computers.

If you have an Android mobile phone or tablet, then you may download XBPrime MT5 app from the “Google Play” (or Play Store).

If you have an iPhone of iPad, then you may download XBPrime MT5 app from the “App Store”.

The download of XBPrime MT5 apps is free and you can login with the same login credentials provided by XBPrime.

You can also use XBPrime’s MT5 web-trader which requires no installation or download, but you can login and trade directly using any popular web browsers.

Keep your MT5 account close to you, so you can access, trade and manage your accounts and trades at anytime and anywhere.

After installing XBPrimeMT5 platforms into multiple devices, you can also login and trade simultaneously on multiple devices.

Download XBPrime MT5 platforms

9. XBSocial is XBPrime’s MAM / PAMM copy trading platform

For both professional traders and novice traders, XBPrime has its own MAM / PAMM trading platform based on the MT5.

It is called XBSocial, a social and copy trading platform which is capable of allocating money managers’ orders to the followers’ accounts individually and instantly.

You may want to become a money manager if you are a professional and profitable trader.

You may want to become a follower if you want to rely on someone else to make trades and profits in your account automatically.

XBPrime’s XBSocial is built directly on the MT5 platform, and the users can benefit from all the advanced tools and options of the XBPrime MT5.

In addition to MT5’s tools, you can also utilize many new order types and allocation tools such as ELS, BLS, ECS, Percentage and Fixed allocation.

Find out more about XBSocial

10. XBPrime runs free online seminars (webinars)

For all traders of XBPrime, XBPrime runs free online seminars to educate traders and keep them updated of the market trends.

By participating in XBPrime’s Webinar, you can learn such as:

  1. How to trade effectively
  2. How the financial market works
  3. Close observation to the recent economic events
  4. Convenient trading tools and options

XBPrime’s webinar runs periodically and you can participate for free.

Signup for XBPrime online and start learning more with XBPrime.

See XBPrime’s Webinar Schedule

11. XBPrime has no restrictions on MT5

XBPrime supports its traders to make profits.

XBPrime is a NDD (Non Dealing Desk) broker with no conflict of interest with its traders.

On XBPrime MT5, there is no restrictions in terms of trading strategies.

With XBPrime, you can perform any kinds of profitable trading strategies and make profits with no limit.

The advanced trading platform, MT5 has also expanded and added many new options and tools, comparing to the traditional platform MT4.

XBPrime also offers over 12,000 financial markets for trading.

Due to the above reasons, with XBPrime, there is no limit in terms of trading opportunities.

Open XBPrime Real or Demo Account

12. XBPrime MT5 has Market Depth

XBPrime MT5 has the market depth window built-in.

The market depth window shows how much liquidity is there and at what price in real time.

BY referring to XBPrime MT5’s market depth, you will know when to trade, the possibility of slippage, market trend and how other investors are trading in the market.

XBPrime MT5’s market depth is available for free on all accounts regardless of the size of investment.

Visit XBPrime Official Website

13. XBPrime protects your funds

As a regulated and licensed online Forex broker, XBPrime follows strict rules when it comes to the fund and risk management.

To start with, XBPrime protects all investors’ personal information and order / account information with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption through its website, client portal and the MT5 trading platforms.

With XBPrime, your personal and account information are safe and secure.

XBPrime also has professional risk management teams to monitor the markets and notify traders of possible high volatility in the market prices.

XBPrime’s risk management may manage and update conditions for more stable investment environment during certain events which cause extreme high volatility.

They also make sure that your maximum loss is always limited to the total deposit amount with the NBP (Negative Balance Protection).

With XBPrime, your funds are safe in the segregated bank accounts which are completely separated from XBPrime’s company funds.

XBPrime will never use investors’ funds for the purpose of company’s operation, but only for traders’ investment activities.

Open XBPrime Real or Demo Account

14. XBPrime MT5 for MAC OS

Are you a user of MAC OS computer?

MetaTrader trading platforms are built based on the Windows program by MetaQuotes, but there is no need to worry with XBPrime because XBPrime MT5 is also compatible with MAC OS.

In case of MAC computer, you can directly download XBPrime MT5 for MAC version and run without a need of additional software.

XBPrime MT5 for MAC will have the same capability and user interface as the windows’s version.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, then you can also download XBPrime MT5 app from the “App Store” and trade anytime and anywhere.

XBPrime MT5 app will enable you to manage accounts and orders easily and simply.

The download links of XBPrime MT5 terminals and apps can be found in XBPrime Official Website.

Visit XBPrime Official Website

15. XBPrime offers one account to access all markets

With XBPrime, you do not need to open multiple trading accounts to invest in over 12,000 financial instruments from various asset classes.

All of the financial markets available with XBPrime, can be accessed and traded from one account.

Open one trading account with XBPrime, then you can trade Forex pairs, commodities, precious metals, energies, stock indices, shares and cryptocurrencies all together.

With XBPrime, you can diversify your portfolio and apply various strategies in one account simply.

The account opening with XBPrime is free.

Open a live or demo account to start investing in financial markets worldwide.

Open XBPrime Real or Demo Account

16. XBPrime supports NBP for all accounts

With XBPrime, the maximum loss of your investment is limited to the total account balance.

The account balance of XBPrime MT5 cannot be below zero or negative.

It is due to NBP (Negative Balance Protection) supported by XBPrime.

XBPrime offers its traders with the high leverage of 1:300 to increase the trading volume by 500 times.

The use of high leverage will increase the amount of profit and loss in XBPrime MT5 accounts.

In any cases, XBPrime supports NBP for all live / real trading accounts of its traders.

If the account balance goes negative, XBPrime will fix the balance to zero automatically so you can start again with additional deposit.

Find out more about XBPrime

What you can trade on XBPrime MT5?

Innovation and technology have been key elements of XBPrime’s successful development and expansion in the trading industry.

XBPrime recognises and understands the particular needs and requirements of clients trading on-the-move and has developed intuitive and specific mobile trading platforms to facilitate instant access to world financial markets.

On XBPrime MT5, you can invest in over 12,000 financial markets through one MT5 trading account.

1. Forex currency pairs

XBPrime offers online currency trading for both private and corporate clients world wide.

XBPrime offers tight spreads on CFD Forex trading for all major currency pairs and a wide variety of exotic currency pairs.

Under normal trading conditions, spreads for EUR/GBP start from 0.0 pips.

Invest in Forex with XBPrime

2. Spot Metals

Online spot trading of gold and silver is available 24 hours a day through XBPrime MT5 trading platforms.

All tradable instruments are required margin of 1%, trades can be leveraged up to 1:300, offering clients maximum market flexibility for minimum collateral.

Invest in Precious Metals with XBPrime

3. Futures

Retail investors can trade commodities, indices and energy, all benefiting from XBPrime’s tight spreads, low margin requirements and market price dealing.

Traders can also capitalise on the XBPrime MT5’s featured “limits and stops” for more controlled risk protection.

Invest in CFD Futures with XBPrime

Why traders choose XBPrime?

XBPrime has always been dedicated to providing the individual investor with professional access to the Forex market.

The Forex market was controlled by banks and open only to large investors and financial institutions.

Therefore, when XBPrime began developing its service, a lot of thought was put into the needs of the small investor.

While today, XBPrime’s service attracts many asset managers and financial institutions, XBPrime still prides themselves in offering an unparalleled service to the individual investor.

Whether you choose to invest directly for speculative gains or to hedge business risks such as exposure to foreign currency movements or commodities price changes.

XBPrime is well positioned to meet most FX traders’ investment requirements.

Visit XBPrime Official Website

XBPrime’s service provides the serious Forex investor with everything needed to be successful:

1. 24 hour Customer Service

XBPrime puts the need of the clients first.

XBPrime’s dedicated customer service team provides 24-hour support via live chat and email, so they can answer all your inquiries about all your Forex trading accounts, as well as your trading activities and resulting profit and loss, exposure, margin requirements and net free equity information.

2. Market information and commentary

XBPrime will gather and furnish a unique blend of market information and commentary to customers.

3. Lower Margin Requirements

Trade all currencies and metals on 100:1 up to 1:300 leverage all day and night, the lower margin requirement mean more trading flexibility without getting a margin call.

4. Hedging capability

XBPrime traders can open positions in the same currency in opposite directions, without the positions offsetting and without using additional margin.

5. Limited Risk – No Negative Balances

At XBPrime, your risk is only limited to funds on deposit.

XBPrime’s margin policy eliminates concerns about debit balances by guaranteeing that you will never owe more than you have in your account.

6. Guaranteed Fills on Stop Loss and Limit Orders

During trading hours, all stop and limit orders are guaranteed to be filled at your price, XBPrime understands that stop loss and limit orders are an important part of every trader’s risk management strategy, and so XBPrime takes this policy very seriously.

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